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      1. Por favor adicionem o romance “Confundindo um Magnata com um Acompanhamento Masculino”, estava lendo na página naijdate.com, que já estava completo!

  1. I recommend to add to your list the novels “Take My Breath Away” novel and “Adorable Baby at the Door: Mommy Please Sign” novel. Your readers would be hooked and will love it.

    1. Por favor adicione .O Amor Secreto do CEO. E maravilhoso nos leitores vamos amar e lindo esse romance Obgd .

      1. Hola… por favor podrían incluir la novela “Matrimonio equivocado:la cariñosa esposa del presidente” o también se llama “el erróneo matrimonio”
        Desde ya se agradece

    1. Makinde Bosede Olayemi

      Thank you for the opportunity to read this novel on line. Kindly release the remaining Chapters.🙏

  2. Hello good morning please how do I get the 1st chapters of the novel MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT. I’m a new reader

  3. Please add MORE chapters per day and please, please add them at the same time each day. It is very difficult to read 4 chapters a day. I have been reading and trying to get the rest of the novel to read to the end of the book. I cannot read one book until I finish one. This is absolutely too long of a time to be reading a chapter or so a day!

    1. One can never get bored with reading these Novels. Brilliant story lines.
      Pls can you add more chapters to Married at first sight.
      Chapters 2317 and even more if possible rather than just three chapters, am sorry if I am asking for too much but, just that I can’t help it. So interesting.

  4. what happened to desirenovels ?
    A complete Almighty Dragon general chinese novel has disappeared in 10 minutes and site changed to thimasnovels ?

  5. Why is the Almighty Dragon General Till chapter 6283 -6284 gone/vanished now. It came back to the start ( 2000’s chapter only). What did you do?????????????😠😡. Did i waste my time reaching those chapters in this site?

  6. What happen to this site????? Why is the Almighty dragon general chapter 6283-6284 vanished after desirenovel.com changed into Thomasnovel.com? It goes back to chapter 2000s?????really. What did you do???

  7. Plz add the almighty dragon general’s Chinese version back to webpage. I was reading it at around 5508-5509, and the webpage changed to this and now I am feeling denied.. all of a sudden.. plz help.. my realm is at bottle neck..
    If u get the joke..

  8. The almighty dragon general chinese book .. if u can plz.. it was uploaded on desire novel.. can u upload it here too.. stuck st 5500s help me quench my cultivation thirst.. heheh..
    Thanks and kudos to ur great work

  9. Waiting for the greats of thomasnovel to update the webpage with the long lost
    Book of ‘the almighty dragon general chinese version.. ‘
    From the ruins of desire novel , plz find this ..
    Our realm is at bottle neck .. need it..

    1. Thanks for adding new chapters, can you add 10 more starting at 2477? Great story. Please and thanks Carrie is out for revenge

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