A Cue for Love Chapter 541

A Cue for Love Chapter 541

A Familiar Figure

Jefford cast a sideways glance at him. “What’s on your mind, sir?”

“What do you think of her?” Kenneth glanced up at Jefford.

Jefford thought for a moment before he spoke. “Ms. Nichols is pleasant and well-mannered without any airs about her. In short, she’s a decent young woman.”

“What do you think of her compares to Yara?”

Jefford hesitated, unsure where Kenneth was getting at.

“There’s no one else here but us. Speak your mind.”

“Ms. Yara knows you well, sir. When she plays a game with you, she wouldn’t think to exert herself to beat you. Ms. Nichols, on the other hand, did you the courtesy of treating you like an equal worthy of the extent of her full abilities.” After a slight pause, Jefford continued, “You didn’t seem to mind it at all, sir. Somehow, I got the sense that you actually respect her for it.”

“I do,” Kenneth admitted with a sigh. “Yara, bless the child, knows what I like to hear. While I do enjoy that, Natalie has earned my respect. That in itself would cause me to be more partial toward the girl, wouldn’t it?”

Jefford did not fail to notice the fact that Kenneth called Yara the child”, and Natalie the “girl”.

Though it seemed inconsequential at first, it was already sufficient proof of the distinction Kenneth had drawn in his mind on both women.

Jefford was greatly surprised at his master’s words. How quickly he had changed his mind about her!

After ensuring that all four children were buckled into their seats, Billy headed back to the Bowers residence while Natalie left with Samuel in his Hummer.

As soon as she settled in her seat, Samuel’s vast chest pressed into hers.

Natalie thought that Samuel was about to kiss her and involuntarily closed her eyes until she heard a click before opening them and realizing that he had merely leaned over to fasten the seatbelt for her.

“Are you disappointed that I didn’t kiss you?” Samuel raised his eyebrows wickedly.

“You wish,” she scoffed with a glare. “I’m not a pervert like you.”

“Call me a pervert one more time and I’ll-”

“Samuel, I’m not a pervert like you!”

Right after she completed her sentence, Natalie was silenced by Samuel’s lips pressing domineeringly against hers.

It was inevitable. As soon as she began the first game with Kenneth after Samuel’s arrival, she had seen the glimmer of desire in the depths of his unfathomable eyes which made her feel like prey waiting to be claimed and devoured.

It was only due to the presence of his elderly grandfather and the children that he restrained himself with great difficulty.

As soon as they were finally alone together, Samuel’s basic instinct was let loose like a wild beast was from its cage.

Natalie’s irritated disapproval melted away in the wake of Samuel’s hot kisses. Soon, their grunts turned to moans as the windows of the Hummer fogged up in the wintry night.

“We are still in the car,” she gasped for breath. “Not… not here.”

Despite having given birth to four children, Natalie was surprisingly unacquainted with the raunchy activity leading up to conception.

Even with her recently discovered open-mindedness, Natalie found herself having to ease into the process.

“Don’t worry, no one will bother us here.” Samuel’s fingers lifted Natalie’s chin as his baritone voice sent a shiver down her spine.

Initially, he did not plan on taking her in the car. Instead, he blamed her charisma and her soft lips to have ignited the desire within him to abandon the willpower he prided himself on.

Natalie’s rationality crumbled against his relentless assault as she allowed herself to be lost in his panting.

Suddenly, a blinding pair of headlights shone out of the darkness.

The softness in his eyes turned to steel from having the flames of his passion unceremoniously extinguished by the intruder.

Samuel let go of Natalie and wrapped his coat gently over her messy clothes before the newcomer could see her in that state.

The sound of a car door slamming notified the couple that the driver had descended from the vehicle. The familiar silhouette of Yara only became recognizable when she was halfway to them.

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