Bride of Mr. Billion Chapter 135

Chapter 135

Bella’s POV

In the following hours, I still didn’t study. I had been pestered by a certain gentlernan

But before Joey entered the door, we were done.

I cleaned up all the traces in the room and changed the sheets. Herbert was reading a document on the sofa

I cleaned up the room and went to the kitchen to prepare dinner. “Mr. Wharton, why did you get off work so early today?” Joey greeted Herbert politely. “I’ve just arrived.” Herbert replied.

Hearing Herbert’s words, I couldn’t help laughing.

This man was still in my bed ten minutes ago, and now he was so calm.

“I’ll go to the kitchen to help.” Joey washed her hands and went to the kitchen.

We chatted while cooking in the kitchen. “Hey, why is Boss so early today?” Joey asked.

“I don’t know either.” I replied with a smile.

“There’s something strange about you two.” Joey glanced at me. “What’s strange about it? Don’t think too much!” I pretended to be serious.

In fact, I was very guilty at the moment, but it was not convenient for me to talk to Joey about such an intimate thing. ‘

Joey did not continue to ask.

After dinner, Joey began to clean up the rubbish in the kitchen and put it into the trash can.

I didn’t pay attention to what she was doing. I only heard her say, “Wow!”

Hearing the voice, I looked around and saw Joey staring at the trash can with a mocking smile on her face.

Because there were condoms in the trash can.

Why was it hereI was a little embarrassed, but I still pretended to be calm.

It was normal for a couple. Joey said, “No wonder you changed the bed sheet and quilt in the room. When did BOSS come?”

“Keep your voice down!” I looked back at Herbert, who was sitting in the living room, and then closed the kitchen door.

Since Joey already found out, I was calm.

I said, “He came at noon.”

Hearing this, Joey opened her eyes wide and came over. “Youve been making love for the whole afternoon? Boss is so strong. Hurry up and serve the dishes. Boss must have been hungry for a long time after exercising for the whole afternoon.”

I immediately retorted, “Are you jealous of me? Hurry up and find a boyfriend!” “You’re so annoying. You deliberately poked my sore spot. I’m going to ignore you!” Joey finally quieted down. She didn’t want to ask any more questions.

I didn’t pay much attention to the class that night. I was really sleepy. After fighting for an entire afternoon, I cleaned up the house and made dinner. I really wanted to lie down and sleep now. At 9.20 p.m., Herbert looked down at the watch on his wrist and said in a low voice, “I have something to do tonight. After today’s class is over, remember to review tomorrow. I will conduct a check-up.” “Goodbye, Mr. Wharton!” Joey waved her hand. “Bella, come with me. I have something to tell you.” When he walked to the door, he suddenly turned to me. Ah? Oh.” I quickly got up and followed Herbert out of the door. We walked out of the dark corridor. There were many stars in the sky. Only then did Herbert turn his head and speak to me with a cold face. “Tell Joey that if she speaks nonsense, I’ll cancel her right to study.” Seeing that he was so serious, I quickly said, “It’s not that serious, is it? Joey didn’t say anything.” “Do you think I’m deaf? I heard everything she said to you in the kitchen. I don’t like outsiders talking about us.” Herbert looked serious. I went up to him and grabbed his arm. “All right. I’ll remind her. It’s all my fault. I was too careless. I threw the condoms into the trash can.” Herbert seized the opportunity to hold my waist, and his expression eased a lot. “It’s you who asked me to use condoms. We don’t have to use it next time.” “That won’t do!” Bella immediately raised her chin.

I didn’t want to get pregnant again before marriage. Next time I wanted to get married, get pregnant, and have a baby…

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