Bride of Mr. Billion Chapter 197

Chapter 197

Bella’s POV: Half an hour later, I sat in front of a window in Liang’an Coffee Bar. I looked up and saw Amy, who was wearing a green dress, walking toward me with a smile. “Bella, you’re still so beautiful.” Amy sat opposite me.

I smiled and replied, “You’re the one who’s getting prettier and prettier. You look as bright as the sun.”

Amy reached out to touch her own cheek and said, “It’s all thanks to you for taking care of me before. Now Boss is willing to help me. Without you, I won’t live a better life.” “You work very hard and have a strong working ability. You will definitely get better and better in the future,” I said. After chatting for a while, Amy suddenly lowered her head and said, “Bella, I’m sorry. In fact, there is another person who wants to see you today.” I frowned and didn’t understand what Amy meant. The next moment, Amy looked back and I followed her gaze.

A man in a silver-gray suit came over.

called me as soon as I was about to leave. It turned out that everything was controlled by Klein. Amy quickly explained in a low voice, “Bella, I’m sorry. Boss has begged me for a long time. I really can’t refuse.” Although I knew that Klein was Amy’s boss, and Amy was in a dilemma, I still felt a little uncomfortable. After all, I came here because I treated Amy as my friend. I had the feeling of being deceived and used.

At this moment, Klein explained, “Bella, don’t blame Amy. I asked her to do this. You can blame me.”

I didn’t say anything.

Klein glanced at Amy, who hurriedly stood up with an awkward smile on her face. “Bella, I still have something to do. I’m leaving now. Let’s talk some other day!” “Okay.” I nodded. I didn’t want Amy to be embarrassed. Amy’s expression relaxed a little, and she turned and left.

After Amy left, Klein sat opposite me. I raised my head to look at Klein. Feeling a little unhappy, I asked, “Why did you ask Amy to ask me out?”

Klein hesitated for a moment, and then hurriedly explained, “Bella, I just wanted to treat you to lunch. I called you a few times, but you said that you were very busy and didn’t have time. Today is the weekend, so I could only ask Amy for help.”

I didn’t say anything.

Klein was telling the truth. A few days ago, he had indeed called me several times, but I didn’t pick

14:28 0 them up. The relationship between Herbert and I was already very chaotic. I didn’t want to have anything to do with Klein anymore. But I didn’t expect that he would use Amy in order to meet me. Klein continued, “But of course, if you really don’t want to see me, then I…there’s nothing I can do, right? I can see that you are doing very well and I’m finally at ease. I…I’ll leave immediately.” After that, he slowly stood up. At this point, my heart was actually filled with hesitation. Klein had saved me twice, and I shouldn’t have been so cold.

Thus, just as Klein was about to leave, I suddenly said, “I ordered both dessert and coffee. I can’t eat them alone.”

We Hearing these words, a hint of a smile immediately appeared on Klein’s face. The next moment, he sat down and said, “I didn’t have breakfast. I’m very hungry now. Can we order two more cakes?” “Of course.”

“All right,” Klein called the waiter over to order some food. He ordered a few servings of dessert and fruits.

Afterwards, as he ate his dessert, he chatted with me.

“I heard Amy say that you are going back to Wharton?” Klein asked. I took a sip of juice and replied, “Yes.” “If you want to go back to work for Ella, I can…” I immediately interrupted him. “No need. This time, I want to work and rest while I am there. I want to find two part-time jobs.” “It’s a good idea to work as a part-time employee. I have a few friends in Wharton who run their own businesses. I can introduce you to them.” Klein was still very friendly. “Klein, don’t continue to help me, all right? This way, I’ll feel like I owe you too much. In the future, don’t come looking for me again. I’m just an ordinary friend of yours. Let’s just stay here as ordinary friends, okay?” I tried my best to use gentle and clear words to clearly explain my thoughts. I knew that Klein liked me. But now, the father of the baby in my belly was Herbert. Under these circumstances, I didn’t want to have any emotional entanglement with Klein. Klein forced out a smile. “Please don’t feel any burden. I won’t disturb you in the future.” Hearing this, I was satisfied, but I still felt uneasy when I saw his depressed eyes. The next moment, I stood up and said, “Excuse me, I’m going to the bathroom.” I covered my mouth and quickly went into the bathroom. After vomiting, I felt a little better.

I had been holding myself back in front of him for a long time. I didn’t want to vomit in front of him, so I kept holding back.

I washed my hands and walked out of the bathroom.  LI walked so fast that I bumped into her before I could react.

What was worse was that the woman was holding a cup of coffee in her hand. Her hand shook after I bumped into her, and the coffee in the cup spilled on the clothes on her chest. The brown liquid soaked her clothes. “Don’t you have eyes? My clothes are world brand clothes. Can you afford it?” “I’m sorry!” I immediately apologized and looked up at the woman. It was her!

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