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Bride of Mr. Billion Chapter 344

Chapter 344

Bella’s POV:

I didn’t fall asleep until the latter half of the night.

That night, I had been dreaming. In my dream, a man pressed down on me and kissed my cheeks, lips, collarbones, and all the way down…

I woke up early in the morning.

Thinking of the dream just now, I blushed a little and thought, “What’s wrong with me? Is it because haven’t had a man for a long time?” I couldn’t help but despise myself in my heart.

I thought that after women had their own children, they could still lead a normal life without a man.

Even if there was a need, I could solve it by myself.

However, such a thought had been ruined by Herbert last night. He broke my originally calm heart with a kiss, as well as the physiological needs that I had been restraining.

In order to calm myself down, I got up immediately and took a cold shower.

After a while, Lucky woke up. After washing up with Lucky in my arms, I went downstairs. The breakfast had already been prepared by Miranda by this time, and Lucas was already sitting at the dining table, ready to eat. He would go to kindergarten when he was full.

When Lucas was about to go to school, the doorbell suddenly rang. Miranda went to open the door outside.

I handed Lucky to Gary, and then I took Lucas’s hand. As soon as I walked to the living room, I saw Miranda leading several young women in uniforms into the living room. Each of them was carrying countless bags.

Seeing them, I was a little stunned. I didn’t know what these people were doing here. “Mommy, these women are carrying beautiful clothes and bags, as well as shoes and cosmetics!” Lucas was excited. He broke away from my hand and ran forward. He circled around the young women and lowered his head to look at every bag in their hands.

Just as I was wondering, Miranda smiled and said to me, “Miss Stepanek, these are all the things that Mr. Wharton ordered for you. The people in the mall have sent them over. Mr. Wharton asked you to try them all. If you don’t like them, you can ask them to take these things back and change to something else.”

Hearing this, I frowned. Yesterday, Miranda said that someone from the mall would send pajamas over, but I didn’t expect that it would be this exaggerated. I glanced at the bags in the hands of the female attendants, and there were a total of six female attendants. Each of them had a few bags in their hands, and there were around fifty or sixty of them. Oh my god, it was like they had moved the entire shopping mall back.

At this time, the female attendants stepped forward one by one, smiling and showing the products they brought “Miss Stepanek, I’m from the service department. Here are five dresses, three pairs of trousers, three shirts, and two suits. They’re all the latest styles of this season. They’re chosen according to

your size. Try and see if you like them.” “Miss Stepanek, I’m from the women’s shoe department. Here are five pairs of high heels and three pairs of casual shoes.

Two pairs of sneakers, and they are all the size of your feet. Do you want to try and see if they fit your feet?”

“Miss Stepanek, I’m from the underwear department. There are ten sets of underwear here. You can give tyhem a try and see if they fit you. They’re all your size.”

“Miss Stepanek, I’m from the bag department. Here are five satchels, three handbags, and two casual bags. Do you like them? They’re all international brands, absolutely superior.”

“Miss Stepanek, I’m from the cosmetics department. There are five different sets here. I can try them on you and see which one is suitable for you.”

“Miss Stepanek, I’m from the grocery department. There are five pajamas and a lot of daily necessities here. You can take a look and see if you like them or not.”

All of a sudden, I got a headache from the noise of these women! Lucas laughed loudly and said, “Mommy, daddy is so generous. It can be seen that you are his true love. He bought so many things for you. He’s a little stingy to me. Every time I went to the mall to pick toys, he only asked me to pick one!”

Speaking of this, Lucas’s small mouth was spouting and he seemed to be full of grievances. I glanced at Lucas, took his hand, and said to Miranda, “Miranda, please let them go. I’ll buy my own stuff.”

I didn’t like this feeling. Why didn’t he ask for my permission to bring the entire mall home when he bought things for me?

What was he trying to do? To show off how loaded he was?

After that, I pulled Lucas and walked out.

At this time, those women started to make noise again. “Miss Stepanek, these are all the good intentions of your husband. Why don’t you pick a few that you like?”

“Yes, these are all classic styles.”

I took Lucas’s school bag with one hand and held Lucas with the other hand and left the villa.

“Mommy, daddy has given you so many things. Why aren’t you happy?” On the way, Lucas looked up at me and asked.

“It’s nothing. This is between your daddy and me.” I really hated so many people talking in my ear early in the morning.

I just wanted some pajamas.

It was like he moved a basket of bananas with money when I just wanted an apple.

I went back to the villa after getting Lucas into the car. I changed my shoes. As soon as I walked into the living room, I saw that the living room was filled with all kinds of bags. There were so many of them that it was shocking. I saw that those bags were still there, but the attendants were gone. I shouted, “Miranda!”

“Miss Stepanek, you’re back?” When Miranda heard the voice, she hurriedly ran out of the laundry room. “Why haven’t they taken these things away yet?” I pointed to the bags on the ground and asked.

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