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Bride of Mr. Billion Chapter 462

Chapter 462

Bella‘s POV: The manager quickly shouted inside, “Hurry up and bring the new pair of diamond–studded shoes for this lady to try.” I turned around and sat on a shoe stool, listening to the manager‘s introduction. “These two pairs of shoes are limited edition. There are only two pairs of each in A City. Of course, the price is not cheap. Wearing it with a wedding dress will make you look fabulous!”

At this time, a saleslady in a black dress and a white shirt came out with her head down and two pairs of shoes in her arms.

The manager quickly ordered the saleslady, “Open it and let this lady try it on.” The saleslady stepped forward, knelt on one knee, opened the lid of one of the shoe boxes, took out a pair of exquisite high heels under the light, helped me take off my shoes, and then carefully helped me put them on.

Joey and I were stunned when we saw the shoes on my feet.

This pair of shoes was indeed a neand limited edition. The style was fabulous. They were inlaid with delicate water diamonds, which were as beautiful as Cinderella‘s crystal shoes as if they were specially designed to suit the wedding dresses. The saleslady knelt on one knee and helped me put on my shoes. She glanced at the shoes on my feet and then raised her head and praised, “Miss, these shoes are simply designed for you. You…” Before the saleslady could finish her words, she fell silent.

At this time, I also looked up at the saleslady‘s face.

I was stunned when I saw the face of the person who had changed my shoes for me!

I didn‘t expect that she would end up selling shoes here. Although she had also put on makeup, it was obvious that it was much lighter. In addition, she was wearing the clothes of the saleslady. I couldn‘t imagine that the person in front of me was the one who had been very arrogant a few days ago, Emma. At this time, when Joey carefully looked at Emma, she also recognized her. After being stunned for a while, Joey put her arms in front of her chest and said with a sneer, “Isn‘t this Emma? Why are you selling shoes now? Did I see wrongly?” For a moment, the expression on Emma‘s face was very awkward. She lowered her head and did not speak. If it had been in the past, she would have gone forward and hit Joey. At this time, the store manager said to Emma, “Emma, do you know each other?” “We not only know each other, but we‘re also old acquaintances.” Before Emma could say anything, Joey interrupted her. “In that case, you can take care of Emma‘s sales performance. She has been working here for a week, and she hasn‘t sold a pair of shoes yet. This pair of shoes is our store‘s high–end ones, and it can boost her sales!” The manager said with a friendly smile. At this moment, Emma‘s head was already hanging down to her chest. I could see that her hands were clenched into fists, probably with great patience.

I knew that such a world–famous store had very strict requirements for the application. And if she wanted to apply, she had to pay a fixed deposit. If she offended a guest or damage the goods in the store, she had to be responsible.

It seemed that Emma and Connie really had no choice this time. Otherwise, they wouldn‘t have come here to sell shoes.

I didn‘t know why at this moment, I should be very happy, but I was not very happy to see that Emma had really come to this point. Alas, in the end, it was their own doing. They were not worthy of pity. At this time, Joey spoke. “Of course we can take care of her sales performance, but I don‘t think this pair of shoes look good. Please take out the other pair and give it to my friend!”

Emma looked up and stared at Joey with hostility.

Joey could take revenge this time, so she would definitely not show weakness. She directly said to the manager, “Manager, what‘s wrong with your saleslady‘s attitude? Didn‘t you say that a guest is God? Is this the attitude you should have towards God?”

“Emma, what‘s wrong with you? Have you forgotten the employee regulations?” The manager scolded her in a low voice.

At this time, Emma explained with grievance, “Manager, they have conflicts with me. They are here to make trouble. They will never buy our shoes!”

Hearing this, the manager corrected her and said, “As long as they enter our store, they will be our God. You have to put aside all the previous grievances.”

Then, the manager turned to me and Joey and said with a smile, “Misses, it‘s all our saleslady‘s fault. I‘ll ask her to get another pair of shoes for you to try.”

Seeing that Emma was still standing there, the manager was impatient and urged, “Hurry up and help the guest try the shoes!”

Emma was extremely angry and did not move.

“Do you want to be fired? Did you forget how you begged me to let you stay and work without experience?” The manager was a little angry.

Emma had no choice but to squat down again. She reached out to take off the shoes on my feet first and then opened the box of the other pair of shoes. She took out the shoes and was about to put them on for me.

At this time, I suddenly put on my shoes and looked up at the manager. “Sorry, I don‘t like these two shoes.”

Then, I took Joey‘s hand and left the store.

Joey shook off my hand and complained, “We can finally get revenge today. Why did you run away? You‘re so useless!”

I pursed my lips and said with a smile, “Emma is very down and out now. We don‘t have to continue to make trouble for her.”

“Have you forgotten how they treated you and your mother in the past? Don‘t you hate them anymore?” Joey asked.

Hearing this, I lowered my head and thought for a moment, then said faintly. “I‘ll think about it carefully. For so many years, as long as I meet Connie and her daughter, I‘m sure we‘ll fight with each

08:45 other. Now they‘re on their own. This is the best punishment for them. God has punished them on my behalf. Why should we spend time and effort teaching them a lesson? In fact, I don‘t want to see them anymore. It‘s better for them to disappear in my life forever, because I want to forget the unhappy things in the past.”

Joey thought for a moment and said with a smile, “I found that you‘re no longer the same Bella you used to be. After you‘ve had Lucas and Lucky, you‘ve become soft!” I chuckled. “You‘re still the same. Time has not changed you at all.”

Joey looked up at the sunset in the sky and said, “My mother used to be my weakness, but now I‘m all by myself. There‘s nothing to worry about, and there‘s nothing to be afraid of.”

“So it‘s best not to offend people like you, or they‘ll be in big trouble!” I joked.

“It‘s good that you know, so don‘t offend me in the future.” Joey laughed.

As soon as we spoke, we heard the manager of the famous store call Emma to the door and scolded her loudly.

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