Captivation: Want Nothing But You Chapter 523

Captivation: Want Nothing But You Chapter 523

A Warrant (Part One)

Five minutes later, the car’s back door was pushed open from the inside.

When Davis stepped out, a gust of cold wind blew and made him shiver, so he wrapped his overcoat tightly around him.

Poker-faced, the man in black returned the phone to him.

The screen was on with an ongoing call from a strange number.

Above the number was a prompt box showing that it was from the food delivery guy.He quickly took the phone and held it to his ear, saying, “just put it down by the building gate.”

“The gate? How about I take it upstairs? It’s dark outside.Someone might take it.”

The delivery guy sounded concerned.

“It’s fine.Just leave it there,” Davis replied while walking.

Although the delivery guy was still hesitant, he eventually complied.

“If you say so.But if it gets lost, don’t complain about me.I’ll set it down at the gate.”


Davis hung up after settling things with the delivery guy.As he walked, another cold breeze blew over and caused him to sneeze.

Ten minutes later, Davis walked out of the elevator on the twelfth floor with a bag of drinks in his hand.

At that moment, he happened to run into Kent, who had just come out of the meeting room with his vacuum cup.

“Don’t you ever leave your vacuum cup, Kent? I bought some pick-me-ups.”

Davis raised the bag of drinks in his hand and lifted the frozen corners of his mouth.

“Come on.Let’s go back inside and drink together.”

Kent glanced at it, then shrugged.

“No, thanks.I don’t like that stuff.”


Since Davis knew him pretty well, he didn’t persuade Kent anymore and just pushed the door open.

Inside the meeting room, everyone was yawning and trying to pinch themselves to wake up.

When they saw Davis, however, they started shouting like hungry wolves.

“Oh, good, you’re back!”

“You got my coffee there, Davis?”

“I hope you brought me strong tea!”

Before Davis could even set the bag down, everyone had already come up to him.

Their sleepiness was swept away.

In their excitement, they swiftly took the bag from him and started to look for something to drink.

Davis then took a bottle of coffee, unscrewed the cap, and drank almost half of it.

When everyone got what they wanted, they all returned to their seats with satisfaction.

Davis also went back to his seat and turned on his laptop.

As he put aside the coffee, he glanced at them and remarked, “All right.Now that we’ve cheered up, get the job done so we can finally go home!”

“Well, that’s easy for you to say…”

Someone gestured to the densely packed data report.

“It’s been six years since the acquisition of shares.It’s difficult to find anything now, especially if they knew something was wrong and destroyed any evidence they might’ve had.”

After the sudden comment, Davis placed his hand over his pocket to discreetly touch the U disk.

“Just get to work,” Davis shouted as if cheering them on.

“Even if the paper is burnt, there will be ashes! We’ll still find something! Hurry up and get back to work.”

“Yes, sir!”

The pep talk raised everyone’s spirits; they patted their faces and started rummaging files again.They read through reports and project plans, and studied contracts word by word.They paid so much attention to every detail to make sure they wouldn’t miss anything.

When Kent came back, he saw a group of refreshed people.He remembered them looking completely different from just a while ago.

Meanwhile, Davis took the U disk from his pocket, plugged it into his laptop, and opened a folder that apparently only had two documents.

Kent passed by him and unintentionally glanced at his screen, but he didn’t really see anything The next day, online forums had gotten out of control.

It seemed that the news about the limit down of the Sullivan Group had gone viral, and everyone had been discussing what would happen to the company all night.

The stock market opened at nine o’clock in the morning.It had only been five minutes since it opened, yet the share price of the Sullivan Group had already dropped by fifty percent.

Another three minutes later, their stock prices showed signs of fluctuation—they would rise for about half a minute before they fell again.

The Sullivan Group’s share price had already went down by seventy percent in ten minutes.

If it plummeted down to eighty percent, the company’s stocks would get suspended again.

In the large conference room, several people had their eyes fixed on their computer screens while typing quickly on the keyboards.

The room was equipped with heating, which should help make them feel warm, yet they all looked grim as though the air had stopped flowing.

The air felt heavy and somehow cold.

The keyboard clicking went on and on.It was the only sound that filled the room.

At the front, there were two large screens–one was the countdown timer, and the other showed the Sullivan Group’s stock market trend in real-time.

The fluctuations were apparent, and they moved every second “The stock trading has been suspended.”

Wallace suddenly stopped what he was doing and broke the silence.

Seated in the front, he looked up at Ivan, who was standing near the two big screens with his back to them.

Of course, when everyone in the room heard Wallace, they came to a halt.

Apparently, around fifteen minutes since the stock market opened, the stock price of the Sullivan Group finally fell eighty percent, which triggered the market protection mechanism of the exchange.

Now, they were forced into a trading suspension Once the company stocks got suspended six consecutive times, the Sullivan Group would compulsorily be delisted from the market.

If this happened, it would be the end for the Sullivan Group.

All the shareholders and tens of thousands of employees alike would take fright.

Ivan didn’t respond the first time and was still in a daze, so Wallace got up from his chair and called him again.


This time, Ivan regained his senses and composure.

With a serious face, he turned to Wallace and asked, “What’s the current status? Were you able to trace the guy we’re looking for?”

However, Wallace’s expression became grim as he sighed and shook his head.

“Their IP addresses are mostly overseas and scattered all over the globe.They probably guessed that we would use the opening time to track their specific locations, so they have set up sturdy firewalls in advance,” Wallace said.

“These firewalls are actually not high level programs and we didn’t need much effort to crack them.The problem is that it took too much time… I’m sorry.We couldn’t make it in time.”

Wallace could only frown and look at the floor.Hearing this, Ivan glanced at the others and also saw their disappointed faces.They had been preparing for this moment since last night.

For the first fifteen minutes upon opening, they had been trying their best as if their lives depended on it.

“So, how much did they purchase this time?”

Ivan looked at the man sitting on the other side, who was the one in charge of the risk management and financing department.

“Zero point eight percent, sir.They have been trying to buy at the bottom.For a while, we have successfully taken a bit from them and disturbed their strategy.”

Ivan crossed his arms.

“Add that to what they got before.How much do they have now?”

“Three percent.”

Although it was relatively a small portion of the total, it was enough to make everyone clench their jaw.

Clearly, this was bad news.

If this person held three percent of the shares of the Sullivan Group, he was qualified to enter the board of directors of the company.

All of a sudden, someone came running through the door with a flustered look.

He frantically looked for Ivan and uttered, “The police has issued a warrant for Mr.Sullivan.”

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