Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 1092

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 1092-Zephyr had a nosy look on his face as he looked at his younger sister.

He could tell Raymond had other intentions the last time the man came up with an excuse to send them back. Zephyr was even more sure about Raymond’s aim when he saw the burly man acting all coy today.

He didn’t mind if Maisie dated. After all, a good relationship could make someone love life and anticipate what it had in store. It would do good for her condition as well. What’s more, the other party was someone from Smith Co.. Raymond might not be romantic, but he was reliable. As such, Zephyr would happily support the relationship.

“You’re teasing me again. Someone like me whose days are numbered has no right to think about things like this,” Maisie muttered. As she lowered her gaze, her long eyelashes cast a shadow over her eyes, making her look even more melancholic.

Zephyr sighed at her reply. “Give me another six months at most. It won’t be long before I find out something from my research.”

“Let’s talk about it when the time comes, then. I’m a little tired. I’ll go back to my room first.”

After saying that, Maisie placed the box on her lap and steered herself back into the villa.

A week later at Triune’s headquarters.

Owen was glumly venting into his phone. “Half a year. Tell those old farts that they can say goodbye to their long-time partner if they don’t give me satisfactory experiment results in half a year!”

When a subordinate knocked on the door and walked in, Owen languidly lifted his gaze to take a glance at the subordinate. “What is it?” he drawled.

“Mr. Morgan, please restrain Matthew Griffith as soon as possible. The man is a lunatic! After he captured Johnny and Melody, he seemed to have lost control and continued to seize all the remaining experts of Smith Co., including Raymond, Clement, and the like. He didn’t spare any of them! The cops will be on us if he kills so many people in such a short time! Not only that, he brought back an entire group of hostages. He is not stopping even when our cells at all the different places are almost full. He really wants to drive Smith Co. to destruction! Not only that, he looks down on everyone. And by that, I mean everyone. The subordinates are already complaining about him!”

However, Owen didn’t show much emotion or reaction after hearing those words. No one could read his expression. “What do you want me to do then?” he calmly asked.

Thinking that Owen would definitely be on their side, the subordinate went straight to the point. “It would be great if you could embarrass Matthew in public and warn him to show more respect to the members from now on, Mr. Morgan.”

The corners of Owen’s lips lifted into a cynical smirk when he heard that. He began to slowly approach his subordinate. “So, you’re saying that Matthew did something not even more than ten of you together could do. And not only are the lot of you not grateful for him, but you are even complaining about him hogging the spotlight and you want me to get rid of him? Is that what you mean?”

The subordinate understood that Owen wanted to defend Matthew, so he immediately fell to his knees and pleaded, “Mr. Morgan, I have no intention to go against Matthew. I’m doing this for the good of the organization. It is not like we have never caught anyone from Smith Co. throughout the years. That is exactly why we know that they are a nasty and stubborn bunch that is completely useless to us. It will be a waste of resources to capture them and keep them alive. We will be the ones receiving the short end of the stick in case of an unexpected emergency. Please reconsider, Mr. Morgan!”

Everything had been going well for Owen lately. But now that he heard these ominous words, his face immediately fell and he growled, “In the end, it is simply because you guys are afraid of losing to Smith Co..”

He came to a pause before suddenly grabbing the subordinate’s shoulders with his big palms. Leaning closer to the subordinate, he kept his dark eyes fixated on the subordinate as he stated, “Remember this. We will only grow at a faster pace without Alexander. Anyone who doesn’t work hard to keep up will be eliminated!”

The pain the subordinate felt on his shoulders was like the bones of his shoulders were about to be crushed. As beads of cold sweat rolled down from his forehead, he whimpered, “I understand! We will do our best to cooperate with Mr. Matthew!”

As soon as he said that, another subordinate barged into the room. He froze for a second when he saw Owen punishing someone, but he eventually bit the bullet and reported, “Mr. Morgan, Miss Jennings is here.”

“Why is she here now?” Owen muttered under his breath. When he turned his head to look at the subordinate beside him, the confusion on Owen’s face turned to realization and he increased the strength of his grip. “It seems like I have kept an ingrate by my side.”

The subordinate couldn’t take it anymore and he screamed out in pain at this point. “Ah! Mr. Morgan, I was wrong! Please, spare me!”

Owen waited for a few seconds before he released his grip and stood up. He then strode away after giving the subordinate a kick that sent the latter flying nearly two feet away.

When Owen hurried to the reception room, he was greeted by the sight of Wendy drinking tea while seated on the main seat.

That was usually Owen’s seat when Wendy wasn’t around.

He was infuriated at the sudden realization that Wendy had assigned someone to keep an eye on him all this while. Without even greeting her, he plopped down on the couch at the side.

Wendy briefly stopped what she was doing as she lifted her gaze to catch a glimpse of him. Instead of getting upset at him for his attitude, she slowly suggested, “You have been making plenty of big moves lately. It is about time the subordinates get some rest after doing so much. Let’s put a pause on everything from this day onward. We will plan what we shall do only after taking a rest.”

Ha! She is indirectly getting me to restrain Matthew so that he doesn’t make more trouble! Owen thought to himself before he voiced out his disagreement.

“Miss Jennings, you used to complain about how unambitious I was. Now that I have made some kind of achievement, you are, once again, complaining about me being over the top. Are you actually displeased about how I do things, or do you not like me as a person?”

Owen didn’t understand why Wendy always had a reason to criticize him.

“Are you second-guessing my judgment?” Wendy turned on her imposing mannerism as a leader. Her gaze turned cold and sharp, and she seemed to have become a completely different person. It was as if she could easily take someone’s life the next second.

Owen couldn’t help but restrain himself a little upon seeing that. “I wouldn’t dare to. You are both the founder of Triune and our spiritual leader, Miss Jennings. I have never once forgotten about this.”

“In that case, you’d better keep those little schemes of yours to yourself!” Wendy’s eyes were ablaze as she growled, “If my guess is right, you haven’t personally confirmed Alexander Griffith’s death even until now, have you?”

“Matthew killed Alexander with his own hands. The brothers had been at odds with each other for so many years. Alexander Griffith is definitely dead.” Owen had complete confidence in his judgment.

“What if Matthew was deceived as well?” Wendy shattered Owen’s fantasy without any hesitance. “Have you forgotten how much we have lost because of Alexander throughout the years? You have no right to be this arrogant as long as you have not destroyed his corpse with your own hands!”

Owen fell silent at that.

He knew that her words were both a reminder and a warning. Wendy would never hand Triune to him before the day he brought Alexander’s ashes to her.

Owen began to feel uneasy after the wake-up call from Wendy. When it was nearly midnight, he called ‘Matthew’ over.

“What’s so urgent you couldn’t wait until tomorrow morning?” Danny took the opportunity to vent. He was having the soundest sleep before he was woken up.

“Get ready to go out with me.”

“Where to?”


“I have caught all the people from Smith Co. who can fight. Why are we going there again?”

“Alexander’s body should be shipped back to the country within these few days if he hasn’t been cremated yet. Don’t you want to confirm his death with your own eyes?”

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