Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 1093

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 1093-“I drove a knife through his heart myself. Is this really necessary?”

Danny didn’t want another problem to appear when only half of the people from Smith Co. had come here.

“I am sure you know better than me how cunning Alexander is. Anyway, I’ve decided to snatch his corpse. You can wait at the base if you don’t want to go.” Owen was eager and determined to prove himself to Wendy.

“None of your subordinates welcomes me. They will skin me alive if I stay here. I’ll go with you. When are we leaving?”


“Okay. There is still a night left. I’ll have time to give the new captives the warmest welcome.” Danny wanted to take some things to Alexander and the rest of them before he left.

As Owen recalled Wendy’s reminder, he nonchalantly uttered, “Triune could use more hands. You can keep those who want to surrender alive.”

Danny didn’t even need to think before he rejected Owen’s idea. “There is no room for discussion. I have been living like a street rat for almost a decade because of Smith Co.. I need to torture those people to their deaths with my own hands!”

Seeing how stubborn Danny was, Owen relented. “It is up to you. You can go and get ready.”

Three days later, a motorcade set off from the villa to the airport.

Two cars led the way and one car, in which Narissa and the White siblings were, followed behind. Behind them was a truck transporting Alexander’s ‘corpse’, and there were two more cars further down the line which were in charge of escorting.

The entire group was imposing and they caused a commotion wherever they went. It was only when they reached a remote section near the airport that the crowd of spectators gradually dispersed.

However, just as the convoy entered the airport’s pathway, several black cars suddenly appeared both in front and behind at the same time, blocking the convoy’s way out. The group had no choice but to stop on the spot.

Narissa then got out of the car according to plan and rushed in front of the convoy where she—as expected—saw Danny, who was pretending to be Matthew, and Owen.

“Matthew, you piece of sh*t! How dare you show up here?!” Narissa pointed at Danny and cursed.

“Why not?” Danny seedily shrugged. “I am Alexander’s biological brother. It is a given that I send him off on his last journey.”

“Bah!” Narissa almost let a laugh slip, but she quickly berated Danny in a loud voice so that she could hold her laughter in. “You sc*m! You have no right to see Alexander off!”

“I have no right to see him off, huh? Who else does, then? The pair of dead weights in the car?” Danny put on his best act to dispel Owen’s doubts. “So what if Alexander was a smart cookie? He doesn’t even have anyone to be with him in his last moments!”

Not wanting to waste more time, Owen barked, “Enough dilly-dallying with them! Keep your eyes wide open. I’m going in the truck.”

“No problem.” Danny pointed his gun at Narissa and shouted, “Keep your men still, or else the two brats in the car will be the first ones to get hurt!”

Still following their plan, Narissa let everyone lower their guns.

After Owen made sure there were no threats, he started to walk in the truck’s direction.

He had a subordinate open the tailgate when he stood behind the trunk.

As soon as the door was opened, he saw that the interior of the carriage was brightly lit. There was an ice casket in the middle, which was constantly emitting cold air, most probably to prevent the corpse from rotting.

Seeing this, Owen hopped into the trunk and slowly approached the transparent ice casket.

However, he had only taken two steps when the tailgate closed from the outside with a loud sound.

The sounds of bullets flying could be heard right after that. It was as if there were fireworks encircling the entire trunk of the vehicle.

Owen was so startled he whipped out the gun he placed around his waist and pointed it at the tailgate, his lower body fixed in a low stance and his expression weary.

The sound of gun firing ceased after a while, and the surrounding turned as quiet as a grave.

Owen gulped as panic and fear appeared in his eyes. But more than that, there was surprise written all over his face.

He knew that he had fallen into someone’s trap, but he didn’t know whether it was Alexander or someone else from Smith Co..

He would rather it be the latter because that would mean he still had a chance to live. He had nothing to fear as long as Alexander was no more.

And yet, his dreams were shattered the next moment when Alexander’s familiar voice rang out quietly from behind, much like a ghost.

“So even you get scared.”

When Owen heard that, he quickly turned in the direction of the source of the voice, only to see Alexander standing in the ice casket with a disdainful look in his eyes.

“You’re not dead?!” Owen hissed. He couldn’t believe he lost again.

Unbeknownst to him, this was Johnny in a mask.

“Why don’t you guess again and see if there are any bullets in your gun?” Johnny raised his eyebrows thoughtfully.

Owen’s face promptly fell when he heard that. He took a glance at his gun and after mulling over it for a quick second, he chose to toss it aside. He then shrugged uncaringly. “Doesn’t matter. Are you trying to let your only son follow me to my grave?”

“You don’t have to worry about that. Just spend the rest of your life-redeeming yourself.” Johnny went up to Owen and handcuffed him. “And actually, I didn’t mess with your gun.”

Owen immediately blew his top when he heard that, but even when he wanted to swing his fists at Johnny, he couldn’t move as Johnny had pressed on his handcuffs.

At that point, the tailgate opened once again.

Danny was waiting outside when Johnny escorted Owen out of the truck. Danny was still wearing Matthew’s mask, and as soon as both Johnny and Owen stood still, he went up to them and gave Johnny a big hug in front of Owen. “Good job, Alex!”

Johnny didn’t know what Danny was up to, and he continued to stand there without pushing Danny away.

As expected, Owen was provoked by the sight. He almost shattered his molars from how hard he gritted them in hatred. “How dare you fool me, Matthew?! Just you wait and see!”

“Sure! I will be waiting! Please hit me every time you see me from now on.” Danny fearlessly made fun of him.

Owen felt his chest tighten in rage, and he wanted to charge at Danny for a fight. Johnny immediately called a few subordinates over when he couldn’t stand it any longer. “Take him away!” he demanded.

“Matthew!” Unwilling to admit his defeat, Owen shouted as he was dragged away, “This is not the end of it!”

“You talk too much!” Danny impatiently complained.

After Owen was taken away, Narissa teased Danny, “For you to provoke him like this… Are you not afraid he would come and take his revenge if he manages to get away one day?”

“Oh, he can try all he wants. It doesn’t matter to me.” Danny poked at his face. “Do you see this? This is the face that he will be looking for. Matthew is the one he will take his revenge on!”

Narissa gave him a thumbs-up. “As expected of you,” she praised.

When they nabbed Owen, they let an underling go so that he could inform Triune about what had happened.

However, the man didn’t know that they had intentionally let him go, and he even thought he was lucky he didn’t die. Afraid of being chased by the people from Smith Co., he took the shortcut and rushed to Triune without stopping that night. Finally, during the wee hours of the third day, he rushed back and told his organization about Owen’s arrest.

Wendy was back to the base to control the situation.

Triune was in shambles following Owen’s seizure. All the management personnel rushed to the reception room to wait for Wendy, whom they regarded as their god and belief, to make arrangements.

However, she kept quiet even after half an hour had passed.

Someone couldn’t sit still anymore and proposed, “Miss Jennings, should we first find a way to rescue Mr. Morgan?”

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