Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 1094

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 1094- Till Death Do Us Part

Wendy still didn’t say a word.
“Miss Jennings, this is an emergency! Please, you have to make a decision!” everyone urged.
Wendy finally stood up and spoke slowly, “We have to save him, but our priority is for everyone to leave this place immediately!”
“But why? We trust Mr. Morgan! He will never betray the organization!” everyone exclaimed in unison. They thought that Wendy was blowing things out of proportion.
“You only see that we have fallen into Smith Co.’s trap, but who knows if they have set up a bigger trap for us or not? Who can guarantee that we are not at their mercy? It is better to be safe than sorry. We must evacuate! Those who violate the order will be abandoned.”
She was in full-on leader mode. None of her followers dared to further question her when they felt the overwhelming force oozing out of her. They immediately marched out the door after receiving the order, but within the next second, they were beaten up and thrown back into the room one after another. They even coughed up enough blood to wet the floor when they heavily fell on the floor in front of Wendy.
The moment she lowered her head, Alexander and Jackson, who had masks on, rushed in with their subordinates.
“Wendy Jennings, we are going to arrest you!” Jackson flashed an arrest warrant at her.
Wendy let out a long sigh. “I didn’t think I would still be one second too late. As expected of Alexander, who is my favorite successor.”
Hearing that, Alexander took off his mask right in front of everyone. “Thanks for the compliment,” he murmured.
Wendy’s face immediately fell. “Y-You have infiltrated Triune a long time ago, haven’t you?!”
“It seems like the student has surpassed the master.” Alexander didn’t say much, but his words were soul-stirring.
A murderous glint suddenly flashed in her wrinkled eyes. The next moment, she turned around and sat back on the highchair before she hit a mechanism on the chair.
Sensing her movements, Jackson rushed toward her and pulled her off the chair. As he stepped on her, he put the muzzle of his gun against the back of her head. “You are still trying to pull this sh*t even when you are about to die, huh? You best believe that I won’t hesitate to shoot you right now!”

Wendy didn’t have the strength to struggle at all. She only lifted her head to look at Alexander with a sinister smile hanging on her lips. “It’s worth it, being able to drag your woman and children along as Triune falls.”
To her surprise, Alexander let out a mocking smirk. “What if Elise has been my one and only woman from the start?”
Wendy’s expression changed again when she seemed to have realized something. However, she forcefully shook her head in denial. “That is impossible! She is already dead! How can someone who disappeared for seven years come back to life?!”
“You thought I was dead too just a few days ago, didn’t you? And yet here I am standing, as alive as I can be. The gods are fair. They will only take the lives of those who deserve to die. Elise and I, on the other hand, are fated to stay together till the end of time. No one can stop us.”

At the same time, Elise was drawing a simple map of the castle with stones based on what she had observed in the past few days on the walls of the castle. Suddenly, the piercing sounds of sirens blasted around her.
The noise only continued to grow louder without showing signs of stopping.
More than ten seconds had passed when Zoe suddenly barged into the room and sternly instructed, “Follow me!”
“What? Where to?”
“The headquarters has activated the self-destruct mechanism. This place will be brought to the ground in ten minutes. I’m the only one who can bring you out of here within ten minutes!”
Elise couldn’t help the doubt written all over her face. She didn’t trust the young woman.
Zoe seemed to know what Elise was worried about, and she insisted, “There is no need for me to joke at a time like this. Trusting me is the only choice you have now unless you don’t want to live or don’t want your child to come to this world alive.”
“What are the conditions?” Elise knew that there was no such thing as a free lunch. No one would let others take advantage of them without wanting something in return.
“Your man has to ensure I can live a normal life without worry.” Zoe went straight to the point. “I am sick of my life here. I want to live a normal life! It is my life in return for yours and your child’s. It is a fair trade.”
Elise’s eyebrows were pulled together into a frown. She still had reservations about Zoe’s words.
“What? Still don’t believe me?” Zoe decided to put her cards on the table. “If I wanted to harm you, I would have exposed you since the first time you drugged me and escaped from this room.”
Elise’s doubts were thoroughly dispelled when she heard that. “Alright. I will agree to it on Alexander’s behalf, but I have one condition—I’m not the only one leaving here. We have to save all the other pregnant women, children, and experts too!”
“That’s hundreds of people you are trying to save. We can’t possibly relocate them in ten minutes! You are making it hard on me.”
“How will you know if you don’t try? We can’t leave even one person behind if we can save them. You have two choices now—we can start collaborating and save everyone together, or you can get out of here by yourself. You are free to decide!”
Elise immediately walked out of the room after she threw that out.
Zoe took a moment to decide before she eventually conceded. “What a troublesome woman!” She then chased after Elise.
Ten minutes later, the tranquility of the vast land was interrupted by a loud noise. The entire castle continued to sink and collapse amidst the explosion before it finally fell into ruins.
After that, Wendy was escorted back to the country.
However, she was acquitted the very same day.
Alexander knew that someone had bought off the higher-ups because they didn’t want to take responsibility.
When the next morning came, news of physics professor Wendy Jennings’ sudden death spread everywhere, and the entire country mourned for her.
Everyone in Smith Co. was extremely dissatisfied with this as they thought that the leader of an anti-human terrorist organization did not deserve such treatment. However, they didn’t pursue this matter anymore. After all, Triune had met its demise.

Alicia, on the other hand, mulled over it for a long time before she eventually decided to terminate her pregnancy and leave Wegas. There had been no news from her since then.

Half a month later in a Northwest ancient city.
This city filled with historical charm looked anew after it was decorated with lights on Valentine’s Day.
The main road was covered with a layer of bright carpet that extended from the city gates to the stage in the middle of the city.
The stage was redder and brighter than anywhere else. Robin and Laura, who were respectively dressed in suit and gown, were grinning from ear to ear.
Johnny was holding a champagne glass when he went onstage. As he stood in the middle of the stage, he lightly clinked the glass before announcing, “It is time! Let’s welcome the bride and groom!”
As soon as those words fell, a handsome man came riding in from outside the city gates on horseback. He had a carriage behind him as his horse trotted on the red carpet toward the stage.
The man in a maroon suit had his hair combed into a bun, and the tie around his neck would sway along with the movement of the horse. He looked as if he had stepped out of a painting.
It was none other than Alexander.
When the horse came to a stop, he dismounted and strode to the carriage before he elegantly extended an invitation. “Please follow me, my lady.”
After he uttered those words, the enthusiastic matchmaker opened the door to the carriage right on cue, and everyone could finally see the bride through the translucent curtain in the carriage.
The audience was filled with admiration as soon as they laid their eyes on the bride.
The scar on Elise’s face had already disappeared, and not a flaw could be found in her exquisite features and fair skin.
Dressed in a luxurious wedding gown, she made every move look dignified and classy. Just the sight of her tugged on everyone’s heartstrings.
Alexander offered her his arm when she stepped out of the carriage. She then loosely linked her arm through his before they went on stage and bowed to each other with everyone as their witness.
After they crossed their hands and drank their champagne, Alexander carefully kissed Elise on the lips and whispered, “May our love remain as pure and untainted as the moon. With the stars as our witness, I wish to share with you a place we call home the rest of our lives.”
“My heart is yours, and yours is mine.” Elise held his thick and wide palm as she echoed, “Till death do us part.”

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