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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 533

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 533

 Too Indifferent

Kenneth took out his handkerchief and wiped the hand with which he had grabbed Celina just now. Then, he walked up to Elise and asked in a whisper, “Are you alright?”

“Nope,” Elise replied.

“Hmm?” Kenneth cocked an eyebrow in puzzlement.

Elise cast a sidelong look at him. “You came too early. It made me appear weak.”

“Ho ho…” Kenneth let out a chuckle. “In that case, I did come at a bad time.”

“Indeed.” Elise shrugged her shoulders. The silver needle she brought with her today had been soaked in a specially made psychedelic potion, so it was more than enough for what was needed to deal with Celina.

“It’s not what you think it is, Mr. Bailey!” Celina was filled with increasing anger when she saw the pair exchange glances. As soon as she picked herself up, she pointed at Elise and accused her, saying, “Don’t let this vicious woman fool you! She nearly killed my dad by deliberately having her sister dressed in red to provoke him!” That’s right! Elise must have done something so that the dress intended for her ended up being worn by Faye instead!

“Deliberate, you say?” Elise looked at Celina intently. “If I wanted to kill your dad, why would I try to save him? And besides, Miss Celina, did you forget who delivered that dress?! Speaking of it, I seriously wonder what made you hate your dad so much that you had to anger him to death in a way that embarrassed him the most. They say that Mr. Saunders is very sensitive to the color red because of his late wife who had cheated on him. His health declined back then because he was angered by his wife’s love affair, and now you’re trying to annoy him to death. Could it be that you and your mother were so close that you two joined the Saunders Family for the same purpose of taking Mr. Saunders’ life?”

“That’s nonsense!” Celina raised her voice. “He’s my dad! What good would it do me to kill him?”

“That’s right. You dared to do it, even if it wouldn’t do you any good. If it would do you any good, you’d probably slit his throat yourself with a knife, no?” Elise’s lips curled into a sneer. “But what you did just now isn’t much different from slitting his throat with a knife. If you had managed to stop me, you’d have inherited the Saunderses’ family fortune as you wished.”

“That’s bullshit! I’m the only daughter of the Saunders Family, so the Saunderses’ fortune is mine in the first place. Why would I need to kill my dad to get all of this?!” Celina stared hard at Elise with huge, round eyes. “Save the act, Elise! I know you’re trying to slander me in front of Mr. Bailey!”

Elise replied with a half-smile, “It doesn’t matter whether I’m trying to slander you or frame you. In any case, I’m now the heroine who’s saved your father, and you’re the unfilial daughter in the eyes of everyone. Celina, has all of this worked the way you wanted?”

Stunned, Celina stood frozen in place, her heart beating uneasily. Why is this happening? This party was a setup I arranged for Elise, but I’m the one who’s been at a disadvantage so far! Not only did I make Dad ill in bed, but even my reputation is destroyed now! Why did everything turn out this way? “What the hell did you do…” She looked at Elise in horror with a chill running down her spine, as if a gust of chilly wind had just blown past her.

“You saw all of it, didn’t you?” Elise’s lips parted casually. “I attended the party at your invitation, saved your father while I’m at it, and became a savior for your family. That’s all.”

But this isn’t what’s supposed to happen! thought Celina. For a moment, she was at a loss for words, and she stood rooted in a daze. She had a bunch of guests out there to deal with and explain the situation to still. As soon as she walked out of this room, everyone would know that Elise had requited evil with good by bringing her father back to life. They would heap praises on Elise, whereas what awaited her—the star of today’s birthday party—was nothing but ridicule and contempt. This is my home turf, but why does it seem like I’m the last person who’s supposed to be here?

In an instant, Celina was at a loss for what to do. She kept pondering like mad in her mind how to deal with the present situation, but her brain just didn’t work well. It was too foggy to come up with any solution.

Just then, however, a weak voice suddenly sounded from the bed. “Nana…”

Regina, who was leaning over the bed, was the first to realize this. She shouted with excitement, “He’s awake! Master David’s awake!”

Everyone turned their heads simultaneously to see that David, who had barely been breathing at first, had regained consciousness before they realized it. At this moment, Regina had propped him up and helped him sit up against the headboard.

Celina was both overjoyed and afraid. She called out tentatively in disbelief, “Dad?”

Covering the treated wound on his chest, David nodded weakly to signal that he had heard her.

Only then did Celina snap out of her panic. She rushed to his bed, bursting into tears at once. “You’re awake at last, Dad! I’m glad you’re alright!” With David backing her up, she wouldn’t have to worry about being bullied. As long as David was alive, she would still have someone to rely on!

David raised his hand with difficulty and stroked Celina’s hair reassuringly. He replied under his breath, “It’s alright. Even if the sky falls down, you don’t have to be afraid as long as I’m here.”

Elise found this strange. After the emergency treatment just now, David was supposed to slowly regain consciousness, during which time he should’ve heard their conversation very clearly and realized that his daughter had nearly gotten him killed. Even so, he was still able to dote on Celina so much. It seemed like he really treated this daughter of his as the apple of his eye.

Knowing how weak David was at the moment, Celina didn’t continue venting her emotions. Soon, she stopped crying, got up, and stepped aside.

Only then did David look up at Kenneth and Elise beside him. “From what I heard, you’re the one who saved my life, miss. Is that right?” He spoke very slowly, seemingly with great difficulty.

“It’s nothing.” Elise admitted it right away without pretending to be bashful.

David replied flatly with a slight nod, “Thanks.” Then, he quickly changed the subject, saying, “Regina, have someone bring in the woman who spoiled the party on purpose.”

Elise wasn’t someone who wouldn’t cast her bread upon the waters, but she vaguely sensed that something was wrong with David. Is this how one is supposed to treat someone who has just saved their life? He’s a bit too indifferent, isn’t he?

On the other hand, Celina turned pale at David’s words. The woman who spoiled the party? Isn’t that referring to Faye?

Whenever Celina and the other rich kids hung out together, all they did was eat, drink, and have fun. Even so, she really thought of Faye as a friend whom she could talk to. Therefore, how could she really let anything happen to Faye? And besides, that dress… “Dad,” she interrupted. “You’ve just come round, and your body’s still weak. You shouldn’t exert yourself too much. Just leave these matters to me, okay? I’ve grown up, so I’m supposed to share your burdens.”

However, David replied, “I’m glad you’re so considerate about me, but this matter is about a man’s pride and the Saunders Family’s reputation. I know what to do, so just stay out of this.” Having forcefully made the decision, he shot Regina a glance right away, signaling her to go out and have Faye brought in.

Celina was about to speak, but she bit back the words on the tip of her tongue since Regina had gone out.

Soon, Faye was shoved into the room with her hands tied.

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