Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter No.339

Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter No.339

Mikayla’s face was extremely ugly. She felt so aggrieved and ashamed when Nathaniel exposed her thoughts.

“I… I accidentally stepped on my dress and fell! “ Nathaniel stretched his tone. “Oh…“

No one believed her.

Nicole was speechless, but she just wanted to quickly complete the task and did not want to stay here.

She proposed. “Do you want to change your clothes?“

Mikayla nodded and hurriedly stood up.

Miles spoke cautiously. “You didn’t twist your ankle and want me to carry you again, right? I recently twisted my back…“

Mikayla’s face instantly flushed red.

Miles was simply humiliating her for pretending in the last episode.

She looked at Eric, who did not even care about her. It looked like he also knew that she fell on him on purpose.

The look of disgust in his eyes also made Mikayla extremely embarrassed.

She was just a clown after all her hard work and effort.

Who would have thought that Eric would choose not to catch her from behind and would kick her upstairs


Mikayla bit her lower lip. Her face was red as she forced a smile.

“No injuries. My dress just got dirty. I’ll get changed then.“

With that, Mikayla looked at her assistant in the distance and hurriedly went downstairs while holding her dress.

Before the game even started, #MikaylaFellAgain became a hot topic of discussion among the netizens.

[Crippled Mikayla is making a fool of herself again! ] [Such a little drama queen! Hahahahaha! Mr. Ferguson’s kick is really awesome! We’re applauding you through the screen! ]

[Crippled Mikayla’s highlight stops at the “Most Promising Newcomer Award“. Is there something wrong with this woman’s brain?]

[Miles is such a frank guy! Hahaha! Twisted his waist?]

[Nathaniel really doesn’t care who he disses! Why are the Ferguson men so handsome?]

[Goddess Nicole’s expression was like: I see through everything, but I still have to play along with your act? I’m speechless!]

They would not pause the show while they waited for Mikayla to get changed because it was a live broadcast. Thus, once she left, the rest of the participants had to continue.

Eric watched as Nicole turned around and went inside. The rows of tables and chairs had rusty equipment on them, and three sides against the wall were cabinets that looked like a suitable place to hide things.

Nicole did not rush to look through them one by one. Instead, she stood on a higher step and looked around.

A treasure map was not exactly a big item and might not be on this floor.

Eric walked over with a smile. “Got a clue?“

Nicole obviously did not want to talk to him, much less discuss her findings with him.

The two of them had a special relationship, so the netizens were more sensitive and suspicious of their interaction. If they say the wrong thing, their names would be on the trending topics. There might even be rumors of “remarriage“.

This was bothersome enough for Nicole.

She rolled her eyes at him and said in an indifferent tone. “You can look for it yourself. We don’t need to interfere with each other! “

After that, Nicole went to the nearest cabinet to look for the map.

The cameraman who was following them had never seen such a scene.

The director had instructed him to take special care of Eric Ferguson. They were all careful to not let any

bad rumors surface and even had the public relations team on standby in case of any accidents.

However, these two powerful presidents did not care about the camera and spoke so directly. Compared with those actors who only knew how to pretend, this was refreshing content.

Eric frowned slightly and followed Nicole pretending as if nothing happened.

Nicole heard his footsteps and got extremely impatient.

“Can’t you understand English?”

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