Expert Down The Mountain Chapter 129

Expert Down The Mountain Chapter 129

Hugh and Beatrice were still at the hospital, and that was why Kayson and Sadie were not at work today.

Kayson had agreed to Zachary’s request out of respect for Zachary for seeking his help.

Meanwhile, Zachary began to treat Yulene’s condition according to Kayson’s guidance.

In truth, he did not have the slightest idea on how to stabilize Yulene’s condition, but Kayson had told him the method during the phone call.

Bradley and the others were burning with anxiety.

Joaquin’s expression changed at the sight of Zachary’s needling technique. It was because he discovered that Yulene’s condition did not continue to deteriorate anymore!

He realized that Zachary could do what he could not!

Yulene opened her eyes slowly because she was not in as much pain now that her condition was stabilized.

“Dr. Ewell…” Yulene called out.

“Save your strength.” Zachary nodded and instructed her not to speak.

Bradley appeared to be overjoyed and excited beyond comparison. He counted his blessing that he had made the prompt decision to look for Zachary!

He did not expect that Zachary’s skills had improved so much over the years.

Zachary had been at a loss of what to do when Yulene’s cold was not as severe back in those years, yet he successfully managed to suppress Yulene’s deteriorating condition today!

The previous patriarch of the Waltons looked toward Zachary with gratitude and respect.

On the other hand, Joaquin looked gloomy with an unsightly expression.

‘Zachary is barely famous in a small place in Skyriv!

“While I am one of the country’s top three most celebrated doctors. I could do nothing to stabilize the cold, yet Zachary managed to suppress it.

‘If information of this incident is leaked, perhaps Zachary’s reputation will be boosted to a terrifying extent.

‘Consequently, I’m going to become Zachary’s stepping stone to fame.’

“Wait for Kayson’s treatment.” Zachary heaved a sigh of relief after cautiously performing the needling process.

“Thankyou so much, Dr. Ewell!”

Bradley bowed in gratitude.

“It’s my duty to heal the sick. Don’t mention it, Mr. Walton Sr.”

“Dr. Ewell, you’re magnanimous for not fussing over my defiant son’s prior crudeness. My family and I won’t ever forget your great kindness!”

Bradley turned his head upon saying that and berated Hogan. “

Come here and apologize to Dr. Ewell!”

Hogan’s expression changed drastically. He was the current patriarch of the Waltons, yet he was ordered to apologize to a doctor.

“Haven’t you heard me?” Bradley’s gaze turned cold.

Hogan trembled on the inside as his father was infuriated, so he hurriedly stepped forward to bow.

“It’s fine.” Zachary shook his head. “I hope that you may show more modesty in your conduct from now on and won’t repeat this, Mr. Walton.”

In truth, Hogan had a rather impressive reputation, and it was possible he was impatient out of concern for his daughter. Zachary could understand why Hogan had done what he did.

He was never the kind of unforgiving person.

Hogan bowed down sincerely and said, “It was my fault for allowing Acson to treat you so rudely, Dr. Ewell! ”

“Please forgive me, Dr. Ewell! I promise I will repent of my mistake and won’t be unreasonable anymore! ”

Zachary nodded.

All of a sudden, a figure walked into Bwell Therapeutics, and Zachary beamed with joy. “Kayson! ”

“Mr. Ewell.” Kayson smiled.

The Waltons looked over to see who the so-called miracle doctor that claimed to be able to cure Yulene was.

“It’s you!?”

Bradley’s pupils constricted in terror when he saw Kayson.

Kayson took a nonchalant glance at him and nodded. “We meet again.”

“Do you know him, Father?” Hogan was astounded.

Bradley ignored his son and swiftly made his way to Kayson. He was filled with gratitude.

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