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Expert Down The Mountain Chapter 130

Expert Down The Mountain Chapter 130

Bradley had considered returning to the forest and attempting to look for Kayson, but he gave up on the idea after a short consideration.

It was because it would be almost impossible to find Kayson!

In fact, he did not even know Kayson’s name!

However, he met Kayson here by sheer luck today!

Who would have thought that the person he had met in the forest and told him that the Eriocauli Flos was useless was the same person Queenie had brought, claiming he could cure his granddaughter’s illness!?

“Please save my granddaughter, doctor! I’ll pay any price you name willingly! ” pleaded Bradley in all sincerity.

“Since Mr. Ewell has already agreed to do so, I’ll save her.” Kayson was not very fond of the Waltons.

He was not fond of anyone who had no respect for doctors.

He thought the same even for a man like Jeremy Tinsley, who was countless times more influential than Bradley.

Tyrone had made great effort to mediate Kayson’s bias toward Jeremy.

Bradley understood Kayson’s intention.

“I will reward Dr. Ewell handsomely!”

Kayson nodded and walked into the room.

Yulene did not look well at all, yet she still greeted him weakly. “ Mr. Yarde…”

“Lindsy, come and help me carry her into the treatment room.”


Lindy stepped forward to help.

Kayson said, “Mr. Ewell, please come with me.”

Zachary was delighted. He was under the assumption that Kayson would not allow him to join the session. After all, he knew his skills were no match to Kayson’s healing skills.

The few of them walked into the inner treatment room while Bradley and the others waited anxiously.

“Father, is that person named Kayson truly capable of saving Yulene?” Hogan found it unbelievable that Kayson was so young.

“Shut up!” Bradley berated Hogan in a deep voice, “Haven’t you learned your lesson yet? I told you that you must always treat a man with courtesy whether the man is of help to you or not unless he is evil beyond comparison!?

“Look at what you’ve done! ”

“Father, I—”

“Still won’t acknowledge your mistake? Could it be that you want to be grounded?”

Hogan hurriedly said, “No, I don’t want to! It’s my bad, and I will remember your teaching, always! ”

“Hmph! ” Bradley was burning with anger. He had only one thought on his mind now, and it was for his granddaughter to recover fully!

In fact, it would be fine even if his granddaughter were to end up paralyzed as she was before!

Joaquin, on the other hand, was neglected.

Lindsy removed Yulene’s pants in the treatment room, and the latter did not appear to be shy.

Kayson inserted five needles and said with a smile, “Mr. Ewell, this technique is known as Penta-resuscitative Needling, and it can be used to replace the patient’s blood circulation and stop the deterioration of the patient’s condition.

“I’m teaching the needling technique to you today, Mr. Ewell.”

“P-Penta-resuscitative Needling? The deputy director of City Hospital, Simon, is known for this!” exclaimed Zachary.

“His technique is the simplified version.”

Zachary was greatly shocked. At the same time, he was secretly exhilarated.

Upon saying that, Kayson began to adopt a different needling technique to heal Yulene.

Yulene did not show any signs of discomfort while Kayson poked a small hole in the bottom of her foot. Then, blackened blood flowed out of the hole.

Kayson’s needling technique was so complicated that even Zachary could not figure it out.

Half an hour passed…

The poisoned symptoms on Yulene’s legs gradually faded, and her legs slowly regained their normal skin color!

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