Expert Down The Mountain Chapter 44

Expert Down The Mountain Chapter 44

After learning that Kayson had saved Tyrone’s life, Jason’s attitude toward Kayson changed substantially

In the meantime, the Shengville Hotel’s general manager, Jonathan, was giving orders to the kitchen to prepare the meal with the best ingredients. He went to his office’s private cellar and retrieved a few bottles of red wine from his precious collection. He was the Shengville Hotel’s general manager, so he knew quite several things about Kayson. The first time was when Kayson killed Horacio and The Quad Falcons in the hotel.

He had not paid much attention to the incident at the time because it was not unusual for someone like Horacio to be killed.

The second time was during Tyrone’s birthday celebration. He was not considered very influential amongst the guests of the party at the time. He was distinguished enough to be invited to the party but not distinguished enough to talk to Tyrone. At the time, Kayson had been standing next to Tyrone, and the latter had heavily introduced him to everyone.

Quite a number of guests had disregarded Kayson at the time because the majority of them figured that Tyrone was trying to boost Zachary’s reputation.

The third time was when Kayson fought Archer. However, he had not paid much attention to the incident because it was an internal matter of their company.

Still, he was well aware that Kayson was not an ordinary person.

An ordinary person would not be able to kill The Quad Falcons!

Hence, he could not care less about the guests’ perception of Kayson during Tyrone’s birthday because it was none of his business.

Yet, he did not dare to look down upon Kayson.

Sadie drove to meet up with her best friend, Wanda, after work. Both of them agreed to meet each other in a quieter, open-air cafe.

“Hello, Ms. Wolfenden. What’s on your mind? You look so distracted that your mind has already wandered a few times!”

A woman with delicate makeup whose beauty was no inferior to Sadie waved her hand before Sadie’s eyes.

“I’m not!” Sadie was jolted back to reality abruptly and glared at her best friend, vexed. Wanda giggled craftily and asked in a bantering tone, “You must be thinking about boys, right?”

“You’re the one thinking about boys!” Sadie slapped her furiously. “Ouch! That hurts!” Wanda pretended that she was in pain. “Oh no, I’m injured. You’re buying dinner tonight!”

“I’ll do it! You’re the stingy one anyway!” Sadie rolled her eyes at Wanda and turned her head to look away in anger. “You’re the magnanimous one, Ms. Wolfenden. Come and tell me, are you infuriated by that fake husband of yours again?” Sadie widened her eyes in anger upon hearing that and roared, “Wanda! Wainwright!” Quite a number of people in the surroundings looked toward them, so Wanda hastily covered Sadie’s mouth. “We’re in public, m’lady!” Sadie pried away Wanda’s hand and said furiously, “Why are you talking nonsense then!?” Wanda hastily begged for forgiveness. “Alright, alright, alright, I won’t tease you anymore! My bad!” “Tell me then, what’s distracting you constantly? Penny for your thoughts.” Sadie furrowed her eyebrows tightly and said, “I think I saw Kayson get into a VW Beetle today.” “Huh?” Wanda was astonished. “That’s impossible. Are you certain that you didn’t see it wrongly?”

“It’s very rare for males to drive a VW Beetle because females mostly use it. Moreover, the vast majority of VW Beetle drivers come from pretty well-off families.” “Didn’t you say that he’s a country bumpkin? How can he possibly be acquainted with a girl like this?”

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