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Happy Mommy Happy Daddy Chapter 119

Happy Mommy Happy Daddy Chapter 119

 In the Future, They Would Be Siblings

“Are you… the master from that day?” Stella asked, reaching out to hold Steve’s hand. “Not really. I just like to play with this.” Steve released the little girl’s hand.

Turning around, he looked at James, who was eating the cake with a face full of cream. “She is ‘- Stella with true love of LM’.”

James was so shocked that he almost dropped the cake in his hand. “It’s her” The hacker who was evenly matched with his brother that day was actually this little girl! However, although this little girl wanted to rob his mother and was very arrogant, James did not hate her at all

Maybe it was because she looked very similar to his mother!

He comforted himself in his heart. He must love this little girl because she looked very similar to Mommy.

“Stella, what’s going on?”

Leo asked with a frown.

“Uncle Leo, do you remember what I told you before? There is a very powerful hacker on Aunt Van’ side?” Stella pouted and said in a wronged voice.

“It’s him!” she said, pointing at Steve in dissatisfaction.

“You told me before that the one who wanted me to find you, Aunt Van, to introduce you to be your master… is this little fellow?” she asked in shock.

Stella’s face immediately flushed red.

She bit her lips and stomped her feet in anger. “Uncle Leo, can you leave me some face?” she asked.

It was already very embarrassing to lose to this person on the spot, but Uncle Leo still wanted to tell her about the matter of her saying that she wanted to acknowledge him as her master! Did she not care about her face?

“Oh? I want to acknowledge you as my master.” “My brother won’t easily accept a disciple!” James heard Leo’s keyword. “Even I, his biological brother, he.” “I am willing.” Before the little guy could finish his words, he was mercilessly interrupted by Steve. Stella suddenly raised his head and could not believe his ears. “What did you say?” “I said.”

“I can accept you as my disciple,” Steve said with a faint smile.

“But I have a condition.”

“What condition?”

“Be our sister.”

“James and I have always wanted a sister.” Steve looked at Stella slyly.

“We were planning to wait for Daddy and Mommy to give birth to another one for us, but their progress was too slow.”

“…” Alora.

She was already working very hard! How was she going to explain to this little brat that a child could not be pregnant just once?

“SO.” “You look very much like my mommy,” Steve said seriously as she looked at Stella’s face. “And you look younger than us. So, before our mommy gives birth to our biological sister, you should be our sister.”

Stella pursed her lips and looked at James and Steve seriously.

Although these two little brothers were hostile to her in the beginning, but…

The two brothers bickered and talked, and also had a relationship with Aunt Van…

She had always been envious of lively relatives, families, and mothers.

She had always hoped that Uncle Leo could help her find an older brother.

If she agreed to this little brother Steve’s request, would it mean that she would have two older brothers all of a sudden?

Two older brothers, two pairs of happiness!

She could also openly learn hacking skills from Steve.

She frowned and thought about it carefully, as if she would not lose anything no matter what.

Moreover, she looked at Alora.

If she recognized these two as brothers, would she be able to openly look for Aunt Van in the future?

She could even help Uncle Leo dig a hole in the wall and snatch Aunt Van over!

Thinking of this, the little girl turned around and looked at Leo with a wronged expression. “Uncle Leo…”

Leo looked at the little girl’s tangled appearance and shrugged lightly. “I don’t care.” “You can choose to become friends or siblings with them. That way, you will have friends in the future.” He was usually very busy at work, and the time he could spend with Stella was very little.

Over the years, Stella spent more time alone at home, staring blankly at the cold TV and computer.

If she was willing to be partners with these two little guys, he would be more at ease. Moreover.

The man turned to look at Alora.

If the three children had a good relationship, would he be able to become closer friends with her?

All this time, although he had done many things to get close to her, he could see that Alora had been keeping a distance from him.


Stella took a deep breath and looked at Steve with righteousness. “I can recognize you as my brothers!” “But I want to live with Uncle Leo. Uncle Leo is still my father.”

Steve smiled helplessly. Did this little girl misunderstand his meaning?

He didn’t want to take her home.

The young boy pretended to be mature and coughed lightly. “Well, you don’t need to live with us.”

“But the brothers have to appear at any time to find you. Can you do it?”

“Of course, you can also find the brothers at any time. As long as the brothers have time, they can help you deal with all the things you want to do.”


Stella beckoned to Steve with her pinky.

Although she felt that the act of hooking her finger was very childish, she was still a younger sister.

Steve sighed and reached out to make a pinky promise with Stella.

“That…” “Why don’t you ask for my opinion?” James rolled his eyes helplessly. “What do you think?” The brother and sister turned their heads and said in unison.

James, “…” “It’s fine,” Alora quickly came over and pulled James into his arms. “No one asked for Mommy’s opinion.” “Mommy, we were ignored.” James raised his head and looked at Alora pitifully. “Yes, we were ignored. What should we do?” Alora hurriedly nodded.

James came out of her arms and sat down on the chair. “I will convert grief and indignation into appet.i.te.


“Mommy, you eat too!” Alora nodded. Coincidentally, she was also hungry. Thus, the woman unceremoniously ate the cake with James.

“You should eat too.”

Steve let go of Stella’s hand and gently patted her back. “Go.” Stella nodded. He had just taken a step when he turned around. “Brother Steve, aren’t you eating?” “I don’t like sweet food.” The little Princess frowned. She waved to Zack Burr and whispered something in his ear. Not long after, Zack Burr entered the room with a non-sweet salad.

“This is a gift from my sister!”

The little girl placed the salad in front of Steve. Her eyes were black and shining. “Brother Steve, I’ll treat you to some!”

“Thank you.”

Steve sat on the chair like a gentleman and began to eat gracefully.

Alora silently recorded this scene and sent it to Samir. At this time, Samir was accompanying Old Master Rowan and Qin Ling to have lunch in Rowan family’s old house.

After receiving her video, the man opened it. “They got along quite well. Stella has recognized Steve and James as his brothers. They will be brother and sister in the future.”

“Does it look particularly harmonious?”

Looking at his son’s gentle appearance in the video, Samir sighed lightly.

“She is the second girl Steve treats so gently.”

“Who was the first?”

“It was you.”

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