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Happy Mommy Happy Daddy Chapter 135

Happy Mommy Happy Daddy Chapter 135

Either You Don’t Speak, Or I Will Beat You to Death

Justin’s words made Alora silent for a long time.

After a long while, she took a deep breath. “Then Dad, why did you want to recognize me back then?”

“After you recognized me, you did not let me live with you. Instead, you let me return to Van family and be a servant for him.”

“According to your logic, you can’t give me a better life or let me leave Van family.” “Back then, you shouldn’t have known me.”

Her words were calm and indifferent.

The man on the other side of the line instantly fell silent.

After a while, he chuckled. “You’ve grown up, after all.”

Just like that woman, he had his own thoughts.

“Father, I’m twenty-three years old.” Alora frowned.

When she was eighteen years old, she had met Justin and thought that she could escape from the cold and heartless Van family.

However, what she got in return was that Justin ignored her and ignored her. Back then, in order to help Truett, she had almost reached a desperate situation.

As the father that she had just met, Justin was drunk every day. He was indifferent to her and even asked her to break up with Truett many times.

Although in the end, Truett was not a good person, this did not mean that Justin’s neglect and indifference to her back then was right.

Now, five years had passed.

She was no longer the little girl who was willing to believe that Justin would give her a good family five years ago. “So, don’t you already have an idea?”

“Alora, you can find the truth you want yourself.” Justin smiled bitterly.

“If you want to find your child, please do your best.”

“I can’t help you with anything.” “You can do it.”

After saying this, Justin directly hung up the phone coldly.

Alora frowned. When he called back again, he had turned off his phone.

With a heavy sigh, Alora put away her phone and left the restaurant. In the evening, she received a call from Gary.

“Alora, you win!” The man on the other side of the line was hysterical.

“The plane I secretly booked for Elena was intercepted at the airport!” “Don’t think that we can’t do anything just because you don’t want Elena to leave Banyan City!” Gary gritted his teeth.

Alora frowned.

Needless to say, this was definitely done by Samir. Through the glass door of the kitchen, she glanced at the man on the sofa who was looking at the documents elegantly.

His profile was handsome and tough. There was no expression on his face, as if he hadn’t done anything.

This man…

Most of the time, he never took the initiative to mention what he had done for her.

Just like now, if not for the phone call from Gary, Samir would never have told her that he had secretly intercepted Elena who wanted to go abroad.

At the thought of this, Alora felt a slight warmth in his heart.

“Let me tell you, Elena now has the Death Exemption Medallion. He is not afraid of you!”

On the other side of the line, Gary was still making his final struggle. “Death Exemption Medallion?”

Alora stood in the kitchen, frowning as he turned over the fish in the pot. He smiled faintly and said, “Inpatient anxiety disorder?”

“Don’t be happy too early.” The woman’s voice was cold.

After saying that, Alora directly hung up the phone, threw the phone aside, and concentrated on making fish for Samir.

He had done so much for her, and she had nothing to repay him. Making a fish was something she could



The kitchen door opened and two small heads came in.

The bigger head was James’ and the smaller head was Stella’s.

Today, Leo had a shooting notice and it would take about two days, so Stella naturally came to Rowan family to freeload.

The first time, they were familiar with each other, and the third time, they treated each other as their own home.

The current Stella seemed to have already treated Van family as her own home.

“Aunt Van, what are you doing? It smells so good.”

“Brother James said that your cooking is super delicious.” The little girl blinked her big eyes at Alora, “Brother James said that your cooking is super delicious.”

“Hmph, are you jealous of me and my brother now because we have such a good mommy?” “My mommy is the best cook!” James crossed her arms proudly. “I only envy you, not Brother Steve.” Stella pursed her lips. “Really?”

James was stunned. This little girl had been looking at his brother like she was a little fan of an idol. He thought that Steve was after Stella!


The one she envied the most was him!

Thinking of this, the little guy’s face instantly lit up. “I knew that you would slowly think that I am better than your brother!”

He proudly patted Stella on the shoulder, “This child is worthy to be taught!”

“If you need any help from Brother James in the future, just say it!”

“I envy you because of that.” Stella looked at him indifferently. “You have such a good brother, such a good mommy…” After saying that, Stella turned to look at Stella, who was sitting next to Samir on the sofa. “As for why! don’t envy Brother Steve…”

“It’s because he has a younger brother like you.” The little girl looked at James in disgust.

“…” James.

He turned around and looked at Alora pitifully. “Mommy, I was hurt!” Alora was amused by the two of them. He turned off the fire on the stove and chuckled. “It doesn’t matter. Mommy likes James the most.”

The little fellow blinked and looked at Alora pitifully. “Really?”

“Really.” She rubbed his head and handed him a small box of biscuits that she had just made. “Go and take your sister to eat.”

James pursed her lips and carefully held the biscuits in her arms. She turned to look at Stella in disgust. “Let’s go.”

“Although you hurt me, I still have to treat you to biscuits. It makes me seem very magnanimous!”

“Alright, I know that Brother James is the best!” Stella grinned and grabbed James’ hand. After saying that, she hurriedly followed behind James. The two of them left awkwardly.

On the sofa in the living room.

Samir put down the document and looked at James and Stella sitting on the carpet, eating biscuits and watching cartoons together. He frowned slightly. “This is what a child should do.” After that, he glanced at Steve, who was beside him. There was a laptop on the little fellow’s knee. On the computer screen, there were strings of obscure codes. “Is that so?”

“My mommy is cooking.” Steve looked up at him indifferently. Samir raised his eyebrows and did not speak.

“I think, as a normal husband, when his wife is cooking, even if he does not help, he should express his condolences.”

“Even if he hugs his wife from behind, it is also a husband’s way of expressing tenderness.” “I don’t look like a child. Then, Mr. Samir, how do you look like a normal husband?” “…” Samir.

This son of his is either silent or going against you to death!

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