I am a quadrillionarire chapter 2097

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 2097-“Master David, I think peace should be the most important thing for us. Master Azul comes from a level 9 civilization. If such an advanced civilization sends people over, Star Kingdom won’t be able to compete with them,” Zenon said seriously.

“You mean we should let him go?” David asked.


“Then, have you ever considered that the people from level 9 civilizations are very proud? What if he is not willing to be insulted in this small level 7 civilization after he returns and brings people back to take revenge?”

Azul interrupted suddenly at this moment, “David, don’t worry, I will never…”

“Shut up! You don’t have a place to speak here!” David interrupted Azul without hesitation.

Azul gritted his teeth and clenched his fists. His heart was burning with anger, but he could only hold back.

His life and death were in the hands of others, so what could he do other than accept his fate?

“Master David, the method you mentioned before is still feasible. We can make Master Azul swear by his family’s reputation that he will never bring anyone to Star Kingdom for revenge. A big family like the Feather family would care

about reputation very much,” Zenon added.

“Zenon, you’re underestimating a person’s extreme psychology when pursuing revenge. Azul had suffered such a horrible humiliation today, so the next time he returns to Star Kingdom will be when he is ready to vent.”

Azul wanted to refute but he held back after he thought of David’s attitude just now.

“Master David…”

“Okay! I understand what you mean. You are advocating reconciliation, right?”

‘Yes, Master David!” Zenon replied respectfully.

Azul shot Zenon an appreciative look.

If he could leave with his life and return to Star Kingdom next time, he could still take this person in to be his cannon fodder.

“Do you have any other comments?” David asked the other Sacred Saints.

“Master David, I hope to reconcile as well!” It was Grandmaster York of the York family, who spoke this time.

“Two of them vote to reconcile, are there any more?”

“Master David, I think reconciliation is beneficial to both parties.” Vaughn immediately followed.


The other two ended up siding with Zenon as well.

The five Sacred Saint deputy heads of the Saints Association all hoped to reconcile with Azul.

Everyone was thinking about this too simply.

The pressure coming from a level 9 civilization was too strong.

Any Pre-Deity could annihilate Star Kingdom.

If Azul actually brought his people here one day, they would just point their fingers at David.

As long as they handed David, the culprit, over and surrendered, they might still survive.

If the other party wanted revenge, they would be looking for David.

If not, they could also move away from Star Kingdom with their families and take refuge in other places.

Azul was satisfied with the answers of these people.

It seemed that the Feather family in Leila was still a strong deterrent!

Among the Sacred Saints in Star Kingdom who were present, Sid was the only one who did not say anything.

David shifted his gaze to Sid. He wanted to hear his opinion to see if this person was concerned about Star Kingdom or if he only cared about himself like the other five.

“What about you, Lord Sid?” David asked.

Sid took a step forward and said, “Master David, I have a different opinion than them. I think we should kill this person.”

Once he said this, Azul looked at him coldly.

However, Sid ignored him.novelxo

Meanwhile, David’s interest was piqued.

He finally heard a different suggestion.


“Even if we ask him to swear by his family name, it won’t work. We can’t go to Leila, and we also don’t know how the other forces in Leila ever learn about this place. Plus, this person is always going back on his word, so the chances of him returning with his people after he heads back will be more than 90%. Therefore, I think we should kill him.”

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