I am a quadrillionarire chapter 2100

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 2100-Fortunately, the damage was minimized, so no substantial damage was done.

Immediately afterward, David’s other two clones also reached him.

Azul caught the Ice Soul Excalibur and the white light it emitted with his right hand that was enveloped by the Blue Light, completely stopping it in its tracks.

Azul’s hands were tied.

Therefore, when the Void Punch came from behind, he had to use his body and the Blue Light’s defense to resist it.


The Void Punch landed heavily on the middle of Azul’s back.


Even though Azul’s body had begun to transform from the Saint’s body to the Divine body, coupled with the defense of his innate skill the Blue Light, he still suffered serious injuries, causing him to spray out a mouthful of blood.

After all, the one who attacked him with all his strength was a partial Pre-Deity.

Moreover, Void Punch was not an unknown move.

The first round of attacks by the three clones had a positive outcome.

Originally, David thought that the three clones’ sneak attack could cause extremely serious injuries to Azul even if they could not achieve a one-hit kill.

Unexpectedly, Azul suddenly experienced an explosion of energy and only suffered one hit.

His injury was far less severe than imagined, which caused David to lament.

The people from a level 9 civilization were so different, and they had endless techniques.

The two sneak attacks with more attackers failed to kill Azul.

At this time, Azul had a ferocious expression on his face and there was also blood on the corner of his mouth.

Outsiders only saw that he resisted the sneak attacks of the three partial Pre-Deities, but they did not know how much he suffered.

Aside from his injuries, the most important thing was that he had cast Soul Blaze, which led to a sharp decrease in his soul power.

Everyone knew that soul power was the most important thing, and it was also the most difficult trait to cultivate.

When all the soul power was burned out, Azul would lose his life.

The sneak attack was almost instantaneous.

David was very dissatisfied with this, but he would not stop here. What he wanted was Azul’s life.

As the saying went, there was strength in numbers. Not to mention he was only using three of his clones now, so he was still free and was ready to strike at any time.

When the clones’ first round of attack was blocked, the second round of attacks followed.

The clone holding the God of Thunder Hammer slammed down on the God of Thunder Hammer with his left hand, increasing the power behind it.

The clone behind Azul decided to use Air Crushing Slap after using the Void Punch.

Meanwhile, the clone that was holding the Ice Soul Excalibur also cast the Air Crushing Slap with his left hand and slammed it down on Azul’s chest.

This time, Azul had no chance to resist.

Azul’s chest and back suffered two Air Crushing Slaps, one in front and one in the back.

Just like that, the four figures stood still in the air.

Azul was in the middle, and he was surrounded by three figures.

David’s main form frowned.

He could feel a huge Divine Power brewing inside Azul through his clone.

The two Air Crushing Slaps failed to cause too much damage to his internal organs, and they were not even as effective as the previous sneak attack.

Even David was shocked by such a difficult opponent.

Was it so difficult to kill a guy who had been asleep for a million years, just woken up, and had not recovered to his best condition?

If that were the case, what about other people in level 9 civilization?

Wouldn’t they be more difficult to deal with?

David felt a little fear of Leila, the level 9 civilization in his heart.novelxo

This was the first time David felt fear after coming from Earth, a civilization that was less than level 1, and going to the Milky Way, a level 3 civilization, and now Star Kingdom, a level 7 civilization.

Even though he would feel pressure after arriving in a new environment, it never felt like this.

He dispatched three clones, but after two sneak attacks, they still could not kill Azul.

It made David wonder if a partial Pre-Deity was the weakest existence in Leila, the level 9 civilization.

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