I am a quadrillionarire chapter 2127

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 2127-It was a relatively rough road to go from Crow City to Nightingale City

The road was built halfway up the mountain, so there were cliffs all around it.

When the Nacht family’s team was halfway through, the road ahead was suddenly blocked.

A huge boulder weighing hundreds of tons blocked the middle of the road.

It looked as if it had fallen from above.

The first carriage stopped in front of the boulder, and then, the dozens of carriages behind it also stopped.

Beanie, who was resting with her eyes in the luxurious carriage, opened her eyes.

“Why did we stop? Nas, Niv, go and see what’s going on.”

‘Yes, Aunt Beanie!”

After the two answered, they got off the carriage and walked forward quickly.

Shortly after, they returned to the carriage.

“Aunt Beanie, a boulder fell ahead and is blocking our way,” Nas said.

‘A boulder is blocking the way?’

Beanie frowned, feeling something was amiss.

Fortunately, the two elders escorted the Silver Flood Dragon and had gone the other way.

“Come on, let’s go and take a look.”

After Beanie finished speaking, she got off the carriage and brought Nas and Nivia to the front of the team.

As she looked at the boulder in front of her, she knew that something was not right.

Although the road had been built halfway up the mountain to minimize distance and travel time, some stones would often fall from the top to block the middle of the road, but there had never been such a huge boulder before.

Beanie, who was just about to cross the boulder to inspect the situation on the other side, suddenly felt something.

Immediately, she yelled, “Nas, Niv, back away quickly!”

After she said that…


The boulder in front of her suddenly exploded.

Countless pieces of gravel were sent flying all over the sky.

One of the rocks, which weighed at least ten tons, flew towards the three of them.

Beanie went up to the rock and slapped it with her palm.


The rock split again.

Beanie was also pushed backward by the force of the recoil.

During this process, she carried Nas and Nivia back quickly with one of them in each arm.

After the boulder exploded, a group of men in black appeared from both the back and front, blocking the Nacht family’s team on the road halfway up the mountain.

“Everyone, the Nacht family is in trouble! Please help! After we get through this, everyone’s rewards will be doubled!” Beanie shouted.

The sneak attack came too suddenly.

Even though she was vigilant, she could not help feeling flustered.

The enemy must have come prepared.

Actually, Beanie did not even need to speak.

When they heard the boulder exploding, all the adventurers jumped out of the carriages, ready to fight.

They were hired to help others get rid of troubles, so as professional escorts, the adventurers still had some basic ethics.

Besides, they had no choice but to fight as the enemy would not let them go.

David was digesting what he heard about The Spirit Cage from the men when a loud explosion startled him.

Immediately afterward, all seven adventurers in the carriage jumped down.

David took his time. He got up and tidied his clothes before slowly walking out of the carriage.

To be honest, these adventurers were no different from ordinary people to him.

Even if the luxuriously dressed guys he saw in the plaza were better than these adventurers, it was not by much.

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