I am a quadrillionarire chapter 2128

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 2128-David did not know how strength was divided in The Spirit Cage.

He only knew that his strength would depend on the strength of his mind power.

In other words, the stronger one’s mind power in the real world, the stronger the strength in The Spirit Cage.

In terms of mind power, David figured that no one would be his opponent.

Even when he was an Eternal Realm beginner Ruler Ranker, his mind power could help him survive an attack by Saint Nek.

Late Sovereign Ranker Celeste’s mind power was like a drain in front of an ocean when it was in front of David. They were at completely different levels.

David’s mind power was even more powerful than a Saint’s when he was in Eternal Realm.

This proved how strong David’s mind power was.

In The Spirit Cage, the little snake that he punched to death at random was an extremely terrifying overlord-level beast to the people here.

David was no fool.

On the contrary, he was very smart and his IQ was also high.

Although he just came to The Spirit Cage not long ago, he could already tell from the subtle cues that the combat power of The Spirit Cage was much lower than that of the real world.

He felt that even if his strength was not the greatest in The Spirit Cage, it would not be far behind.

Therefore, when facing the so-called danger of The Spirit Cage, David was not bothered at all.

He would not feel flustered and nervous like other adventurers.

The only ones who could pose a threat to him were probably the top figures of The Spirit Cage who lived in the main cities.

After stepping off the carriage, the two waves of men in black who just appeared at the front and rear had already begun to fight with the employer’s guards and the adventurers.

The guards were responsible for the front while the adventurers were responsible for the back.

The men in black were obviously well-trained, and the employer’s guards could barely hold on. On the other hand, the adventurers were beaten so badly that they were gradually retreating.

David did not help them.

There were rules in the real world and The Spirit Cage.

This kind of thing happened countless times every day, so how could he stop it all?

Moreover, David had not yet controlled his power well, so if he made a rash move, it would cause a big commotion. By then, he would definitely become the focus of attention.

He just came to The Spirit Cage, and he did not want to stand out yet, so it would be better to keep a low profile.

When he was about to go back to the carriage, one of the men in black noticed David looking lost next to the carriage after he had dealt with his opponent. He grinned grimly and rushed over with a knife in his hand to attack David.

David dodged slightly to avoid the knife. Then, he raised his right hand, bent his middle finger against his thumb, and flicked his finger at the forehead of the man in black.


Before the man in black could react, he felt dizzy. After that, his entire body soared into the air, spun a few times, and finally hit the mountain wall. He died immediately.

David looked at the dead man in black in front of him speechlessly.

He had already used very little force, but unexpectedly, it was still too much.

He had to be gentler next time.

When he looked around, he realized that, fortunately, everyone was fighting so no one noticed him. Otherwise,

David did not know what expressions they would have after seeing him killing someone with a flick of his finger.

The battle was almost one-sided.

The guards in front could not handle the men in black who came prepared.

At the same time, the adventurers continued to die in the rear.

David figured he could not let this continue.

After the men in black dealt with the guards and adventurers, it would be his turn.

Hence, he bent down and picked up a piece of gravel, put it in the palm of his hand, and squeezed it gently. The gravel then broke into many small stones that were smaller than rice grains.

When David saw one of the men in black gaining the upper hand, he would throw one of the stones at them quietly.

The person he killed would die without even knowing what hit him.

‘Why did the opponent suddenly die?*

Since the stones were too small, it was difficult to see the wounds from the outside, and everyone thought that the enemy just suddenly fell ill.

As the small stones in David’s hand continued to fly out, the result of the battle began slowly changing.

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