I am a quadrillionarire chapter 2130

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 2130-“Kid, open your damn eyes and take a good look at the people around you who have participated in the batrtle. Which one of them doesn’t have any damage on their body? How many of them are still clean and tidy? Who are you trying to fool?” Nas scoffed.

They just got sneak attacked and fortunately, he was saved by Aunt Beanie.

He was still in shock when he saw another adventurer who looked like he came from a rich family standing there watching the battle uninterestedly.

As an employer, how could Nas tolerate this kind of person who refused to work after taking the money and only wanted to enjoy himself?

David frowned upon hearing that.

If it had not been for him, the situation would never have turned for the better.

The men in black would continue to gain ground, and it would not be long before they won the battle.

However, David was being scolded even after he helping turn the tides.

Anyone would feel a little pissed about this.

“Who said that one must be disheveled after fighting in a battle?” David asked back.

“You…” Nas was stunned speechless.

The young woman beside him, Nivia, remained silent, but her eyes fell on David curiously.

Judging by David’s appearance, he did not look like an adventurer struggling at the bottom of society at all.

“Although you are an employer, you can’t accuse me groundlessly and twist the facts. What you see may not be the truth. Not everyone will panic and get scared out of their wits when an emergency happens just like yourself. As men, we must first learn to be calm.” David added salt to the injury.

“You… Are you going to rebel against me, you pink? Listen closely, from now on, we won’t give you another penny.

Hurry up and…”


Before Nas could finish speaking, he was interrupted by a loud noise.

A carriage not far from them was smashed by something.

The three looked over immediately.

“Cough cough cough!”

A figure slowly climbed up from the ruins of the carriage, coughing continuously.

When the smoke cleared, they realized that the person who had smashed into the carriage was Beanie, the manager of the Nacht family.

“Aunt Beanie!”

Nas and Nivia yelled and ran over to support Beanie.

The two were shocked.

Aunt Beanie was the strongest person sent by the Nacht family this time. If even Aunt Beanie was injured, who else would be the enemy’s opponent?

Could they still escape?

“Aunt Beanie, are you okay?” Nivia asked worriedly.

“Aunt Beanie, how are you doing?” Nas asked as well.

“I… Cough cough… I’m fine!” Beanie replied, coughing.

“How are you okay? You’re bleeding!” Nivia sobbed.

There was indeed blood dripping from the corner of Beanie’s mouth.

Seeing this, Nas became nervous.

“It’s okay! It’s nothing!”

After Beanie finished speaking, she looked ahead of her.

On top of a carriage not far away stood two masked men in black.

One of them was Linus from the Chez family.

Beanie did not know who the other one was, but that person just snuck up on her, which caused her to be injured.

Otherwise, Linus alone would never be her opponent.

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