I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 574

I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 574

One hour later…

David felt that enough time had passed.

Thus, he pushed the door open and walked in while the Luther siblings hurried in after him.

Old Master Luther opened his eyes when he heard the door opening. His complexion was visibly different from before.

As David removed the silver needles from Old Master Luther’s body, he asked, “Old Master Luther! How do you feel?”

“Much better! Thank you, David!” Old Master Luther said.

Although he had just regained his consciousness, he could tell that David had saved him.

He had not expected the gamble he made several months ago to be right.

Moreover, it had paid itself off so quickly.

A wave of emotions washed over Old Master Luther.

“No need for any formalities, Old Master Luther! It’s all part of my responsibility!”

When David finished speaking, he turned to Charles and Sandy as he said, “Old Master Luther is still weak, so you should hurry and say whatever you have to say now! Let him rest as much as possible and prepare a concoction for him to drink every four hours. He should fully recover in three days.”

“Thank you! Dave!” Sandy said as she sobbed.

“Thank you!” Charles said.

“You guys can take the rest of this time to talk! i’ll take my leave first!”

David left the ward once he finished speaking. At this moment, Tom jolted back to his senses and hurried after David.

He had been staring at them dazedly.

David had really managed to save Old Master Luther’s life?

This was incredible!

He and several other experts had all sentenced Old Master Luther to death.

His skills were fantastic!

If he had not witnessed everything himself, he would not have believed that anyone could have managed to save Old Master Luther’s life.

Over the next three days.

David spent virtually all his time at River City Hospital.

Old Master Luther needed to take his medication every four hours, which meant he could only catch a quick break whenever Old Master Luther finished the concoction.

As for Old Master Luther, he felt better after every time he finished taking his medication.

His complexion became better, and his health was slowly recovering…

Three days later…

Old Master Luther had made a full recovery by the time David handed him his medicine for the last time.

Charles had also been discharged by now.

When he returned to the Luther household, he did as David had instructed and began sending invitations to all the powerful individuals in South River province so they could begin making preparations for Old Master Luther’s 80th birthday.

Old Master Luther’s recovery meant that the Luther family, which had been about to fall apart at the seams, managed to steady their foothold again for the time being.

However, if the Greg family and the Nichols family continued eyeing the Luther family hungrily, they would soon be done for.

After all, they were facing such a powerful enemy this time. No one in the entire South River province was powerful enough to stop them, including Cade, the cabinet minister of South River province.

While sending the invitations, Charles did as David had instructed and divulged a piece of information inside them.

He informed them that Old Master Luther would be forming a coalition with all the powerful families who attended his 80th birthday party. Together, they would discuss how to fight back against the Greg family and the Nichols family.

If they did not join forces and fight back, other families would be next in line after the Luther family was defeated.

Without any means to fight back, they would all be progressively annexed.

The only way they could halt the Greg family and Nichols family from making any further progress was to join forces. If not, everyone in South River province would soon end up sharing the same last name as members of the Nichols family.





The Luther family was the most high-ranking in South River City. Moreover, it was also amongst the most high-ranking families in South River province.

Despite the Luther family’s decline in power due to Old Master Luther’s old age and lack of an immediate successor in the younger generation, the fact that he was alive meant that the Luther family still held a significant amount of power.

The families who received an invitation all penned enthusiastic responses and indicated they would be attending

The powerful families of South River province were now all standing by and watching the drama unfold.

The Greg family had found a powerful ally to rely on, and they had started causing trouble in South River City.

If the Greg family managed to gain control of South River City, the battle would soon spread across the entire South River province.

By then, many hidden sects and families had also started to join in. Everyone was intimately interdependent, and they decided they needed to join forces to fight back against the hidden families and sects.

David returned to South River International Residence after he had finished healing Old Master Luther. The past three days had exhausted him, and he needed to take a good, long break.

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