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I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 575

I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 575

There was nothing much left for him to do after that. All he had to do was wait.

There was nothing he needed to prepare for, either!

All he had to do was make an appearance on the day of Old Master Luther’s birthday party.

It was just the Nichols family.

Who cared if they had a peak Dragon Ranjer?

They were just trashy characters. No matter how many of them came, it would mean nothing when a God Rank guardian like him was present.

After resting for two days and regaining his energy, David made preparations to leave South River International Residence and meet Cade, the cabinet minister of South River Province, for a quick chat.

Not only did the Nichols family want to control River City, but they even wanted to control the entirety of South River Province. Was he, the cabinet minister of South River Province, going to ignore it all?

In that case, what was the point of having him as the cabinet minister?

This land belonged to Somerland.

It did not matter if you were from an all-powerful family or an all-powerful sect. Even if they were as powerful as a dragon or a tiger, they had to keep a low profile.

If Cade Nelson was going to ignore things…

Then he, David Lidell, would take care of it!

David located his Bugatti Veyron, which he had not driven for several months, and drove out of South River International Residence.

He drove his car to a car-wash center nearby.

It immediately caused an uproar at the car-wash center.

Indeed, this car was rather showy.

To be honest, David did not prefer driving cars like these now.

He preferred to keep a lower profile.

After all, he was already well-known enough.

Moreover, he needed to gradually grow out of and shed his identity as one of the nouveau riche.

In today’s society, those who held actual power always kept low profiles.

Once the car wash finished, David drove off as the employees watched jealously from the sidelines.

Soon, he arrived at the cabinet minister’s office.

Cade usually worked here.

When he entered through the cabinet minister’s office front door, the guard did not even dare stop him upon noticing the car he drove.

He was terrified since the car belonged to some young master.

Things would be fine if they had a good temper.

If they had a bad temper, the best-case scenario was that he would be scolded. However, he might even end up losing his job.

There were no hitches in David’s journey as he drove up to the cabinet minister’s office building and parked his car.

After David finished parking his car, he walked into the building.

The minute he walked in, a youngster sitting by the entrance walked up to him.

“Sir, may I know who you are looking for?”.

“I’m looking for Cade Nelson!” David replied.

“M- Mr. Nelson?” The other person asked hesitantly.


“May I know who you are?”

“I’m his friend!”

“Please wait a moment.”

The youngster walked back to his post and made a phone call.

“Mr. Campbell! There’s someone here who wants to meet Mr. Nelson!”

“Alright, got it! Goodbye, Mr. Campbell!”

The young man turned to look towards David after he finished speaking.

“Sorry, sir! Mr. Nelson is in a meeting now. May I know what your name is? I’ll help you make a reservation. And please write down your number here. I will phone you once your reservation is made.”

David frowned when he heard that and asked, “Which floor is Cane on?”

“Sir. Mr. Nelson is in a meeting now, and he cannot meet you now. Please do not put me in a tough position.”

David could not be bothered to talk to him any longer. His mind power was fully activated as he walked upstairs,

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