In love, never say never chapter 1281-1282-1283-1284-1285

When the man heard them approaching, he turned back to look. Out of desperation, he forced himself to stand and glared viciously at Emery. Reaching into the pocket of his suit, he took out a plastic bottle.

Before we could react, he quickly opened the bottle and threw its contents toward Emery’s face. “Die, you b*tches!”

Emery covered me and ducked, but her heel was trapped by a crack on the payment, causing her leg to buckle. Losing our balance, both of us fell backward together.

At that exact moment, I could see traces of liquid streaking through the air. After which, Emery threw herself around to protect me from it.

“Be careful!


As the liquid hit her back, Emery’s grimacing expression struck me to the core.

“Emery!” She collapsed into my arms with her face reddened from the excruciating pain.

When the man realized his job was done, he dropped the bottle and fled immediately.

The bodyguards rushed over, carried Emery away, and provided me cover to leave the place. Naturally, a police report had also been made.

At the hospital, the doctor’s initial diagnosis was that she had been burned by sulfuric acid. The large swathe of skin on her back that was burned would likely not be able to grow back.

Ashton was the first to call. At that moment, I was sitting at the entrance of the operating theater oblivious to the ringing of my phone. It wasn’t until the bodyguard reminded me of it that I answered the call.

“Why did you take so long to pick up?” Ashton sounded exasperated. Despite not seeing him in person, I could still feel how concerned he was.

“I’m sorry, Emery is still in the operating theater. I was just feeling too anxious about her,” I replied in a dejected tone.

It was natural for girls to enjoy flaunting their bodies. Emery had a good figure with flawless skin. Hence, she loved wearing revealing outfits that expose her shoulders and back. But now, she would never get to wear her favorite clothes anymore. Life is just too cruel to her.

The more frightening thought was that the man was actually aiming for her face. What sort of bad blood between them would cause him to commit such a heinous attack?

On the other side of my worries was my fear. I was afraid that I was the cause of the incident and also afraid that I had burdened someone else before my death.

“Scarlett.” Ashton’s tone suddenly changed. Its steadiness emanated a power that was able to calm my heart. “Believe me, it has nothing to do with you. That man isn’t one of Armond’s.”

The moment he read my mind, the tears that I had been holding back gushed out instantly. Holding my phone tightly, I cried like a child.

Ashton didn’t say another word until I managed to calm down. I heard his deep voice over the line again. “John and the Moore family’s men will arrive soon. Try and recall exactly what happened and explain it to them quickly. It will make it easier for them to catch the perpetrator. Can you do that?”

I gritted my teeth. “Yes.”

When the men arrived, I began to carefully recount what had just happened.

I had learned my lesson from previous mistakes where we allowed our enemies to succeed because we didn’t seize the initiative. This time, I wasn’t going to allow the perpetrator to go off scot-free.

Emery was mostly someone genial despite the occasional temper tantrum. Furthermore, the Moore family didn’t have many enemies. Hence, one could count with one hand the suspects that hated Emery so much that they wanted to disfigure her.


Just when I was describing the attacker, John arrived at the operating theater. After scrutinizing me for injuries, he heaved a sigh of relief when he found none.

Shortly after, Cameron and Zachary rushed over. After briefly explaining to them what happened, Zachary took charge and ordered all the Moore family bodyguards to capture the perpetrator.

Four hours later, Emery was moved to a normal ward.

She was already awake. But due to the injuries on her back, she could only lie on her side with the support of some equipment.

“Why are you here?” Emery was never close to Zachary. Hence, she resented the fact that she had to face them in her miserable condition.

“There’s no need to be edgy, we’re family after all.” Zachary’s expression was both solemn and authoritative. When he saw Emery turn pale, he softened his tone with a sigh. “You and I have never been good at following instructions. To have married someone I never knew and start a family, it shows that both of us are inherently free spirits. Hence, we should be treasuring and looking out for one another instead. Do you plan to never acknowledge me as your bother for the rest of your life?”

In love, never say never chapter 1282

For someone as headstrong as Zachary who only bowed to Cameron, he had demonstrated his sincerity with his humble attitude toward Emery.

Despite her stubborn character, Emery wasn’t an ungrateful person. Although she didn’t respond, her expression softened and was no longer as distant.

“Have you caught the man who threw the acid?” Emery suddenly changed topics.

For someone as courageous as her, worrying about capturing the perpetrator right after the anesthetic had worn off was considered nothing. In fact, if there was ever a need, she could even get off the bed right after childbirth.

Given how smart she was, she would likely have a better grasp of the situation than I did. I figured that she had already guessed who the perpetrator was before the operation was even completed.

“You shouldn’t concern yourself about the man. I will ensure whoever is responsible pays for what they have done,” Zachary declared angrily.

“Don’t.” Frowning, Emery looked conflicted. “This is my problem, and I will deal with it myself.”

“Deal with it yourself?” Zachary was skeptical. “You wouldn’t be lying here if you had managed to deal with it properly. You are too soft-hearted, so stay out of it this time.”

Just when Emery wanted to protest, the sudden surge of emotions cause her to tear her wound. She grimaced in response, gritting her teeth.

“Emery knows what to do, so let’s just listen to her. Watch over that man first. Once she has rested for two days, she can decide what to do with him,” I interjected.

As a woman, I could understand her obstinance. No matter how detached a person was, one could never escape being tormented by love.

Despite her sullen expression, Emery struggled to protest further.

After glancing at me and looking back at her, Zachary finally relented. “Alright, for the time being, just focus on getting better, then. No matter how you intend to punish those responsible, just know that the Moore family will stand by your decision. So don’t worry.”

“Thank you.” Emery painstakingly murmured as sweat broke out on her forehead.

Three days later, worried that the Moore family would starve the perpetrator to death, Emery demanded to be discharged.

Although this was their family matter and I shouldn’t be involved, Emery insisted that I stay by her side. Despite not knowing the reason for it, I agreed to her request. After all, she needed someone to take care of her as she was still struggling to walk properly.

In the living hall, Zachary and Cameron were seated in the center. After I helped Emery to her seat, the bodyguard brought the culprits in.

After having not seen him for a few days, Hunter no longer looked like the gentleman he once was. His clothes were wrinkled while his face was covered with bruises. It was a pathetic sight. As for Delilah, she didn’t change much other than being in a daze after having been imprisoned for the past few days.

“Emery, are you alright?” When he saw her, Hunter looked as if he was very concerned, which caused Delilah to give him the side-eye.

As Emery’s wounds had yet to fully recover, she wasn’t supposed to move unnecessarily. However, at that moment, she straightened her posture. Putting on a calm yet indifferent expression, she looked as if she wasn’t hurt at all.

Only I was aware of how hard she was clenching her fist that was hidden away by her side. It was evident how excruciatingly painful tearing the wound on her back must have felt.

Ignoring Hunter, she stared coldly at Delilah, “Why did you do this?”

“I should be the one asking you instead.” After being imprisoned for three days, it only caused Delilah’s rage to swell as she glared angrily back at Emery.

Emery’s face remained expressionless as she asked again, “Fine. Tell me, then, what have I done to you?”

Seemingly undecided on who to side with, Hunter tugged at Delilah’s sleeve, hoping to persuade her to back down.

“Sure I’ll tell you.” Shaking off his hand, Delilah took a step forward.

“I know that it’s my fault for stealing Hunter away. Hence, I was ready to accept any form of punishment you intended to mete out. However, of all the things you could have done, you chose to punish my family who was innocent. My dad was only one year away from retirement but you used your connections to have him fired. After being dealt with such a devastating blow, he fell sick and is still lying in the hospital. As for my brother, who is a successful and highly sought-after professor overseas, he couldn’t find a job after returning home. Other than you, who else has the power and influence to do such a thing?”

In love, never say never chapter 1283

Although what happened to Delilah’s family was a shame, her actions of trying to disfigure and kill Emery were even crueler.

Even if Emery really did all that, all this wouldn’t have started if Delilah hadn’t stolen Hunter from her.

“It appears you have no idea how powerful the Moore family is given that you dared to hire someone to splash acid when only two of your family members have been laid off. I would have wiped out your family if anything had happened to Emery.” Having been silent throughout, Zachary glared at Delilah. It was rare for someone as aloof as him to display such ferocity.

“Hah…” Delilah sneered. “I don’t understand what you’re saying. I only know that the illustrious Emery resorted to unscrupulous means to destroy my happiness despite having agreed to break up in peace. If word gets out that she is such a venomous person, I’m afraid the Moore family’s reputation would be badly affected.”

“Hunter, it seems that you really have good taste in women!” Unable to stand it anymore, I gritted my teeth and interrupted.

After hurting Emery to this extent, Delilah still dared to act with such defiance. She has definitely outdone Rebecca in making one feel indignant. Besides, isn’t her so-called happiness stolen from Emery in the first place?

Realizing that he was also to blame, Hunter hung his head in shame without saying a word. All he did was shirk away from the situation.

If only Emery had known him better then, she wouldn’t have fallen for him in the beginning.

“Do you think that just by hiring someone desperate you can wash your hands clean of the matter?” Emery might be soft-hearted, but I wasn’t. “Since we have captured him, I have my ways of making him talk. Assault alone would earn him three years of prison. With the Moore family’s influence, it would easily be extended to ten years. As for being the mastermind, you should prepare yourself to spend your best years in prison.”

Delilah’s beauty was her trump card. By sending her to prison, she would always remember that there was a price to pay for harming someone indiscriminately.

When she saw how firm I was, she began to panic and averted her gaze from me.

“Let her go, please.” Hunter suddenly pleaded, “She’s pregnant, after all. Let’s all just take a step back.”


No wonder Emery’s divorce was completed with such haste. This explained everything.

“Hunter, how dare you!” Furrowing his eyebrows intensely, Zachary’s expression was extremely grave. “I thought that you broke up with Emery because both of you were incompatible. But now, it’s obvious that you’re just a scumbag!”

Zachary had always been extremely devoted to Cameron. Fiercely loyal, he never thought of anything else other than spending the rest of his life together with her. Hence, he viewed Hunter’s infidelity with contempt.

Pursing his lips, Hunter looked at Zachary and gritted his teeth in shame. Thereafter, he turned toward Emery and sighed. “Emery, I am the one that caused all this. You can blame me and hate me. But Delilah is right. Her family is innocent. The two of you have each made mistakes. Since we have broken up, can you let this matter slide on account of Xavier?”

“Xavier?” Emery smirked. “It seems you have forgotten that you abandoned him for another child.”

Hunter didn’t expect Emery to be so calm. Briefly stunned, he was suddenly at a loss for words.

Indeed, Emery was more composed than I had expected. As she shifted her eyes in Delilah’s direction, she seemed to be looking at her listlessly. “With regards to your accusations, do you have any proof?”

Just as she spoke, everyone was stunned.

Given how sure Delilah sounded, everyone assumed that Emery did everything she had alleged. But after giving it some thought, it seemed that there might be another possibility.

“You accuse me of causing your father to be sacked and your brother to not be able to secure a job. You claim that I did all these behind the scenes as revenge for you stealing my man. Unfortunately, you don’t know me at all. It’s as my brother has said. If I wanted to harm you, I wouldn’t have just caused your family to lose their jobs. In fact, I would have done it openly and you would not have any doubts as to who is exacting revenge.”

In love, never say never chapter 1284

Pausing for a moment, Emery shifted her gaze toward Hunter. “It seems that I have overestimated the relationship we once shared given that you can tolerate Delilah’s violent actions. I consider myself to have been blind in the past. From now onward, there is nothing left of our so-called relationship.”

Furrowing his eyebrows, it was apparent that Hunter was shocked.

“Impossible!” Delilah reacted with greater defiance. “Other than you, our family doesn’t have any other powerful enemies. You are just making excuses!”

“Delilah!” Overwhelmed with shame, Hunter stopped her.

“Did I say anything wrong? Hunter, you couldn’t clean up your own mess because you didn’t want to stain your reputation as a professor. So, I had to do it for you. But look at you now! In the midst of me being bullied by your ex, you choose to lecture me instead? I am now beginning to doubt whether your feelings for me are true.” Outraged, Delilah switched the focus of her anger right in front of us.

It seemed that she wasn’t very smart, she was oblivious to the fact that the Moore Residence wasn’t the place for her own family squabbles.

“I don’t care whether your feelings for each other are true. Delilah, take a good look at the lawyer representing me.” Emery glance at me before adding plainly, “Be prepared to hear from my lawyer. Since you dare challenge me, I will gladly play your game to your heart’s content.”

Given Emery’s stature, she could hire any top lawyer in the city she wanted. Handing the task to me was just her way of being polite.

As for me, I just wanted to use the opportunity to scare Delilah.

After hesitating for a split second, I collected myself and smiled slightly, “That’s right, Ms. Delilah Perkins. Let me introduce myself again. I, Scarlett Stovall, am a lawyer from Stovall Law Firm. From this moment on, I will represent Ms. Emery Moore in this assault-related case. You will be hearing from my firm soon. As this will be my first case as a lawyer, it will be a wonderful opportunity for me to demonstrate my prowess. So don’t expect me to show you any mercy.”

Hiding malice behind a smile was a necessary skill every lawyer practiced. Obviously, I am now one of them.

Realizing that there was no way she could escape a few years of prison, Delilah’s face turned pale. Just as her knees buckled, she lost her balance and collapsed into Hunter’s arms.

“Scarlett, you have been pregnant before and know that emotional shock is bad for pregnant mothers. Why do you need to frighten her?” Hunter was upset.

As all the goodwill I felt toward him had long since dissipated, I was further angered at the sight of Hunter defending Delilah.

“If a pregnant lady can’t take the shock, should a burn victim take it then? Do you know that when the acid came into contact with Emery, she fainted immediately? After an operation that lasted hours, do you even know that she has been unable to sleep properly for the last few days?”

During such times, men could be so tactless to utter such ridiculous words.

I used to feel that Hunter was someone attentive. But now, it seemed that he will indiscriminately protect any woman by his side, regardless of who she was. The one person he truly loved was himself.

Triggered by my words, Emery, who was silent for a long while, let out a deep sigh. She then asked, “Hunter, you clearly know me very well. I would never deny something that I had done. Now, do you believe me when I tell you that I had nothing to do with what happened to Delilah’s family?”

Hunter took a deep breath before replying solemnly, “I believe you.”

When Delilah, who was leaning against him, heard his reply, she wanted to protest further. However, he held her back with all his strength.

“Good.” Emery smirked as she shifted her gaze to her front as if she was talking to no one. “In that case, I’ll take this as an admission on your part that I have never done anything to harm you. Hence, this matter solely revolves around Delilah plotting the assault. Based on that, I will seek justice for what she has done.”

“How can you do this!” Delilah objected. Her dejected expression from just a moment ago had now turned into one of anger. She scowled, “This is just a misunderstanding. And yet, you insist on destroying us!”

In love, never say never chapter 1285

By now, I couldn’t be bothered to curse at Delilah’s preposterous words.

“Take them outside,” I ordered the bodyguards. “Without my permission, never let them in again.”

The moment I finished, the bodyguard dragged them away and threw them out.

Once they left, the living hall fell silent.

Very quickly, Emery lost her strength and could only support herself by grabbing onto the sofa. As cold sweat broke out on her forehead, she panted heavily to catch her breath. I sympathized with her but there was little else I could do except watching over her quietly.

Given what a proud person she was, her pride would never let her show any weakness.

After I returned home from the Moore Residence, my mood was down in the dumps. I then spent my time playing with the children.

Having sat for a while, I naturally gave Ashton a call.

He answered quickly but his tone was indifferent. “Hello.”

“When are you coming over?” I asked as I shook the babies to sleep listlessly.

“Where are you?” Ashton was economical with his words, as usual.

“The Stovall residence.” I raised my voice on purpose as if to remind him, “Didn’t you say you wanted to taste my cooking? Coincidentally, I cooked today. Are you sure you don’t want to come?”

After a brief silence, Ashton’s voice rang out again. “Scarlett, are you trying to get on my good side?”

Sometimes, it wasn’t a good thing when a man was simply too smart.

Biting my lip, I avoided his question. “Uncle Louis and John are back. We will start dinner soon if you’re not coming.”

“Haha…” Ashton chuckled in delight which was a sign that we had made peace. “I won’t be able to make it back tonight as I have another appointment that I can’t miss. You guys just go on ahead. And next time, you should cook for me alone instead.”

“In your dreams! There’s not going to be a next time.”

After ending the call, my mind was finally put at ease.

Evidently, just knowing that someone was there was enough to comfort one’s soul.

Emery had always been a forthright person. As such, I knew that she won’t be letting Delilah off since she had declared that she would seek justice. Despite being her lawyer, I didn’t have any experience of going to court. Hence, I sought out Brooklyn’s help to involve me in several similar trials so that I could gain some experience in court.

After watching one of the trials in court for the whole day, the sky was already dark when I left.

Getting into the car, I checked my phone and was about to reply to John’s message when a news notification popped up.

As it had been a long and dreary day, I wanted something to cure my boredom, so I tapped on the news out of curiosity.

Once the page loaded, I saw Ashton’s picture appear right before my eyes.

It came with the title: President of Ziegler Investment Rumored to Be In a Romantic Relationship With Fuller Corporation President.

When I read the headline, I couldn’t help but raise my eyebrows in surprise.

Previously, I had heard Ashton talk about the Ziegler family. The president of Ziegler Investments was naturally Mitchell’s elder sister, Thora.

After reading the article, I realized the reason Ashton declined my invitation last night was that he and Thora were attending a dinner organized by a construction material merchant. As the reporters managed to get a good angle, both of them looked to be deeply in love with each other in the pictures, as if they were made for each other.

Upon closer inspection, however, one could see that there was no physical contact between them. Even when they were whispering to each other, the gap between them was still wide enough for an entire person to fit in.

Reading too much into unfounded rumors was just a waste of time. Coincidentally, John was calling and I subsequently put the matter at the back of my mind.

During dinner, John and Emma even joked about the matter, but I quickly shut them up by snapping at them.

Rumors do not get past the wise. Hence, I only believed in Ashton’s words and my observations of his actions.

Just before I went to bed, Ashton gave me a call. “Aren’t you even a little curious as to what my relationship with Thora is?”

Putting down the legal document I was holding, I picked up my phone and switched it to a video call. Right after Ashton accepted it, I saw that he was still in the office despite the ungodly hour.

I replied with a smile, “Since you personally crippled her brother’s hands, how far do you think both of you can go in a relationship?”

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