In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1391

His sharp words caused Tiffany’s expression to turn sour. “They’re my niece and nephew. Why can’t I see them? Do you have to behave like this, Ashton? We’re a family!”

I wondered if Nicolas would say the same. After all, the man was so cold-blooded. Simone looked at the kids in anticipation, and all of a sudden, all eyes were on Ashton, waiting for a satisfactory answer.

I knew I had to act quickly before they did anything to him.

Simone would be my best bet.

“It’s not like that, Tiffany. Ashton is just worried about the babies.”

I plastered a smile on my face as I headed over to the nanny. I took Gregory, who had started crying the moment he realized he was in a new environment, into my arms. I coaxed the child gently, and he soon quietened down.

“Gregory was abducted right after he was born, so he’s always on edge and very sensitive to his surroundings. He feels safe when he’s close to someone familiar. That’s why Ashton hopes we can all take things slow, but of course, we’re more than happy to let Dad and Mom carry them.”

My words put everyone present in a tight spot because the Hall family members were accountable for what had happened to Gregory. There was no way they could deny what they did.

I carried my child over to Simone’s side, allowing her to look at him. “Mom, meet Gregory.”

As expected, Gregory burst into tears the moment he saw Simone, eliciting a frown on the old couple’s faces.

“It’s okay. You can carry him.” Nicolas quickly added impatiently, “How annoying. Ask the servants to bring them around the house. They should get familiar with this place.”

I breathed a sigh of relief and quickly handed Gregory back to the nanny before I gestured to Joseph to bring the children out for a walk.

Since Nicolas had spoken, Tiffany could only sit down on the couch without playing with the children. Nathaniel, who had been silent all this while, came forward and held out his hand toward Ashton. “Welcome home, Ashton.”

Ashton took a brief look at him and shook his hand grimly.

Their first encounter was rather peaceful. Perhaps what Tiffany said was true. The whole family actually looked forward to Ashton’s homecoming; everyone except for Nicolas, of course.

Just as I was deep in thought, Nathaniel stepped forward. “Dad, since Ashton is back, why not I bring him over to the company to take a look around?”

“Forget it.” Nicolas turned down his second son’s offer crudely as he walked toward the dining hall. “Let’s eat first.”

Nathaniel did not seem even a little disturbed by his father’s attitude. He shrugged his shoulders and followed after the older man. He must have gotten used to Nicolas’ behavior.

I looked at them begrudgingly, wondering how everyone would dine together with this thick tension going on.

Ashton had already calmed himself down when he clasped my hand and pulled me over to the dining room.

The chemistry around the table was awkward beyond measure. Nicolas sat at the host’s seat with his emotionless face while Simone asked the servants to set up the table with a small smile on her face, giving me the impression that she was forcing it.

I stole a look at Ashton, but he did not return my gaze. Instead, he tapped the back of my hand lightly, signaling me to relax.

After some time, Nicolas finally gestured for everyone to start dining.

Nicolas placed a piece of cut steak in his mouth the moment the food was served. Everyone else began digging in at his command without any intention of striking a conversation.

Halfway through the meal, Simone suddenly lifted her head and looked at me with a smile. “Letty, I made you soup earlier on. It will help you strengthen your body. Let me go get it for you.”

Although she was smiling, I was sure she was just putting up a front.

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