In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1395

After a trip around the center, we figured that the main industry on the island was pharmaceutical.

Healthcare was an industry essential to humans both in life and in death. Not only did the Hall family had the manufacturing and sales of drugs covered, but they were also involved in researching. They had the know-how to monopolize the whole industry. I finally understood why an affluent philanthropist like Bill Young would work under them.

We did not come across the poison center the entire morning. The whole production chain was legal, sanitary, and green.

When our group arrived at the last research lab, we bumped into Armond, who was busy inspecting the lab at the time.

“Why are they here, Mr. Hall?” Armond asked coldly without the slightest effort to hide his enmity toward us.

“Oh right, I forgot to tell you. I need you for another project, so just put your current project aside for a while,” Nathaniel answered without much emotion in his voice.

“Put my project aside?” Armond glared at both of us spitefully. “I thought you would know what you’re doing, but it turned out you’re just the same as these two good-for-nothings. Are you really kicking me aside now that your family is happily reunited? I have not forgotten the sufferings the Murphys went through because of your family. I will make sure you guys pay.”

“The Murphys only have themselves to blame. The police would not have something on them if they were truly innocent,” I interrupted.

What I saw at Armond’s villa was still fresh in my memory. They were the ultimate villains on earth. They came in second to no one.

No mother would be able to carry herself with composure when faced with the culprit who abducted her own child. Just as I was about to lambast Armond, Ashton tugged me by my sleeve – he was signaling me to calm down.

“You’ve done enough to us,” Ashton pointed out, looking at Armond right in the eyes and pulling me into his arms. “Since we’re all working for the Hall family, I guess I can put your offenses behind.”

I whipped my head toward Ashton in horror and disbelief.

Armond had been disgruntled when Nicolas took our side yesterday. Is Ashton trying to stoke the man’s anger?

As I anticipated, Armond was vexed. “So you’re saying I have to be grateful to you after losing so much on my end?” he replied sarcastically.

“You don’t have to. I’m not that petty. You simply need to make sure you’ve learned your lessons from our past dealings,” Ashton rebutted coldly with a smile.

John’s ability to insult people seemed to have rubbed off on Ashton. I widened my eyes in shock, unable to believe the words that I had just heard come out from his mouth. My husband could outdo John himself.

A chilling stillness filled the air after Ashton spoke. “More like I’ll teach you a lesson!” Armond cried out as he heaved a punch in full speed at Ashton’s face.

Ashton pulled me backward and stood in front of me instinctively.

Just as the impact was about to reach Ashton, a hand flashed before my eyes and caught Armond’s fist with precision. The next thing I knew, the man was hit on the shoulders and flipped over. His body slammed against the floor in a painful thud.

“Mr. Murphy…”

The many security guards around dared not move a muscle because the person who had attacked Armond was none other than Nathaniel himself.

Armond’s face contorted in agony as he groaned on the ground, but Nathaniel seemed totally unfazed. “We will compensate for all the losses your family suffered. You should know your place here. You have no right to touch anyone from the Hall family,” Nathaniel commented passively as he adjusted his suit.

Armond glared at him in fury from below.

Unlike me, who was completely stunned by Nathaniel’s swift reflexes, Ashton did not seem surprised by it.

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