In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1499

I wasn’t used to thinking for him subconsciously like this but I didn’t want to make this into a huge thing, so I just went with the flow.

Soon, the maid led the guest in.

The moment our eyes met, Thora’s eyes widened as though she had seen a ghost and her brows were furrowed together.

As expected from a lady boss from K City, she managed to sort out her emotions in just a few seconds. After looking around the room, she glanced at Ashton and a laugh escaped her lips. A look of disdain similar to John’s appeared on her face as she said, “I didn’t believe it when I heard the news but I guess it’s true. Who would’ve thought that you actually found a replacement? What a disgrace. She has such an ordinary face but she managed to sweep you off your feet? I have even heard that you resigned as the president of Fuller Corporation today? Do you even know the consequences of doing this?”

Her tone was adamant and it didn’t sound like she was jealous at all.

Thora was always someone who wanted to be the best and was someone who was very business-minded. To her, the love between a man and a woman was no better than the dull love of a family. She was like this six years ago and had not changed.

These remarks were not so much to defend her authority but were rather a kind of motivation.

When Thora found out that our divorce was fake six years ago, she had never bothered us about it. She had the ability to let things go. I believed that she hadn’t changed even after six years had passed.

I walked over and stood before her before saying with a smile, “Let’s talk elsewhere, shall we?”

The woman was wearing a pair of twelve centimeters stilettos and her outfit made her look like she was full of authority in our house. She stared down at me with a disdainful look and said, “Do you think you have the right to do so?”

Upon hearing that, John slammed his bowl on the table as a warning.

However, Thora did not budge and she was still acting all high and mighty.

Instead of being angry, I smiled and asked, “You were a woman who dared to love and hate six years ago, Ms. Ziegler. You blessed someone else’s wedding. Are you going to ruin our marriage now?”

Hearing this, she instantly lowered her gaze at me. Compared to when she entered earlier, the expression in her eyes was even more complicated as she questioned, “You’re still alive?”

Only a handful of people knew the truth about the published news of Thora and Ashton’s breakup. I was sure that she knew very well just who was standing in front of her at that moment.

I smiled but said nothing. Then, I took the lead and walked towards the study on the first floor. She stood rooted to the ground for a moment before finally following me.

I closed the door and got straight to the point, “Ms. Ziegler, I want to know the conditions given to you when you promised the Hall family to act as Ashton’s fiancée.”

Thora leaned against the desk and crossed her arms across her chest. She then scrutinized me with a very arrogant look. Her smile was only skin-deep as she said, “It’s naturally something that I couldn’t refuse. But I don’t really have to tell you, do I?”

Frankly speaking, I could already guess that she wanted money, power, and fame without having her say it.

“You’re quite a tough person. You’ve been through so many twists and turns in life, and you even faced death this time. I’ve got to hand it to you for that.”

“Shouldn’t that be a huge honor then?” Thora was never someone who lost to someone else’s temper. There were only a small number of people who actually managed to impress her. That was why it was actually quite a high praise coming from her.

She shrugged and gave no reply.

The atmosphere was relaxed as expected since people who did not need feelings were always very outspoken.

I cut straight to the point and asked, “How well do you know Tiffany?”

“Are you trying to steal me? Do you really think I’m that disloyal?” she answered with a smile.

“Of course, I know.” I looked up at her with a smile that didn’t reach my eyes. “Aren’t your own interests your strongest principles? You’re a smart person. I don’t have to teach you how to choose between the Hall family and the Stovall family, do I?”

Her smile faded and the look in her eyes was taken over by greed.

We got out of the study after our conversation and I almost bumped into Gregory.

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