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In love, never say never novel read online free chapter 131

In love, never say never novel read online free chapter 131

If not for a classy yet pretty lady standing by his side, he would have been surrounded by a lot of young women by now.

What made him come over to Q City?

The lady beside him with a slim waist was wearing a long dress. She looked charming but not bewitching. It was a match made in heaven as she held his hands within a group of people while attracting the crowd’s attention.

It seemed that he bought her here to hang out. I held Macy’s hand instinctively while turning my back on them and said, “Let’s go back first!”

Macy had lost the mood for shopping so she nodded her head. “Alright. Let’s leave!”

Initially, I thought that he had not seen us. Unexpectedly, a muscular man wearing a black suit suddenly blocked us after Macy and I walked for few steps.

That man was wearing shades. Thus, his expression couldn’t be seen. “Mr. Stovall would like to see both of you!” The man who blocked us said.

“Letty!” Macy looked slightly nervous while holding my hand tightly.

While patting her hand gently, I assured her, “It’ll be fine!” Then, I looked at the black suit man and uttered, “Sorry, it’s late now. Please go and tell Mr. Stovall that we’ll pay him a visit in the next time.”

While holding Macy and preparing to leave, we were being stopped. “Ms. Stovall, Mr. Stovall mentioned that if you don’t obey him, he will personally drop by tonight to visit both of you.”

“Go and tell John to stop being pushy. Otherwise, he will have a tough time if he makes life difficult for us.” Macy raised her voice suddenly while still grabbing my hand as her emotions ran high.

That man still remained cool and gestured, “Will both of you, please? Otherwise, I don’t mind carrying the two of you there.”

“You…” Macy was annoyed as her face became red with anger.

I restrained her and looked at the man in a black suit. “Lead the way!”

I know that John was very stubborn all this while. Hence, there was no point to put up a fight.

The man in a black suit led us out of the shopping mall and crossed the street without taking a ride. We then walked into a cafe.

Upon arriving on the second floor, we walked to a room’s entrance. Then, the man who accompanied us said, “Please, Mr. Stovall is inside.”

Macy and I looked at each other and proceeded to enter the private room. The cafe’s private room was different from the restaurant’s private room as it looked more elegant yet artistic. The people’s conversation within the private room can be heard clearly through the window screen.

“John, it has been a long time since you last visited me in Q City. I thought that you have forgotten all about me,” a woman voiced in a whimsical manner but it didn’t sound awful.

Macy and I walked inside and lifted the window screen. Then, we saw an octagonal sandalwood table where John sat facing a lady.

That lady wore a green-colored gown which showed her exquisitely slender yet curvy figure. She was making tea in an elegant manner. Furthermore, her moves were natural yet smooth.

I was frozen spontaneously. “Making tea in a cafe?” Rich people surely know how to have fun!

Upon seeing Macy and I, John knitted his eyebrows. His face was gloomy with some facial expressions that I was unable to comprehend. “The two of you, it has been a while since we last met!”

Macy was naturally afraid of him. However, her inner rage made her stared angrily at John. “Why are you bringing both of us here?”

John just ignored her. Meanwhile, he stared at me while raising his eyebrows. “Shall we have some tea?”

I restrained Macy as she still wished to continue speaking. After stopping her, I looked at John and replied, “Okay!”

I grabbed Macy and sat down. The girl in a green-colored gown placed the delicate porcelain cups in front of us gracefully. She smiled graciously. “Please have a tea.”

Macy didn’t respond. She stared at John with her hands still holding me and responded furiously. “John, just get straight to the point!”

“Have a tea first!” John expressed with a cold stare.

I didn’t move the teacup. In addition, I just gazed at him and said, “It is already late. You can speak your mind. It will be hard to fall asleep after having tea at this hour.”

The lady smiled sweetly and remained silent.

John smirked with the intention to ridicule. “Are you really that calm? I thought that you already have insomnia even without having tea considering the fact that you left your own husband’s company miserably.”

His eyes paused at my tummy and remarked in a harsh tone. “He should be five months if I am not mistaken. There is still time to perform an abortion.”

“John, you are such an insane person!” Macy hurled at him. Meanwhile, her original fearful expression changed to a furious look.

John frowned as he was a bit unhappy. Then, he raised his eyes to glance at the man in a black suit and said, “It is too noisy. Please take this lady outside and have some desserts.”

The man in black suit then walked to Macy and gestured to her politely and ushered her to go outside.

She panicked and stared at John. “What do you plan to do?”

John didn’t reply as he just looked at me. “Just be good. Let us chat. Then, both of you can return home safely. Letty, I miss you dearly and I don’t have any other motives.”

After glancing at Macy, he sank his eyes. “If we continue to quarrel, it will be difficult for me to control my emotions as you know.”

So this is a silent threat.

Upon seeing Macy’s worried face while looking at me, I patted her hand spontaneously and pacified, “Don’t worry. You go and eat something. Just give me a few minutes.”


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