Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1944

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1944

“ Something flashed through my mind just now, ” Shaun said in a low voice. “I think I’m really about to recover my memories.”

Catherine got nervous when she heard it. She had almost given up on Shaun recovering his memories. She did not even know how he would be after he regained his memories. “Even if you recover your memories, you can’ t let Sarah off the hook. More importantly, you can’t go soft-hearted on her.”

“Don’t worry. I won’t repeat the same mistake. ” Shaun’s gaze was icy. “No matter what, my relationship with Rodney can never go back to what it used to be after this time. He’s not a despicable, two-faced person, and he’s not evil either. But when he gets hot-headed to defend Sarah, he will never think about the hurt other people have gone through before, and that’s disappointing.”

Catherine was taken aback. After a long time, she said, “Maybe your thoughts are the same as Freya’s now. However, Freya is more pitiful. She’s Rodney’s wife, and she has given birth to his child, but she’s not even as important as Sarah.”

“Rodney is hopeless.”

Shaun said indifferently, “Although they say that marriage should be the last thing to break, I am fully supportive if Freya wants to divorce Rodney. There’s no need to stay with a person like him and waste her youth away.”

Catherine nodded. She was furious too.

Freya was her best friend. Indeed, she may be silly sometimes, but she was younger, prettier, and kinder than Sarah.

She was so much better than Sarah.

Rodney must have a loose screw in his head. “If you reveal this matter to Old Master Snow, will he chase Rodney out of the family again out of anger like the last time? It’ll be great if he does so.”

Shaun glanced at Catherine with mixed feelings. “ That’s impossible. Back then, Rodney was a person with no abilities in the Snow family members’ eyes. But things are different now. They’ve given him the chance to spread his wings. If… the Snow family can’t stop him, there is nothing we can do.”

Catherine was speechless. She got even more infuriated.

She admitted that she had her selfish reasons. She just wanted to see Rodney lose everything for Sarah’s sake again. By then, he would be wagging his tail pitifully and apologizing to Freya.

Fine. That was reality, after all.

At the Snow family’s manor.

As soon as Rodney walked in, he saw that everyone in the main family had already arrived.

Old Master Snow was sitting at the head seat. On his left and right were Prime Minister Snow and his wife, as well as Jason and his wife. In the following seats were Ryan, Jessica, and Carson.

Rodney’s heart sank. This scene made him recall the time they chased him out of the Snow family.


Old Master Snow smashed a fine teacup on the ground. The glass shards flew across the bottom of Rodney’s pants.

“Kneel.” Old Master Snow was enraged.

Rodney could only bite the bullet and kneel on the floor while avoiding the glass.

Upon seeing that, Old Master Snow flew into a fury. He stepped forward and kicked Rodney in the chest. “You’re like a leopard that never changes its spots.  I thought that you’ve really changed for good, so I gave you chances and supported you. How dare you keep Sarah behind my back? Do you think you’re being fair to your wife and your child? Why does the Snow family have someone like you?”

Jason said disappointedly, “No one in the Snow family has kept a mistress before. Look at you. Your child hasn’t even been born for 1oo days, and you’re already keeping Sarah out there. Have you ever thought of your wife’s feelings?” “Grandpa, Dad, nothing is going on between Sarah and me. I just think she’s pitiful since she has no one to rely on. But I’m thinking of sending her overseas after half a month.” Rodney clutched his chest that was in pain and said, “I remember everything that you have taught me. I will never do anything that’ll betray Freya.”

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