Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1967

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1967

Catherine nodded. She was pretty satisfied with Shaun’s awareness. “By the way, how did you know that Rodney spent the night at Sarah’s place?”

“I arranged for some people to keep an eye on the place where Sarah lives. Rodney was most probably drunk last night, so Rory sent him there.”

Shaun frowned. “Rory used to be one of Rodney’s fair-weather friends in the past. He’s quite capable, but he’s too flirty. He switches partners as if he’s changing clothes.”

“I know. It’s the same with Chester.” Catherine showed a knowing expression.

Shaun was rendered speechless for a moment. Then, he said, “Rory isn’t as handsome nor as capable as Chester. His character isn’t very good either. I interacted with him a few times some years back, but I don’t really approve of him. Rory is quite a dangerous person. He’ll treat you well and utilize you when you’re useful. When you become useless, he’ll kick you aside without hesitation. As for women, I guess having two or three girlfriends simultaneously and having fun with them together is a frequent pastime for him. I even accidentally found out that he once shared a woman with a rich businessman who already had a family.”

Catherine felt deeply disgusted. However, when she recalled being pulled onto Rodney’s yacht and getting bullied in the past, it seemed there were lots of sleazy and flirty young masters on the yacht at that time as well. She did not remember whether Rory was among them or not.

“Why is Rodney even friends with that kind of person?” She could not understand it.

“Canberra’s social circle isn’t huge. They had fun and drank together when they were young. After that, they were involved in business and helped each other out occasionally. That’s why Rory is close to Rodney.”

Shaun said disapprovingly, “However, I don’t agree with Rodney getting too close with that kind of person.”

Catherine let out a snort. “A person like Rory must think that it’s a normal thing for men to have mistresses. Rodney must’ve been more or less influenced.”

Shaun did not say a word, meaning he agreed with what she said.

The car drove silently for a while. Catherine suddenly thought of something. She looked at the man beside her. “Something’s not right. Didn’t you lose your memories? How do you know that you had interactions with Rory a few years ago?”


The car did an emergency brake by the side of the road.

Shaun stopped. He widened his dark eyes in astonishment. “I didn’t think too much about it. When you asked me about it, the memory of when I met Rory in the past flashed across my mind naturally.”

Catherine was shocked too. “Could it be… Are you really about to recover your memories?”

Shaun frowned upon hearing her words. He was slightly flustered. “Cathy, I really yearn for my memories, but I’m scared too. I’m afraid to remember  the things I previously  did  to hurt you.”

“You did many, many  things  that hurt me before.”

Catherine’s throat was bitter. “But since I’ve agreed to get back together with you, I’ve decided to let go of those things. However, if you remember them, I

hope you understand how badly you treated me in the past. You can slowly atone for the mistakes you made to the children and me.”

Shaun’s heart twitched.

He held Catherine’s hands while trembling and embraced her. “A scene suddenly flashed across my mind just now. Did I… force you to eat cat food in the past?”

He did.

It was because Shaun ate the cat pudding that she had made. In the end, he forced her to eat a bowl of cat food. She was utterly disgusted.

It was okay if he did not mention it. As soon as he said it, Catherine wanted to take revenge.

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