Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2006

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2006

Chester immediately dialed Shedrick’s number. “ You’d better not let Eliza attend any outdoor events for now.”

“Why?” Shedrick was dumbfounded. “As far as I know, she has an outdoor event for a luxury brand next week. We’ve already signed the contract.”

“Turn it down. The weather is chilly, ” Chester said nonchalantly.

Shedrick was astounded. It felt as though pigs might fly. “Dude, if we turn it down, we’ll have to pay a few million dollars for breaching the contract. Besides, it’ll destroy Eliza’s reputation.”

“Well, tell the organizer to make sure the artists bundle up that day, ” Chester said after some thought.

Shedrick was speechless. “Don’t all female artists do that? When Cindy was your fiancée, you didn’t say anything.”

“Just do as I say.”

Chester hung up the call.

Half an hour later, Eliza took the initiative to call him. “I’m done.”

Chester happened to be discussing something with a patient’s family member. He told her the location and asked her to come over.

It took Eliza only five minutes to come over. Standing at the door with a mask, she watched Chester discuss the patient’s condition with the family member while he was in his white coat. It seemed that the patient was diagnosed with terminal cancer. After hearing Chester’s words, the family member was in tears and begged him to save the patient.

Chester comforted the patient gently.

After resting her eyes on the scene for a while, Skyler said, “I didn’t expect Young Master Jewell to be so kind when he’s on duty. He’s a good doctor.”

Eliza remained quiet. Chester was a good doctor who treated his patients well. He used to treat Sarah and Cindy well too.

Even those women with whom he played around were paid well.

Only Eliza was not treated well.

After Chester was done, he walked over. “Let’s go. I’m going to take you to meet Sarah, but… you can’t act impulsively like Freya.”

“Don’t worry. Rodney isn’t my husband, so I won’t have the urge to beat her up.” Deep down, Eliza just wanted to torture Sarah to death.

Chester was quite content with her reply.

Eliza tagged along with him to the inpatient unit. Sarah stayed in the VIP private ward at the farthest end. There was even a row of bodyguards outside the ward to ensure tight security.

Although Eliza had heard about  it long ago,  she could not help but feel sad for Freya at that moment.

Shortly after, the two of them were allowed to enter after a bodyguard saw Chester and informed Sarah about it.

In the luxurious ward, Sarah was lying on the bed with her hands bandaged. Her face was red and swollen. Rodney was seated by the bed, peeling an apple.

When the two of them came in, Rodney looked up, his eyes flashing with astonishment. “Chester, have you gotten together with Eliza?”

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