Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2033

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2033


Chester lifted Eliza’s chin softly before he leaned over to kiss her.

Eliza subconsciously resisted him.

“Did you forget what I said?” Chester nibbled her lips and stared at her. Their long eyelashes almost tangled together.

Eliza was filled with despair. Ultimately, she had no choice but to surrender to her fate. She opened her lips slightly and accepted his kiss.

She was still not done eating the egg, so the taste was still in her mouth. If this had happened in the past, Chester would have been disgusted. However, he found the egg particularly delicious today.

He kissed her so passionately that it was as though he was going to eat her up.

Only until he kissed Eliza’s neck did she dodge him. “I didn’t rest well last night. I’m exhausted.”

“Okay. I’ll let you rest for two days.” Chester was not in a hurry, and he stroked her long hair.

“I want to go to the hospital to visit Freya this afternoon. No matter what, I need to thank her,” Eliza said lethargically with her head down, as if she had surrendered.

“Okay. I’ll come with you.” Chester nodded. “No need. Can you respect my dignity?” Eliza’s tone sounded despondent. “Being your woman is a disgrace to them. Isn’t your main goal to sleep with me? So fulfilling your goal should be enough. Do you need to go as far as trampling my dignity?”

“Lizzie, you shouldn’t think of it this way. Do you know how many women in the same industry  as you want to be with me?” Chester looked down and called her by her nickname. Those unaware of the situation would think that he was talking to someone he deeply loved.

Nevertheless, his words had long since made Eliza numb. She would not be moved.

No one understood Chester more than she did. He had always been like this. When he wanted to get a woman, he would be as gentle to her as a prince, as if she was the only person he loved in this world.

Yet when he was sick of her, he would be as cruel as a devil.

“But I’m not like them.” Eliza looked up and exchanged looks with him. His gentle face was reflected in her dark eyes.

Chester stared at her in a daze, feeling as though he had returned to his youth.

Back then, he was very close with a woman. From her eyes, he could also see himself.

However, later on…

He felt his heart being twisted. All of a sudden, he uncontrollably kissed her eyes and thin lips afterward.

Only after a long time did he say, “Okay.”

In the afternoon, Eliza’s manager, Hailey, came to the duplex apartment.

After she rang the doorbell, Chester opened the door.

She came in, carrying some clothes. When she saw Eliza eating on the couch in a pajama set, she was overwhelmed with mixed feelings.

“Hailey, you’re finally here with the clothes.” Eliza rose to her feet and took the clothes over. Then, she went upstairs to get changed.

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