Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2123 | Novel By Shallow South

Chapter 2123

“You don’t know if a woman gives a belt to a man, does it mean you want to tie him with a belt.” Catherine said helplessly.

“Can you be more pure in your mind? His belt is not so good, so I asked me to give it.” Freya gave her a blank look.

Catherine frowned, she understood it all but didn’t believe.

Freya didn’t notice it at all, “Is Ryan suggesting something to you?”

“You really think too much, we are very pure.”

Freya’s voice was stagnant, I can’t say that Ryan likes men, “Ryan just treats me as his sister, so I gave him a scarf a few days ago.”

Catherine: ” …”

She didn’t know what to say.

The behavior of the two parties was too ambiguous, but Freya herself didn’t seem to notice it at all.

Catherine don’t know if Ryan was too scheming or Freya was too slow.

“Okay, I’ll accompany you to buy it at noon.” The man’s belt is still quite picky. After Freya checked out, while pushing Dani for a walk in the garden at night, Freya stopped by Ryan’s place.

Ryan also just came back, standing in front of the French window talking about business.

Seeing Freya coming, Ryan quickly hung up.

“Give your belt, you can see for yourself.” Freya passed the bag.

Ryan’s eyes lit up and opened it immediately after receiving it. It was a brown leather belt full of retro feel.

“I’ll try…”

Ryan immediately unbuttoned his jacket, revealing the shirt underneath, and quickly pulled the old belt with his hand and replaced it with a new one.

After tying it up neatly, Freya noticed his thin waistline without any excess fat on his body.

Obviously it’s just a belt of one hundred dollars. After it is fastened, it matches his figure and pants.

“Thanks, I like it.”

Ryan smiled.

“Of course, my vision has always been good.” Freya is also happy, after all, giving gifts to others is certainly a very satisfying thing.

What’s more, she noticed that Ryan was still wearing the scarf he gave last time around her neck, and now she was wearing the belt he gave.

A sense of strangeness struck my mind inexplicably, especially when Catherine’s words flashed through her mind during the day.

Freya red lips moved with difficulty, “You…”

Ryan’s phone rang again. He picked up the phone and looked at her very helplessly, “Too much work… . ” “

you’re busy, I continue with Dani went for a walk. “Freya realized he just almost ridiculous to ask a question, quickly pushing Dani left.

Ryan didn’t hold back either.

When leaving, Freya looked back and saw that he was rigorously explaining his work.

On the waist, the belt buckle he gave was particularly eye-catching.

When Freya went to the front hall for breakfast the next day, she also noticed that Ryan was wearing the belt that she gave. Although the clothes were blocking it, it was looming.

She glanced at him secretly, but saw him talking to Heidi with a smile on his face.

Seeing that the New Year is about to come, the prime ministerial palace has a lot of things. Ryan and Nathan and his son are busy all day, and even Freya sometimes has to follow Heidi to go out to the party to entertain.

As the new year is approaching, a scandal suddenly broke out in the prime ministerial Palace.

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