Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2856 By Desirenovel

Chapter 2856

After Charity was surprised, she quickly guessed, “Shaun is going to see Chester?”

Catherine said: “Let’s go there during Christmas time, and take me and my two children to play there. By the way, Freya heard that we are going, and they want to go together. Ryan will also accompany me. I originally wanted to invite you, but I’m afraid you don’t want to go to Rwanda.”

Charity said with a smile: “Forget it, even if you invite me to go with you, I won’t go.”

Catherine: “Why, afraid of seeing Chester?”

“No.” Charity sighed faintly, “You are all in pairs, with your family. Why should I follow you? Be a light bulb and eat dog food.”

Catherine: “It’s not bad to eat some dog food. It makes you jealous, okay. Find a little fresh meat earlier.”

Catherine teased: “That Dominick was not bad last time, the world champion, a little wolf dog, and he is absolutely in good shape.”

Charity: “Forget it, we are a cooperative relationship.”

“No one treats you well, are you thinking about it?” Catherine tutted, “Charity, you are like a young flower, a few men see that you can resist your charm.”

“Take it down, I’m really not interested.” Charity smiled, and said, “You guys have a good time.”

Catherine: “Okay, when the tour group arrives in Rwanda, we will contact you again, and then we will go skiing together.”

Charity thought for a while, and said, “When you go to see Chester, call me, my mother wants to go and see Chester.”

Catherine: “Okay.”

The next day, Charity, Mrs. Robbins and the company’s employees boarded a ten-day tour of Europe.

After five or six days of touring, the director informed everyone to rush to Rwanda tomorrow morning.

Rwanda has beautiful scenery. Catherine, Freya and the others have been there for several days. They rented a small cabin there, skiing and soaking in hot springs every day, living a fairy-like life.

Freya also sent a lot of beautiful photos to Charity from time to time. Charity had studied abroad before and was not very moved, but Freya made Mrs. Robbins’s heart tick.

“Eliza, if we don’t join the group after we arrive in Rwanda, let’s stay at Freya’s place for a few days.” Mrs. Robbins smiled and showed her daughter’s phone, “Look, this is where Freya and the others live. The house is beautiful, and there are waterfalls and snow-capped mountains in the back.”

Charity silently flipped through the chat records of Mrs. Robbins and Freya, “When did you add Freya’s whatsapp?”

“When you were hospitalized. The girl, Freya is good-natured and generous. You are such a good friend.” Mrs. Robbins said, glanced at her daughter and sighed, “You are like you before, but after you entered the entertainment industry, you are just like a different person. “

Charity: “…”

Of course, the person has changed, and even the core has been changed.

Mrs. Robbins added: “And we only stay in Rwanda for a day and a half. One day to see Chester and half a day to go shopping is definitely not enough.”

“Okay, listen to you.” Charity actually felt that it was too much trouble following the tour group. She didn’t sleep well or ate well every day.

Back to the hotel at 8:00 p.m.

Charity received a message from Chester: [I heard from You master Hill that you and auntie are coming to see me here, please don’t come here, it’s too troublesome. ]

Charity: [Don’t think too much, I didn’t come to see you on purpose, I just brought people from the company for a trip, and came to see you through Rwanda by the way. ]

Chester: [Then you travel well, don’t delay the travel time for me, I’m fine, I’m fine. ]

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  1. Rwanda is poor country in east Africa, not in Europe. It is near the equator hence, it doesn’t snow there. Unless the Rwanda in this novel is a fictional one and is located on Europe.

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