Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2858 By Desirenovel

Chapter 2858

“Husband, you are willing to come back.” Suddenly, Catherine’s sour teasing sound came from her mouth.

Shaun walked in wearing a trench coat, his figure tall and straight in the night.

“Wife, you won’t be jealous, right?” Shaun bent down and hugged Catherine, who was sitting on the rattan chair, with a smile on his handsome features, “With such a beautiful wife, how can’t I be willing to come back!”

Catherine deliberately said, “You stay with Chester half of the time every day, don’t you feel ashamed to say?”

“Isn’t this a special situation?” Shaun asked Catherine and her daughter while laughing. He nodded, and then explained to his wife, “Chester has been here by himself for a few months. It’s very pitiful. Usually, apart from Kaiden, there is no one to talk to.”

“Okay, I’m joking.” Catherine squeezed the back of his hand, “If you want to accompany him, go accompany him, I saw Chester the day before yesterday, and I feel that others have changed a lot.”


Freya also went, nodding in agreement, “No. I know why, I used to hate and hate this person, but now I feel very pitiful.”

Ryan also said: “Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, don’t his parents plan to come to see their son?”

“How is that possible?” Catherine said, “If it wasn’t for Hank Jewell’s madness, Chester’s leg would still be saved.”

“That being said, it’s been so long after all, and even if he doesn’t get along with Hank Jewell, Chester is his mother’s biological child anyway, and his mother doesn’t even care about asking?” Ryan lived in a happy family since he was a child, and it was difficult to understand that there were such cruel parents.

Shaun shook his head, “Don’t mention it, his mother made a few phone calls, but the words are all blaming him for helping outsiders, and his mother’s health is not very good, knowing that his son is lame and unreliable, he will definitely only be in the future. If she can rely on her husband, she will not come to see her son.”

Freya nodded, “Last time I was shopping, I saw Cindy shopping jewels with a middle-aged woman. The woman was so similar, I think she bought a lot of things for Cindy, it should be Chester’s mother…”

“There is something wrong. I don’t care about Chester, but I treat Cindy as a treasure.” Catherine looked contemptuous.

She always felt that Chester’s parents were seriously ill, and their brains were abnormal. No wonder Chester used to be so cold-blooded when he did things.

Charity always listened silently and didn’t say a word.

On the contrary, the more Mrs. Robbins listened, the deeper the sympathy in her eyes.

Early the next morning, Mrs. Robbins took Shaun to ask when to see Chester, and she planned to go with Charity.

So after breakfast, Shaun took Mrs. Robbins and Charity to the hospital.

Just a ten minute drive away.

When Charity was about to get out of the car, Shaun suddenly handed her a small gift box, “I’m going to buy something in the town later, you bring this to Chester.”

“Is this an apple?” Charity Thinking that tonight is Christmas Eve.

Shaun nodded, “If it’s inconvenient, forget it.”

“Yes.” Charity took it.

When she turned around and walked to the hospital with Mrs. Robbins, Shaun took out his mobile phone and sent Chester a message: [She is here. ]


In the ward.

Chester quickly clumsily got up from the bed, “It’s time to get in touch and walk.”

“No, I haven’t had breakfast yet.” Kaiden was taken aback.

Chester gave him a deep look, “She’s here.”

Kaiden: “…”

Come on, your bitterness will finally come in handy.

It’s time to pretend to be busy.

So, as soon as Charity came in, she saw on the grass a young man in a white hospital uniform who was struggling to walk with a cane, and the trousers next to him were empty.

When the wind blew, the empty trousers fluttered in the wind.

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  1. I feel so emotional right now reading this piece. Really am so curious can’t waith for the next chapters and the 2 loving each other hopelessly 💕 the and building great live together…..

  2. This Chester guy,how could he schem with his own life and leg? Can’t wait to hear their love story hope Jaiden never says a word about Chester’s scheme

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