Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1781

Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1781

Madeline looked stunned upon hearing Fabian’s answer.

“What do you mean? How would Jeremy benefit?” Madeline was further confused by Fabian’s words.

Fabian sipped his coffee and suddenly chuckled.

“To be more precise, the person who benefited most, in the end, would be Jeremy’s uncle, Felipe.”

“What? ” Madeline was befuddled. “Fabian, could you make yourself clear?”

Fabian’s lips curled slightly as he spoke mockingly, “Jeremy is a high-level Interpol official. Back then, he only stayed with Lana to spy on her, isn’t that right?”

“You only got half of it right, ” Madeline corrected him; her expression was serious. “Jeremy is an Interpol official, but the reason he stayed with Lana, spying on her, was that Lana had tried to kill me by blowing up the yacht back then. She’d wanted to use Jeremy’s amnesia for some illegal business, so Jeremy merely played along.”

“Played along… Hmph.” Fabian scoffed. “He played along indeed. If Lana had deserved this, then what about my brother Yorick?”

“Yorick had violated the law, and he was punished by the law. He suffered the consequences of his actions, so why do you blame Jeremy for your siblings’ deaths?”

“If my brother suffered the consequences of his actions and only had himself to blame, what about Felipe? His crimes were the same as my brother’s crimes in F Country. Felipe even instigated a homicide, so why was he able to escape legal sanction?”

As Fabian questioned, there came a change in his emotions, and he became more worked up.

“Jeremy is from Interpol. He and his colleagues had set a trap to capture my brother. Don’t tell me that he doesn’t know that Felipe had also committed the same crimes? Of course, he knew.

“I’ve always thought that my brother had himself to blame for the outcome because of the crimes he had committed, but I know now—Jeremy used you, then used me. In the end, my brother became a trophy he got for working with Interpol.

“The reason Lana was killed by Ryan was also related  to Jeremy. You two had planned all of  this.”

Fabian vented out the dissatisfaction in his heart.

After hearing his words, Madeline could finally understand the reason Fabian had been intensely hostile toward them all this time.

Madeline did not know how to explain it, and she felt that no matter how she explained it now, Fabian would not listen to her.

That was why she did not want to waste her breath. She merely watched on calmly as Fabian was speaking.

“Fabian, I hope you can understand one thing. The reason your brother was executed was not that Jeremy had set a trap and captured him. He was captured because he broke the law.

“As for Lana, getting killed by Ryan was the consequence of her actions. She failed to harm others, so she was the one getting harmed in the end. Jeremy was the victim in this entire thing.”

Madeline too voiced the dissatisfaction within her heart.

“Jeremy was manipulated by Lana with the poison. Additionally, because of Lana, he was also accused of murder; because of Lana, he was also unable to

help his daughter when she fell, causing Lily to be traumatized. Do you think my husband had asked for this?”

Recalling these incidents made Madeline feel aggrieved on Jeremy’s behalf.

“Fabian, ask yourself, could this truly be anything but the consequences that Yorick and Lana had brought upon themselves?”

As Fabian listened to Madeline, his brows furrowed further, and his grip on the coffee cup tightened further as well.

The air around them suddenly felt abnormally chilly, then there came a ringing  from the entrance.

It was just the sound indicating customers entering.

“Fabian, my number has not changed. I hope that I’ll receive a call from you as soon as possible, and you’ll take me to see Lily. You can hate me, but don’t hurt a child that genuinely trusts you this much.”

After she had finished speaking, Madeline grabbed her bag to leave.

As she turned around, she almost ran into a young man who was walking in her direction.

Madeline hurriedly avoided him, then apologized and walked to the entrance.

A ringing sound came from the door again.

Meanwhile, this sound brought Fabian’s wandering thoughts back.

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