Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1782

Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1782

He lifted his eyes and looked over. He did not see Madeline but saw Evan sitting before him instead.

“When did you sit here?” Fabian looked confused.

Evan pushed his retro, gold -rimmed glasses and lazily leaned back on the sofa.

“I sat down when you were longingly watching that lady leave. What is it? Do you like older girls?”

After hearing this explanation, Fabian’s brows drew together, and he said flatly, “ She’s Lily’s mother.”

There was a slight change in Evan’s eyes upon hearing that. He then looked in the direction where Madeline had left.

“She’s Eveline?” Fabian nodded lightly.

Evan pensively contemplated. “She’s different indeed. I almost ran into her just now, and despite the distance, I could still smell the fragrance on her. A perfumer. Special indeed.”

When Fabian heard that, his brows furrowed further, and his expression darkened further.

A beautiful waitress brought Evan’s coffee over with a smile. He elegantly took a sip and continued, “I heard what she said before she left. She’s worried about her daughter’s physical condition. Did you not tell her about Lily’s condition?”

Fabian looked at the black tea latte, which was left untouched and still steaming hot, then gave a low chuckle.

“There’s no need for her to know.”

“Tch. ‘There’s no need’,” Even said, smiling while he repeated those four words. “You’ve saved her daughter’s life, and you’re saying ‘there’s no need’. When did you become so generous, Mr. Johnson?”

Even mocked, though the look on his face seemed more serious.

“I’m curious, actually. Back then, didn’t you tell me to stop caring about the little girl? You asked me to let her run her course. You also told me that there was no need to find a suitable bone marrow for her.

“Why did you suddenly change your mind then? Is it possible that you’re imitating that woman, speaking empty words, Mr. Johnson?”

This piqued Evan’s interest. All this while, he had always been confused about this, but every time he asked, Fabian would not speak anything of it. This time, he decided to try his luck again to see whether Fabian would relent.

However, Fabian still did not relent.

He got up, left the café, and drove straight to the villa. Evan drove too, following behind Fabian.

After they had parked, Fabian came straight to Lillian’s room.

Lillian would usually be asleep at this hour.

Fabian cautiously walked to the bedside. When he saw the faint blush on Lillian’s cheeks, he could not help but smile.

“The way you’re looking at her seems like you’re looking at something precious.”

Fabian averted his gaze and disapprovingly glared at Evan.

“Get out.”

Fabian said and turned around to leave.

Evan looked at Lillian, who was deep in slumber, holding her doll. He smiled knowingly before turning around.

In the study.

Evan sat down on the sofa, then placed his long legs on the coffee table as though this was his home.

“Fabian, is there any relationship between you and the little girl? Don’t you hate her parents? Why did you save her then?”

Fabian took a piece of candy from the candy jar on the desk. He gently opened it, then put it into his mouth.

“You truly want to know?”

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