Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 2095

Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 2095

When he heard that sudden question from Shirley, Carter stopped in his tracks amidst pushing Shirley’s wheelchair.

He looked at the sea that was glistening under the sunset, but there was no light in his eyes.

He smiled half—heartedly. “There are no ifs in this world.“

He answered, then asked, chuckling.

“If there were ifs, and if I could go back to the first time I met you on the street, do you think I would help you again?“

After Shirley thought about it, she displayed a helpless and self-mocking smile.

She believed that Carter would still help her. That was because there were no ifs in this world. They could not change what had happened.

When he saw Shirley staying silent, Carter slowly pushed the wheelchair forward.

The darkness slowly overwhelmed them as the last rays from the sunset were chased away by the night. Everything in front of them was covered by the darkness.

The cold winter wind kept blowing at them, and Shirley felt her heart slowly turning cold, and eventually, it was frozen.

She felt as if she could no longer feel any warmth even if that person was in front of him.

“Go and turn yourself in.“

Shirley said.

It seemed that Carter did not hear her. He continued to push Shirley forward, minding his business.

Shirley spoke again when she saw Carter ignoring her.

“I was also to blame for you reaching this stage. I never stopped you, and I had known those things were wrong, but I kept on blindly allowing them to happen. In the end, this happened.“

“I chose this path. You don’t need to take all the blame on yourself.“

Carter refuted what Shirley said.

“Shirley, you’re not at fault. You just loved me too much. You were madly in love with me. And because of this, I’m happy.“

Shirley had nothing to say to what Carter had just said.

After walking for a while, Carter stopped.

He sat down on a stone bench by the side. It seemed that he had moved the wound on his shoulder, so he frowned in pain.

Shirley saw this but did not say anything.

In truth, she was concerned for him, and she was worried about him, but she stopped herself from caring for this man again.

The endless horizon still lay before them. The streetlights shone quietly. There was no one else here, and it was so quiet when there were only the two of them.

This moment could be described as peaceful and serene.

“It’d be amazing if time could stop here.“

Shirley was caught off guard when she heard Carter saying something so rueful.

Perhaps everything would be different if she could hear him say this earlier.

However, at the end of the day, they could not turn back time.

“Now that we’re here, can you tell me where you’re keeping Eveline and Jeremy?“

“They’re dead, and you’re still so concerned about them?“ Carter smiled softly. He then answered, “ They’re at the old address of Stygian Johnson Gang. I’ve locked them in the basement, and there’s a pool that’s more than two meters deep. Before I came to see you, I turned on the water valve and put water in the pool. It’s been two hours since then…“

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