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Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 2096

Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 2096

Carter stopped speaking and looked at Shirley whose expression had changed drastically.

“Do you think this to be a bit cruel? If this were back then, you would’ve supported me in this too, wouldn’t you?“

“Yes, if this were back then, I might’ve even helped you,“ Shirley said, mocking herself. There was a sarcastic smile on her face, but her heart was in a knot. She felt so pained and tormented.

She seemed to kill everyone around her, and in the end, she, too, would head toward death.

After remaining silent for a while, Shirley looked at Carter.

“When did you inject Lilian with the test reagent?“

“I did it when she and you were asleep, of course,“ Carter answered nonchalantly. When he saw Shirley’s solemn expression, he asked, “You like that little thing, don’t you? If our child had been fine, he’d be in this world soon, and we’d have our own child.“

As he said this, Carter’s eyes seemed to light up, but soon after, the light vanished, and in its place was a look of hatred.

“Jeremy killed our child. Eveline too. They both destroyed our future.“

“You’re still so stubborn. “ Shirley smiled bitterly, then quietly lifted her head to look at Carter. “I ‘m asking you one last time. Are you willing to give yourself up?“

“Do you know what will happen if I do that?“ Carter asked. He then answered, “It’ll only be the death of me.“

Shirley frowned. “What do you mean when you say you’re tired?“

Carter smiled seemingly.

He got up slowly and walked toward the sea in front of him.

“I won’t turn back, but right now, it’ll still be the same. It doesn’t matter if I go forward or backward. If that’s the case, I would rather end myself.“

When Shirley heard this, her heart skipped a beat.

A cold wind blew past her face, and a sharp chill restricted her breathing.

“What do you mean? Carter, what are you planning to do?”

Shirley asked anxiously as she tried to stand up to stop Carter, but in the end, she could not regain the feeling and energy in her legs.

Carter turned around to look at Shirley. The anxious look on her face elicited a glad smile from his face.

“I’d rather kill myself than die in the hands of others.“

“Carter, don’t do anything stupid.“

Shirley completely understood what Carter was saying now.

She was panicking; her eyes turned red from the cold wind.

“Shirley, don’t you hate me? I indirectly killed your only brother and that girl named Cathy. You also hate me for indirectly killing our child. Don’t worry, I’ll repent my sins with them soon.“

When Shirley heard this, her heartbeat  was a mess.

She looked dazedly at Carter who had just spoken, and she tightly held the handles of her  wheelchair.

“Carter, you can’t do this. You can’t do such a stupid thing.“

“It’s not stupid. I’ve already given it some thought, “ Carter replied softly and then walked in front of Shirley.

“Before that, I still want to do something. Once I’ve done that, I won’t have any more regrets.“

When he finished saying that, he knelt slowly in front of Shirley.

Carter reached out his hand and gently took Shirley’s right hand that had turned cold from the wind.

After that, he took out a purple velvet box from his shirt pocket. After he opened it, there was a simple yet gorgeous diamond ring.

Shirley looked dazed at this ring, and then, she heard Carter seemingly murmuring to himself.

“When I first saw you, I hadn’t felt anything. I just felt happy that, with a word, I could make a poor and lonely girl live the rest of her life without worry.

After we got along and started developing feelings for each other, I had thought that I’d be taking you as my wife when the time comes, but in reality, the fate between us is not enough to make us last forever. So, Shirley, parting ways would be the most suitable ending for us… ”

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