My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1359

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1359

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1359

It truly was them, after all! Sophia knew that the twins were incredibly arrogant. They would not conceal their wrongdoings. Instead, they would be proud of what they did!

After confirming that the twins were behind the incident, Stanley’s fist, which relaxed slightly just now, clenched tightly again. He looked like he could attack them at any time. His eyes were bloodshot and filled with hostility.

He more or less understood what had happened the other day. After receiving money from Bethany, Tawny must have tricked Christine into the hotel room. Then, Christine tried to call him for help when she realized that something was wrong. However, he hung up on her. With no other means of escape, she desperately opened the window and jumped out…

Stanley did not lash out with his fists. Instead, he turned around and left. Every step he took felt as heavy as a mountain of lead. Just how desperate must she have been that day?!

Henry was still laughing behind him. “The next time you get another girlfriend, let us know. We will inspect the goods on your behalf.”

“Hahahaha—” The twins laughed without inhibition, impudently mocking Stanley to his face.

Stanley did not know how he managed to leave the wedding banquet. It felt as if every step he took was a stab to his heart and he felt incredibly helpless for the first time in his life. The people who harmed Christine were standing right in front of me, yet I don’t have the means to bring them to justice… By the time he returned to his senses, he was standing outside.

If only I had answered that phone call… He knew that nothing would change even if he had answered that phone call. At the end of the day, they would still try to harm her, and she would still jump off the eighth floor out of despair. Nonetheless, he was racked with guilt.

Sophia was on the phone while Linus and Sean were talking in a low voice. They seemed to be discussing their countermeasures. Now that they knew the Yard twins were behind the incident, they would never let the twins get away with it. First of all, they needed to start collecting evidence.

Jordan and Cooper had faced off against each other recently. Although Jordan lost the battle, it also revealed the extent of his influence in Bayside City. It would not be easy to bring the twins down. After all, they were the sons of Jordan and Anna. Even concrete evidence might not be enough to take the twins down. Besides, Cooper and Jordan were at a truce while they recuperated after their fight. Neither of them was prepared for a war at the moment, and neither of them would fight a war without preparations.

It would be great if the Fletcher Family made a move. However, Christine did not have any substantial relationship with the Fletcher Family. There was no justifiable reason for the Fletcher Family to take action… While they were discussing their options, Sophia hung up the phone suddenly and anxiously said, “This is bad! The Bishop Family brought the police and the reporters to the hospital! They are planning to snatch Christine away!”

Upon hearing those words, everybody drove to the hospital in a rush.

Inside the hospital lobby, Mr. Bishop brought the police and the reporters along as he surrounded the hospital ward. He was about to push through the security guards and the nurses, enter the hospital ward, and bring Christine away. “Why can’t I take her away?! That’s my daughter! I’m going to take her away! I’m her father!”

The Fletcher Family had assigned some people to guard Christine too. At the moment, both the hospital’s security guards and the Fletchers’ men were put in a difficult spot. After all, Christine was not part of the Fletcher Family. She was simply Maddie’s cousin. If the Bishop Family insisted on taking Christine away, they were well within their rights to do so.

The police and the reporters were here too. Thus, Mr. Bishop shouted in front of all the reporters, “My daughter is about to die! How can they kidnap my daughter and refuse to let me meet her for the last time?! My daughter is already in critical condition! Please, stop making things difficult! Let me take her away! You kidnapped my daughter! Return my daughter to me! Let me go inside!”

When Stanley, Sophia, and the rest rushed over, they saw a luxury car parked on the road opposite the hospital. It was an incredibly ostentatious car with the Edward Family’s logo on it. Thus, Sophia could recognize that it was Henry and Ryan’s car. Why is their car here?

By the time they rushed into the hospital lobby, the whole place was a chaotic mess. The reporters, the police, and the hospital patients were crowding about in the lobby. Moreover, Mr. Bishop had managed to successfully get his hands on Christine.

Christine had been living in the intensive care unit for the past nine days. Maddie had not only spent all her hard-earned personal savings on Christine, but she also used the Fletcher Family’s money for the first time. She placed Christine in the best hospital in Bayside City, hired the most expensive doctor, brought in the best equipment, and utilized the latest technology. As a result, Christine’s condition became better—so much so that she could wake up at any moment now.

As the Fletcher Family had invited the world’s best doctor to treat her, she had a high chance of returning to a normal life after she regained consciousness. However, the medical costs were astronomical. Fortunately, tens of millions were just numbers to the Fletcher Family.

If she were to be taken away by the Bishop Family, the Bishop Family would not have the resources to continue with her treatment. Besides, they would probably refuse to continue providing treatment for her and she would most likely die! Even if she survived, she would be disabled forever!

Maddie arrived in the nick of time. She grabbed onto Christine’s hospital bed with a death grip as soon as she arrived, refusing to allow Mr. Bishop to take Christine away. “Uncle Charles, you can’t take Christine away! Bayside City has the best doctors and the best facilities! If you take her away, the rest of her life will be ruined!”

Mr. Bishop became furious upon hearing those words. He looked at Maddie as if he was looking at his worst enemy. Then, he shoved her aside unreasonably. “Get lost! If it wasn’t for you, Christine would not be in this condition!” He pointed at her and screamed, “It’s all your fault! You jinx! You were the one who tricked her into coming to Bayside City! It’s all your fault! I will not let you harm Christine ever again!”

At the same time, the Bishop Family also started criticizing her as if she was the one that pushed Christine off the building.

She burst into tears on the spot. Even so, she continued clinging to the bed Christine was lying on despite her tears. Weeping, she shouted through her tears, “She will die if you take her away! I brought her to Bayside City; I will take full responsibility for her now that she is in this condition! I’m going to save her!”

He slapped her away, cursing at her in a rage. “Bah! You worthless scum!”

Both sides were in a stalemate. Maddie clung tightly to the bed, refusing to let them take Christine away. Thus, Mr. Bishop yelled, “Police! Why are you just standing there?! This person is trying to kidnap my daughter!”

At this point, everybody felt that Maddie ought to let go. After all, Christine was just her cousin. As a cousin, what right did she have to interfere in the Bishop Family’s matters?

Maddie had rushed to the hospital alone. When the Bishops saw that she was alone, they tried to hit her. Two young adults stepped forward and grabbed her, forcefully prying her hands off the bed.

“Let go of her!” A roar rang out from among the crowd. Stanley suddenly pushed his way through the crowd and rushed over. Then, he grabbed the two people holding onto Maddie and pulled them away, one person in each hand.

“Aunt Maddie, are you alright?!” Stanley helped Maddie up from the ground. Now that Maddie had somebody on her side, she immediately grabbed Christine’s hospital bed as soon as she got up. At the same time, she yelled at Stanley, “Stan, don’t let them take Christine away! If they take her back, only death will await her!”

Stanley glanced at Christine, who remained unconscious on the hospital bed. The Bishop Family had dragged her out of the hospital ward, causing her to bounce around on the hospital bed. As a result, she looked very restless and her eyebrows were slightly furrowed together.

If she had obeyed the Yard twins back then, she would be swimming in success by now. She would have received all sorts of benefits and resources… She wouldn’t have needed to suffer so much. But, she rejected them. She would rather give up her life than bow down to their unspoken rules! I will not let her die!

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