My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1361

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1361

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1361

Mr. Bishop decided to go for blood and took out a fruit knife. “Scram! Otherwise, I’m going to slice you open!”

Stanley did not budge. “Come at me if you dare!”

At this point, Mr. Bishop was completely seeing red. He believed that Stanley was acting in this manner to snatch his 15 million away. “Don’t think I don’t dare!”

It looked like a fight was about to break out. Both parties were extremely furious, and bloodshed could happen at any time. As usual, Henry and Ryan were watching the exciting development from afar. How could Stanley marry such a small-time celebrity? What a joke! As if the Fletcher Family would agree to the marriage! Still, it will be even more fun if they really start fighting!

Fortunately, Stanley was agitated but he had not lost his reasoning. He knew that now was not the time to start a fight.

While the Fletcher Family and the Edwards Family were facing off against each other, many cars arrived outside the hospital. A tidy series of footsteps approached like the roaring tide, and the hospital was a sea of military green in the blink of an eye. Among the overlapping sea of military green, Joel walked out from the crowd. He looked cold and ruthless in his military uniform. However, a hint of tenderness flashed across his face when he saw Maddie.

“Joel.” Maddie wiped away her tears and threw herself into his arms when she saw him.

Joel glanced at the Edwards Family and the Bishop Family, who were here to snatch Christine away. Then, he glanced at Henry and Ryan before looking at Christine, who was lying weakly on the hospital bed. “Christine is part of the Fletcher Family. The Fletcher Family will not stand idly by in this matter.”

Mr. Bishop jumped up in anger. “Joel, why is it you again?! I’m telling you; if you dare to have any ideas about Christine, I’m going to kill you!” He gestured about wildly with his knife. Contrary to his expectations, he was knocked to the ground and his knife was taken away after he waved it about several times. He screamed, “Help! Murder! Save me!”

Joel didn’t even bother looking at the Bishop Family, who were squealing like pigs, or the Yard twins, who were cursing at him. He walked over to the hospital bed and saw that Christine’s eyes were open. She was struggling to survive. Therefore, he solemnly said to her, “The Fletcher Family will not abandon you.”

Christine nodded, tears sliding out of the corner of her eyes.

Sophia took the opportunity to speak up. “Christine, take a good look around. Where are the people who tried to harm you? Point them out; we will avenge you!”

Christine choked back a sob, raised a trembling finger, and pointed at the Yard twins. “It’s them!” It’s them!

She remembered the events of that day clearly. Tawny called her up claiming that her mother was trying to commit suicide in the hotel. Thus, she rushed over to the hotel. However, she did not see her mother anywhere. Instead, she came face to face with the twins. They locked her in the room and got handsy with her. At first, she sought Stanley for help but it was to no avail. In her desperation, she was forced to jump out of the building!

The reporters were frantically snapping away with their cameras. Joel had brought the police with him. When he saw Christine giving her testimony, he shot a glance at the police. Although the police were hesitant, they went straight to the twins and said, “You are suspected of intentionally causing harm to a person. Please cooperate with our investigation.”

When the Yard twins saw that the police dared to detain them, they fearlessly said, “F*ck off! Who do you think you are?!”

The police had no choice but to use force as the Yard twins were not being cooperative. However, the Yard twins brought their men with them too. Showing complete disregard for the law, their men subdued the police in the blink of an eye. The Yard twins were so conceited that they dared to attack the police! The reporters, who were invited there by the Bishop Family, were dumbfounded by the sight. They had never met anybody so fearlessly cocky before!

Since the men from the Yard Family and the Edwards Family had attacked the police, the police were forced to draw their guns in a warning. They were undaunted even when the police took out their guns. After all, they themselves had guns too. By the time both sides took out their guns, the situation had escalated beyond control. Therefore, Sophia hurriedly hid somewhere while Christine was quickly wheeled back to the hospital ward for treatment.

Several gunshots rang out and everybody in the hospital fled in all directions. The Yard Family, the Edwards Family, the police, and the military were mixed among each other as gunfire broke out. Sophia was in hiding and didn’t know what was going on. However, she heard gunfire coming from the lobby downstairs, followed by police sirens. Since they were at a hospital, no ambulance came.

After the scuffle, the men from the Edwards Family and the Yard Family were lying on the ground. A bloodbath had occurred in the lobby of the hospital. Meanwhile, Joel was standing in the middle of the lobby with a cold expression, counting the casualties.

The arrogance displayed by the Yard twins exceeded his expectations—they actually dared to openly bring out their guns and go head-to-head with the military and the police, in the middle of Bayside City. It was the first time in more than ten years since something like that happened. Moreover, the outcome was terrible. All their men had been annihilated, and the Yard twins were captured alive when they tried to escape by car.

When the chaos ended, Stanley strode over in large strides and kicked Henry. “Weren’t you acting all cocky just now? Huh? You b*stard!”

Henry still seemed unaware of his situation as he shouted, “Just you wait! I’m going to get the world’s best lawyer and bring the Fletcher Family to ruins!”

Sean hurriedly dragged Stanley away. They could not afford to let their enemy grab hold of any weaknesses at this point. Even after being dragged away, Stanley continued cursing and swearing at the Yard twins.

Meanwhile, Henry and Ryan still believed that they were untouchable. Despite becoming dizzy after being kicked by Stanley or being subdued to the ground and handcuffed, they still shouted at Joel arrogantly. “What do you think the Fletcher Family can do to us?! Come at us if you’re so amazing! Go on; kill me!”

Naturally, Joel would never hit him.

On the other hand, Sophia, who was passing by, kindly reminded them, “You might be sentenced to death for your crimes! Cethos has not abolished the death penalty!”

Henry glared at her fiercely. He was about to say something but he was taken away by the police. Their crimes this time were greater than intentionally causing harm.

The battle was over, and Christine’s condition was under control. She was in good condition after regaining consciousness. Joel arranged for her to be transferred to a military nursing home to continue with her treatment. On the other hand, Maddie rushed back to her workplace, calling up the editors and reporters and dragging them back to work in the middle of the night. She was going to use her own methods to make the Yard twins pay for what they did.

That day, the entire press industry in Bayside City worked overtime all night. The news of Henry and Ryan attacking the police with guns swiftly spread across Bayside City. It was the first incident of this sort in decades.

Maddie obtained a live video of the incident as soon as possible and released it online. Many reporters were present during the incident. Since it was the first armed attack on the police in decades, the reporters went crazy after obtaining on-scene photos and videos. They immediately started writing their articles as soon as they got back. In the span of a night, news of Henry and Ryan attacking the police with guns caused a sensation across the entire Bayside City.

Moreover, Christine had regained consciousness and personally identified the Yard twins as her attacker. Coupled with the involvement of a famous celebrity, Bethany, the incident started trending like never before. Afterward, Bethany, Tawny, and the others were detained by the police for questioning.

The Bishop Family had received half of the 10 million in compensation money promised by the Yard twins. They were supposed to receive the other half once they removed Christine. When they saw that the Yard twins were detained by the police, they realized that they couldn’t get the rest of their money anymore. Hence, they fled back to their hometown with the 5 million they obtained.

Cade also called to express his sympathies. “Wow; I can’t believe you sent my little brother to jail, Sophia. Still, I have to tell you that you will never keep them in jail with just this crime alone.”

Sophia said nothing in response. Although this incident was a huge affair, Jordan would not compromise easily. After all, those were his sons. With the power he held in Cethos, it was easy for him to get them out of the country—even if the ruckus his sons caused this time was no different from a direct provocation toward the police and the public security of Bayside City, as well as the entire country of Cethos.

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