My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1410

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1410

Dana’s masculine mien was revealed the moment he showed his penis. The drunkards who were peeking at him in a teasing manner thinking he looked rather feminine, were instantly stunned that they even peed on their pants.

Oh my goodness, this is horrifying! We shouldn’t have judged the book by its cover! This man has such a sweet appearance yet his d*ck is so freaking huge! No girls would be able to handle this!

Scared out of their wits, the drunkards had all run off the next second.

In fact, any other guys would be too embarrassed to take off their pants and show their penis in front of Dana.

Dana realized that Michael was still staring at him after he had finished peeing, and so he turned around and displayed his penis to Michael. “Surprise! It’s so awesome and powerful, isn’t it? I underwent the operation overseas. Though it’s not an original one, it’s quite handy to use,” Dana exclaimed proudly.

Rendered speechless, Michael nodded silently as he felt sorry for his ex-girlfriend.

Well, it’s indeed awesome and powerful… Michael thought to himself as he was green with envy.

Moments later, Sophia and Lucy walked out from the bar feeling tipsy. Meanwhile, Dana had already gone back to the car and so Sophia had not met him.

At that instance, Michael stared at Lucy with a totally different look.

A few days had passed, yet Michael still had not recovered from the shock of the tremendous penis.

Oh my Lord!

On the other hand, Quinton became aware of Dana’s huge artificial penis and had specially visited Dana to take a look at it. Then he immediately went to borrow money from Michael and had even accepted the task to help Sophia kill Tiffany’s child.

It seemed like Quinton wanted to save some money to get one too.

Before Michael could recover from Dana’s episode, he received another shocking news—Tiffany miscarried!

This was extremely great news to Sophia.

However, it was the total opposite to Quinton. Currently, he was as poor as a church mouse. As a tutor in a university, he had yet to pass his probation and was barely scraping by with his modest salary. Yet, he would need millions to instal a gear like Dana’s, and he even had to look for a man-made penis on his own.

While Michael refused to lend him money, he could not take on other assassination tasks too lest Michael raked him over the coals. Just as he was elated to receive Sophia’s assignment, the target victim had already miscarried even before Sophia paid him his commission.


Upon receiving the news, Sophia quickly rushed to the hospital to check the scene out. According to her surface understanding of Tiffany, the woman might have deliberately put up a bluff to pretend to miscarry. Then, she would show up with her newborn child a few months later after Sophia had let down her guard, and Cooper would suddenly have another child again.


Tiffany’s miserable wail emerged from the ward. Meanwhile, Sophia disguised herself as a nurse and sneaked into the emergency room.

There was blood all over Tiffany’s body and her bleeding had not stopped ever since she was pushed into the emergency room. There were blood stains everywhere—the floor, the operating table, and even the doctor’s scrubs.

Still, Sophia thought the scene could have been faked, so she walked up to Tiffany and lifted her patient gown to take a look while the other staff were in a chaos.

Sure enough, Tiffany was bleeding.

Lying on the operation table, she wailed and screamed in despair as her blood-stained hand clung tightly onto the doctor’s white coat.

“Please save my children! Please!”

“Cooper, save my children!”

At last, her energy was depleted as her hands hung down weakly, thereafter she went into a coma as a result of excessive bleeding.

The intense operation was still ongoing. Sophia looked at Tiffany apathetically as the latter miscarried. Amidst the mixture of blood and water, Sophia could see two fetuses which were almost fully formed being extracted from Tiffany’s body; it was a pair of twins.

Sophia was not the one who caused the miscarriage this time because all her previous plans did not work out. According to the doctor, the miscarriage was due to Tiffany’s weak health status. She had merely taken a short walk and miscarried. After all, she was in her forties and it was strenuous to bear a child at that age.

After this miscarriage, Tiffany would not be able to conceive a child anymore.

In fact, her pregnancy would have failed anyway, and the risk had become even higher because she was having a pair of twins. She might even lose her life.

Meanwhile, Cooper was waiting anxiously outside the operating room. He was caught between feeling depressed and relieved upon knowing Tiffany had lost her children.

On the other hand, Sophia had sneaked out from the ward and went back home. Lying on the bed, her mind was filled with the image of the fetuses extracted from Tiffany’s body and Tiffany’s dreadful wail.

Filled with complicated, indescribable emotions, Sophia felt as if she was the culprit even though she wasn’t the one who had caused the miscarriage.

Later, Michael came back home to find Sophia lying on the bed dressed in a nurse uniform. He quickly closed the door and rubbed his hands as he approached Sophia excitedly.

We’ve been married for so long, yet this woman is still seducing me in uniforms!

For the next few days, the scene of Tiffany’s miscarriage kept lingering in Sophia’s mind while Michael was constantly haunted by the thought of Dana’s huge penis.

Struggling with their own issues, none of them had realized that Cooper had been staying out quite often.

Upon her miscarriage, Tiffany seened to have lost her will to live. She was extremely depressed and didn’t have much appetite. Because of that, Cooper had attempted to counsel her several times and even stayed by her side at the hospital for a few days.

Besides, he had promised to protect Tiffany and help her retrieve her power in the Adams Family after she had fully recovered.

Indeed, she had supported him greatly when he first entered the Michel Family, and so he couldn’t turn his back on her at this moment.

Though Tiffany had miscarried, Cooper still cared for Tiffany and often came home late, which annoyed Sophia.

However, at the same time, Sophia was distressed whenever she was reminded of the dead fetuses and Tiffany’s miserable cry on the operating table.

For that reason, Sophia had abstained from meat in her diet for several days, and the whole family had followed suit.

Actually, Quinton was the most distressed person of all. After seeing Dana’s artificial penis, he had been desperately wanting to get one of those powerful ‘weapons’ which everyone else would marvel at. But alas, Michael refused to lend him money, nor did Sophia entertain him as she was fasting those few days.

Cooper and Linus were loaded, but Quinton was too embarrassed to go to them.

While Theo was penniless, Celine was too feeble-minded to manage money, so Justin was the one holding the purse strings. He had been holding a grudge against Quinton ever since Quinton caused his wife to lose her sound mind. Not only was he unwilling to lend money to Quinton, he even wished to beat him up. As such, Quinton could only turn to Nate in the end.

Though Nate was only fifteen years old, he already had a net worth of over ten million. Besides the money given by his family and relatives during festival celebrations, he himself had earned some money, and Justin too had given him some shares in the company. As such, Nate actually had a great deal of savings and was rich.

He had gladly agreed to Quinton’s request with one condition, which was that Quinton had to help him teach the green-eyed goblin a lesson and snatch back Carmen’s three apricot seeds.

The three apricot seeds were like three needles pricking Michael and Nate, causing them affliction. So, they had to take the seeds back!

Sure enough, Quinton readily agreed.

Actually, Quinton was a traditional person. Even eunuchs in the ancient times would bring along their most precious belongings before they died. Quinton had lost his most precious belonging ever since Stanley shot it down, and he desperately wanted to get a penis back so that he wouldn’t have to die with a physical defect.

Hence, every time when Bailey came to play sports at Bayside University, Nate would call Quinton over to bully him together.

Funnily enough, not only did they fail to snatch back the three apricot seeds, but Quinton had even become Bailey’s personal bodyguard after a few encounters.

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