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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1466

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1466

Upon arriving at the cryopreservation chamber, she tore the letter that Michael wrote to her into pieces. She tossed the torn pieces of yellowish letter and envelope away and they scattered all over the floor like snowflakes.

She gazed at Michael, who was peacefully asleep, and wailed in despair, “Michael, you b*stard! Why should I forgive you? How could I possibly accept it if you were to leave me without saying goodbye? Do you truly believe that I’ll be able to let go of you easily to search for my next relationship? That’s impossible! It is impossible!”

The letter Michael left me ten years ago begs for my forgiveness and he’s even hoping that I’d fall in love for the second time!

“Bstard!” She bawled like a banshee. “Bstard!” Apart from the robot, who approached her to continue to sweep the floor outside, nobody else dared to approach her.

After crying for a long time, she leaned against the wall weakly before slumping onto the ground. She kept her head bowed as her tears dripped onto the ground to form a small stream.

“I will cure you. I have to cure you. I will be able to cure you…” Sophia constantly repeated as her heart shattered into pieces. I will never give up!

It was the thirteenth year of Michael’s cryogenic sleep. It was also the month of September—the month of her birthday.

Today, everybody gathered to celebrate her birthday with her. Cooper, Anna, Linus, Callum, Cade, Sophia’s three children, Nathan, Celine, Stanley, Sean and the gang were all present. There was a delicious feast at home and it was especially lively.

Unfortunately, Sophia did not seem invested in the event at that point. It’s always the same thing for my birthday each year and I’m getting bored of it. I’ve been counting the years as I age and I can’t help but lament how time flies. It has been thirteen years! Thirteen years ago, when Michael was placed in cryogenic sleep, he was thirteen years older than I am. This year, we are finally of the same age. It’s a shame that I can’t express myself. Everybody seems so happy, so I have no choice but to feign a smile too.

“Mom, here! Make a wish!” Carmen pushed Sophia to the front of the cake while urging her to make a wish.

Sophia appeared especially helpless. I have to make a wish every year, but none of them has ever come true. Well, in any case, I’ll wish for progress in all my projects and I hope that Michael will wake up soon.

After making her wish, they ate the birthday cake. Soon, it was time for presents.

“It is the same every year and I’m getting bored of it! Here, Mom! Let’s do something new this year to spice things up!” Carmen mischievously tied an eye mask around Sophia’s eyes and it was instantly pitch-back for the latter.

Carmen led Sophia to grope the presents that everybody had prepared for her. She could have been 40 years old, but everybody still treated her as the beloved princess. Hence, she would receive a huge pile of gifts every year.

Well, I think this year’s birthday isn’t as boring as before, but I’m sure that the presents are similar to the past. To begin with, the first thing is a puppy—it must be from Sarah because she gives me cats and dogs every birthday. I bet her pet shop’s sales haven’t been doing well this year. Next, it’s the entire line of a lipstick series—Stanley must have bought these. He gives me lipsticks every year. Since he isn’t adept at picking the colors, he’d end up buying the whole line for me.

Sophia continued to run her fingers over the gifts and she could tell that there were purses, clothes and leather shoes.

Suddenly, Linus whispered in excitement, “Sophia, this is a gift from Dad and me. I hope that you’ll like it. Here, feel it.”

He grabbed her hand in a gesture for her to feel the present.

For some reason, there was complete silence around her and the rowdy crowd suddenly kept quiet.

Sophia could tell that there was a sudden eerie change in the atmosphere. Is there some sort of earth-shattering good news this year?

She reached out to blindly feel her way by touching right and left, but she just could not feel a thing. Suddenly, she felt something hot dripping onto the back of her hand.

Then, there it was again—the second time and it rained down on her hands. The feeling sent chills down her spine.

Simultaneously, a warm hand suddenly grabbed hold of her hands amidst the darkness.

A familiar warmth shrouded over her before a melodic voice gently greeted, “Happy birthday. I am back.”

The whole world seemed to have arrived at a standstill at that moment.

Sophia stood rooted to the spot and she was too shocked to react. It was not until somebody removed the eye mask that she was blinded by the sudden brightness when she could see again—he was standing against the light.

Tears swam in his eyes as they streamed down his cheeks. Earlier, it was his tears that dripped onto the back of her hands.

She looked up at him and her brimming tears blurred her vision. Michael’s facial features became muddled, but her vision cleared again once her tears rolled down her cheeks. Is this a dream? I can’t even move because I’m afraid that my dream will end once I make the slightest move.

Even after he pulled her into an embrace, she was still astounded and did not have the courage to move or speak.

Michael still looked the same; his appearance did not change at all from thirteen years ago. He was shielded from the passage of time and he escaped from the grasp of the God of Death because he was protected from the rotting of time. “I’ve been asleep for thirteen years and it is wonderful that I can still see you upon waking up. This is wonderful…”

At that moment, Sophia finally realized that it was not a dream and tightly held onto him. She looked like she was afraid that fate would snatch him from her again. You are finally back after being away for thirteen years and I am still around. I will always be around for you for the rest of my life…

In reality, Michael had regained consciousness a month ago. Currently, the technology has matured with many successful cases in organ repair and regeneration. Hence, it was finally time for his treatment!

In order to surprise her for her birthday, Linus and Cooper had kept him captive up until now.

Michael’s body had not fully recovered, so he was bed-ridden for quite a while after returning home. In fact, he had been abroad undergoing a series of surgeries. He did not have the time to meet his family at all, but he was finally home.

Sophia started to introduce their family and friends by his bedside.

“These are our twins一Jude Yard and Layton Mitchell. Come here to greet your dad.” Sophia brought their children over.

He commented, “Those are such random names.”

On the other side, Cooper sharply barked, “I came up with their names! Do you have something to say about that?!”

Michael instantly kept quiet.

“This is Nigel from Dana’s family and he’s always hanging out here.” Sophia led a teenager over to him.

“I still remember you,” he stated.

After that, Sophia carried a baby to him who bore a faint resemblance to her. The baby was still asleep and his eyes were closed.

“Drumroll! Allow the grand introduction of the little one. Can you guess who he is?”

Michael was pleasantly surprised. Did Sophia use my DNA to conceive and give birth to a son when I wasn’t around? That explains it!!

However, the next thing he knew, she unexpectedly revealed, “Aha! You wouldn’t have guessed it! You are a grandfather now.”

His smile froze across his face.

Carmen, who was standing just beside them, explained while chuckling happily, “Dad, he is my son. He’s only 3-months-old! You are a grandfather now! Are you surprised? Are you shocked!?”

The smile was frozen and stiff on Michael’s face as he turned to stare at his 19-year-old daughter. Hang on, she was merely 6 years old!

He was in a trance as he looked at his ‘6-year-old’ daughter before glancing at his 3-month-old grandson.

A guest had arrived at that moment. I’ll recognize the green-eyed goblin even if he were to turn to ash after ten years. He looks like he has come over right after a meeting. He’s still wearing a business suit and holding a present. “I’m sorry; the traffic was heavy on the way here, which is why I’m late.”

Michael was astounded at that moment. He looked down at the baby in his arms because the baby was now wide awake. His large green eyes were gazing back at Michael.

After glancing at the ‘6-year-old’ Carmen and Bailey, whom she was clinging onto, and his grandson with green eyes in his arms, Michael’s eyes rolled back and he fainted…

Theo’s right; he said that it’s best not to be put into cryogenic sleep because you wouldn’t know what type of inconceivable things might happen when you’re not around, let alone the shocking things you might witness when you wake up too.

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