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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1489

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1489

Carmen didn’t know where Flynn got the idea that she was marrying an old man after dropping out from school. As Theo was about to pick him up like a little chick, Bailey suddenly showed up.

Finally, he wasn’t wearing Theo’s military coat when he got out of his car. Instead, he was wearing a black fur coat, looking casual and young. After taking off his sunglasses, he scanned through the group of people gathered by the school gate with his deep green eyes before walking toward them. Ignoring everyone, he immediately swept away Flynn’s hands on Carmen’s shoulder.

“Who are you?” Flynn stared at him rudely. Even though he didn’t recognize the man in front of him, he could still tell that he was no ordinary person due to his strong aura and rare green eyes.

As he glanced at Bailey, Bailey also did the same with his infinitely deep green eyes.

Bailey, on the other hand, knew who this person was.

His face is indeed very similar to Taylor’s face but there’s still a huge difference. On the surface, he is a cheap copy but in terms of his bone structure, it is totally different from Taylor’s.

However, Flynn could immediately guess the identity of the person in front of him.

“It’s you!”

At first, Carmen was shocked that Flynn was able to guess who Bailey was, but she didn’t expect him to rush up to Bailey and grabbed him by his shirt collar.

“You are that old man that Carmen is going to marry, right?” he roared. “You are the one forcing her to drop out of school so that she can marry you and have your kids, right? You will doom her for the rest of her life!”

Old man? Bailey was extremely sensitive toward these two words. I’m not old at all but why do I always hear these two words ever since I’m a kid, especially from Carmen’s family?

This wasn’t the first time he had heard these words.

Just as Bailey wanted to refute him, Carmen suddenly rushed up with a flushed face and pushed Flynn aside.

“Are you done?”

Hope also came to persuade Flynn to step back. After all, he was still the descendant of Hope’s family. In reality, Flynn’s previous grades were quite good and in Hope’s eyes, he could still barely be counted as an achieving student. At that time, there was hope for him to be enrolled into Bayside University. However, Carmen, who was the epitome of a top student, came in afterward and carried his studies for a year to a point where he regressed because he was too reliant on her.

Even so, Flynn was still glaring at Bailey while gritting his teeth.

As for Bailey, he didn’t even want to spare Flynn a glance. To him, a little brat like Flynn posed no sort of threat at all, so he grabbed Carmen’s bag straight away and murmured, “Your mom asked me to come pick you up.”

As expected, it was Sophia again.

Today was another test.

As soon as everyone found out that Carmen was expelled from school, the whole family felt happy for her and Cooper quickly contacted a bunch of people to indulge her but sadly, they were all taken care of in advance by the well-informed Casper, just like last night.

However, he didn’t expect Bailey to arrive and intercept him again.

“Hey, don’t you think you are being too unreasonable? I was obviously here first.” Casper snatched Carmen’s bag from him unhappily and carried it on his back. “We’ve agreed that I’ll be picking up Carmen today.”

Without saying a word, Bailey snatched the bag again and carried it while moving Carmen’s box—which contained her books and materials—into the car bunker.

Seeing that, Casper was furious and he rushed toward Bailey. “Hey, old man. I seem to have warned you last night to stop this obsession of yours because Carmen will never like you. I’ve already made my words clear in the call, so please stop with your delusions.”

However, Bailey didn’t bother giving him a reply as he said to Carmen, “Get in the car first.”

Carmen looked at Casper confusedly. “Cas, what are you doing? When did you call Bailey? Why did you call him?”

Casper didn’t answer her. Instead, he continued to warn Bailey, “Old man, don’t think you have an advantage over me just because you are older and more experienced. Let me tell you this—I won’t give up!”

Flynn, who was ignored by everyone, ran up to them and roared, “What’s wrong with you all? Carmen, what is your relationship with them? Who are they?”

Who is this Cas? And who is this green-eyed freak?

All in all, the three men disliked each other—Flynn was simply an ignorant child who only knew how to moan and compared to him, Casper was more like a clever child who was intelligent. As for Bailey, he wasn’t a child because he had already become a mature adult long ago.

In Bailey’s eyes, these two posed no threat to him at all, so he didn’t need to argue with a bunch of children. After getting in his car, he turned on the engine and said to Carmen again, “Come on in. Mrs. Fletcher is waiting for us at home.”

Carmen glanced at Casper, Bailey, and Theo before answering, “Alright.” Then, she quickly got into Bailey’s car while reminding Casper, “Casper, I’ll leave my Grandpa to you for now.”

As soon as she got into the car, Bailey stepped on the accelerator and the car sped away.


Flynn was furious as he chased after the car but he quickly lost them, so he kicked his feet into the air again. On the other hand, Casper also felt defeated. Every time he fought with Bailey, he felt very confident in himself. However, when it was down to the real battle, he would always have an illusion that he was facing the ocean because the opponent was too unpredictable, which gave him no chance of winning.

He doesn’t even see me as his opponent.

Afterward, Theo patted his shoulder. “Alright. Let’s go home first.”

Casper drove Theo away while Hope went into Linus’ car. While getting in his car and putting on a pair of sunglasses, Linus said, “Young people nowadays are so energetic!”

For the past few years, Linus also fell in love from time to time but it usually wouldn’t last long. He was more of a ‘queer’, so he had boyfriends and girlfriends along the way according to his mood. However, Cooper didn’t care much about his personal life, so he kept on drifting around.

After that, the two of them drove away.

“Mr. Fletcher, you really can’t remember the past?”

“What? Oh—I really can’t remember. I only know that I was once a lecturer in Bayside University.”

“Looks like our friendship for the past 20 years have gone to waste. Can you even remember me?”

“Just let it go to waste…”

After everyone was gone, Flynn was left behind at the school gate, kicking at the air again.

As soon as Theo left, Poppy finally got to reveal her tattoo openly. After watching the drama unfold, she kept on munching on her sunflower seeds as she murmured, “It’s useless for you to kick the air now; she’s gone! When you see her next time, she’ll definitely be married already! You finally got what you wanted, Flynn. You left her no choice but to marry an old man…”

Flynn’s expression darkened as he left the scene.

Inside Villa No.8 at the Imperial, Sophia welcomed Bailey to the hateful ‘old son-in-law seat’ enthusiastically as soon as she saw him arriving. “Come in! Bailey, do have a seat here. This is where Carmen’s dad used to sit.”

Naturally, Bailey sat down on the seat because it would be his soon in the future.

Carmen also sat down but when she looked at the people around the dining table, she felt that the atmosphere today was strange.

What are they trying to do? Could it be that they really think I’m falling in love with Bailey so they are now unanimously pointing their fingers at him? Oh my goodness, I don’t want to fall in love yet! Besides, the idea of me falling in love with him is so embarrassing…

Suddenly, Carmen’s face started to flush.

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