My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1494

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1494

On the basketball court, Bailey darted from side to side, the basketball seemingly alive in his hands. With his 1.9-meter stature, it was a piece of cake for him to score baskets, and he was also exceptionally eye-catching among the young men.

Meanwhile, the group of girls again gathered together to gossip. “Carmen, look at that old man. Actually, he looks rather handsome after some time!”

“But he’s still too old since Carmen is still so young.”

“I think Hope is pretty good.”

“Casper is rather good, too!”

Everyone commented on the boys on the court, but Carmen’s gaze seemed to have been entirely riveted by that person. He’s truly the perfect man! She was twirling Bailey’s bracelet in her hand, so when the rest of the girls spotted the bracelet, they all passed it around in much curiosity.

“Wow! What bracelet is this? It looks really unique. Are those apricot kernels on it?”

“It looks so pretty!”

“That style of bracelet is outdated. Only my father’s generation wears it, and even my father disdains it for being old-fashioned.”

Upon seeing that they were all passing it around and even condemning it, criticizing the old-fashioned style of the bracelet and the outdated craftsmanship, Carmen snatched it back impatiently and snarled, “You all don’t know anything.”

Shelling sunflower seeds, Maisie retorted sourly, “Ah, we don’t understand. However, you know best since that’s your mother’s old son-in-law, after all.”

Her face flushing, Carmen muttered, “What nonsense are you saying? We’re just ordinary friends.” While muttering, she slipped the bracelet onto her hand and twirled it like old men were prone to do even as she kept her attention on the battle on the court.

In no time, they finished playing one round, upon which Bailey trotted over to Carmen.

At this, Carmen was again taken aback. Why is he coming over? Don’t tell me he’s coming over to give me a French kiss? I hope not. There are so many people here, so it doesn’t seem appropriate…

Under everyone’s curious gazes, Bailey came to a stop beside Carmen and blurted, “Carmen, pour me some water, please. There’s a cup in my bag.”

Oh, he came over to have some water! He gave me a scare! Since Bailey couldn’t open his bag thanks to his slightly dirty hands, Carmen opened the zip for him. To her surprise, she was greeted by snacks the moment she opened the zip. “Hey! There are lots of snacks in your bag!” I never knew that he was a foodie!

As she took out his thermos flask, she unscrewed the lid and poured him a cup of hot water into a disposable cup. To her surprise, two wolfberries were floating in the water. Hmm? He’s an old boy who maintains his health.

Bailey slowly drank the water before crushing the disposable cup and putting it into the trash bag. Then, he said, “Leave some for me.” After saying that, he whirled around. Wiping his sweat, he headed back to the basketball court.

“Huh?” Carmen was momentarily stunned. Leave some for him? What does that mean?

At the side, Maisie seemed to have understood his meaning. Exclaiming, she dipped her agile hands into Bailey’s bag and took out all the snacks in there. “Oh wow! This is Jack Link’s beef jerky! It’s super delicious but exceedingly expensive, and they only sell a limited amount every day!”

“This sunflower seed must have been roasted with an iron pan. Take a whiff of it, and you can even smell a hint of the iron pan!”

“There’s even dessert! Here, Carmen, try this.”

Carmen was still wearing a lost expression on her face, but everyone had already started distributing Bailey’s snacks. Upon seeing that all the snacks were about gone, she promptly snatched them back and warned them sternly, saying, “No, eating someone’s food is tantamount to owing him a favor, so you all can’t simply eat someone else’s food!”

Eating a piece of mango, Poppy commented, “Come on, you’re just reluctant to let us eat them.”

Grudgingly grabbing a handful of sunflower seeds, Maisie muttered, “Here, here. It’s all for you.”

Carmen hurriedly placed the snacks back and pretended as though she hadn’t touched them. However, as she continued watching the basketball game, her petite hand unconsciously reached out for something to eat, so she’d eaten most of the snacks when they came over after the game.

Wiping his sweat, Casper took off his bandana and whistled at Carmen. When Carmen stared at him in bewilderment, he had no choice but to explain himself. “Why are you in a daze? You’re my girlfriend, so shouldn’t you be giving this boyfriend of yours some water at this time?” he reminded.

“Hah! Who ever said I was your girlfriend?” As Carmen retorted, she naturally poured a cup of wolfberry water for Bailey and handed it to him.

Taken aback, Casper outright demanded bluntly, “Hey, I’m your boyfriend! How could you give another man water right in front of me?”

Snorting, Bailey drank his water silently. Carmen, on the other hand, had quite the reaction. “Hey, who’s your girlfriend? I’m not your girlfriend!”

Plopping down beside her, Casper took out his cell phone. “Look, this is the video of you dating me when you were young. It’s fortunate that I kept it, else you’re going to deny it.”

He then played a video on his cell phone. In the beginning, Alice’s voice drifted out. “Carmen, why don’t you date Cas when you grow up?”

In the video, Carmen seemed to be about three or four years old, her face chubby with baby fat. Beside her was a plump alpaca. “Sure, sure,” she answered innocently.

At that time, Casper was only four or five years old. As they both held hands, they seemed like a match made in heaven. Alice’s chuckle then rang out from the video, and she asked, “What do you think about breaking up with your boyfriend now and dating Cas instead?”

At this, Carmen hesitated. Gazing at the female alpaca named Chow standing beside her, she replied, “But I’ve just gone steady with Chow for a few days. I don’t want to break up with Chow.”

“Cas has a lot of snacks, you know!” Alice said smilingly.

Casper hurriedly took out some snacks from his bag and presented them to Carmen, upon which Carmen happily agreed to date him.

As Carmen watched, she felt her scalp tingling and her body heating up. I remember that. After dating him for five hours, I cheated on him with a big orange cat that was pregnant because I wanted to know what it feels like to be a mother. Thus, pitiful Casper then became my ex-boyfriend.

“Look! Look! You’ve always been my girlfriend!” Casper insisted as he pointed at their interlocked hands in the video.

“That was just kids being kids! I was just four years old at that time, so what did I know?” Carmen countered, her face bright red.

Acting shamelessly, Casper contended, “I don’t care, I don’t care! Anyway, you’re my girlfriend, and I’ve got the video to prove it!” He waved his cell phone around, crowing when a hand unexpectedly came down from above and snagged his cell phone away. Long and slender fingers then tapped on the delete option firmly before selecting confirm in acute precision.

Livid, Casper snatched his cell phone back from Bailey, only to see that his video had been deleted. “Hey! Don’t you think you went too far, Bailey?”

Ignoring him, Bailey opened his bag. There was another compartment in there, and as soon as he opened it, one could see that it was full of snacks, forming a huge bulge. There were sunflower seeds, peanuts, and mixed porridge. Taking out a bag of venison jerky, he handed it to Carmen. “Would you like some snacks?”

Carmen was at an utter loss. Why is Bailey sitting beside me and offering me snacks? I don’t think our relationship is at that stage yet. What is this old man trying to do?

It seemed that Bailey was trying hard to break into her circle.

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