My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1498

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1498

Having studied Bailey, Cooper finally found his flaw and pointed it out before everyone. “Bailey, your education level is too low, so you’re not worthy of becoming my grandson-in-law,” he declared unceremoniously in front of Carmen and the rest of the family when Bailey was at their house for dinner one day.

Indeed, Bailey’s education level was low. He stepped out into society and took over his family business when he was ten years old, so he had no opportunity to return to school anymore thereafter. All he could do was to hire tutors to teach him at home, for it was already arduous for him to survive when he was hard-pressed from all sides. Thus, studying with his peers was practically impossible. While he’d studied systematically and was very capable to the extent that many universities invited him over as a visiting professor, he just didn’t have the academic qualifications. In fact, he didn’t even have a high school diploma!

The moment Cooper’s words were heard, Carmen’s reaction was the most intense. “Grandpa, what do you mean by that? Why are you talking about him being worthy or otherwise? We’re just friends!” Although we… we kissed the other time, neither of us ever brought that day up again. Therefore, they were still at the beautiful stage where things were fuzzy. Hence, Cooper’s proclamation burst the bubble, making the situation exceedingly awkward.

Bailey, who was eating, stilled for a moment, but he said nothing.

Upon seeing this, Cooper was in seventh heaven. Finally, I’ve found his Achilles heel! Putting on his authoritative air as an elder, he loftily asserted, “My granddaughter will never marry a man who doesn’t even have a high school diploma.”

All at once, the atmosphere turned awkward, and Carmen’s face flushed bright red from mortification. At this time, Sophia hurriedly smoothed things over, exclaiming, “What are you saying, Dad? What’s this about marrying and all?” He should at last leave them some dignity! They’re now at the beautiful stage where things are hazy, so isn’t he just ruining everything by uttering such a remark?

Unexpectedly, Bailey put down his cutlery and said to Cooper solemnly, “I almost forgot to tell you that I’ve already enrolled for Self-Taught Higher Education Examinations at Bayside University, so I am studying while working. I’ve already passed two subjects so far, and will soon be receiving my bachelor’s degree from Bayside University.” Then, he continued, “When I’ve gotten my bachelor’s degree, I’ll continue studying for a master’s degree.”

Cooper opened his mouth, but upon realizing that he had nothing to say, he muttered, “Being self-taught isn’t something that’s so easy…”

From then on, Bailey had a new reason to interact with Carmen—having her teach him.

Subsequently, Casper noticed that Bailey was often showing up in the university, so he made discreet inquiries. Only then did he know that Bailey had actually enrolled for Self-Taught Higher Education Examinations (STHEE) in Bayside University! For that reason, he often came to the university to attend lectures. He even applied for a bachelor’s degree in law, which was precisely Carmen’s course, so he seized the opportunity to sit in on her classes.

Cooper had truly shot himself in the foot this time. After all, this was a trick Michael had used previously!

Furthermore, Bailey got a bicycle from somewhere, so he even often used it to commute to and fro while giving Carmen rides. Thus, they went all around Bayside University like a couple.

Casper was so infuriated that he saw red. Bailey is simply a prodigy, an expert in seizing any and all opportunities to advance his intentions!

Someone else who was likewise disgruntled was Flynn. He searched for Carmen all over the campus the entire day as though having nothing better to do. On the other hand, Kimberly said that Carmen didn’t get into Bayside University at all, but he didn’t believe that. And sure enough, he often spotted her on campus. She even seemed to have gotten herself a new boyfriend—a green-eyed international student who was taking STHEE. Since there were few green-eyed international students in the university, Bailey naturally became the most conspicuous as he was also the most handsome among them all.

Finally, Flynn managed to ambush Bailey and Carmen who came out on a bicycle after having kept watch at the university gates multiple times. Seething, he stopped them on the spot. “Get down from there, Carmen Fletcher!”

Braking, Bailey stared at him coldly. Flynn, on the other hand, rushed over in a few strides to grab Carmen. “This is your boyfriend? A self-taught examinee with no future to speak of?” he lambasted.

Carmen nudged her glasses. “What a lunatic! Let’s go, Bailey.”

Right now, Bailey wasn’t in the mood to contend with Flynn either, since he had to rush back to Carmen’s house for dinner. Thus, he pedaled the bicycle to leave, but unexpectedly, Flynn held his bicycle still. “You’re not allowed to leave!” he barked. I’m just about to lose my mind! How could she find such a worthless boyfriend? As her ex-boyfriend, I really can’t take it! “You must dump him today! There’s no future in getting together with this man!” he threatened.

At this, Carmen got off the bicycle to reason with him amicably. To their surprise, a pale and slender yet harsh hand suddenly shot out from behind the arrogant Flynn and grabbed him by the collar effortlessly. In the next instance, a wintry female voice cut through the air like a sharp blade, piercing right into Flynn’s ear. “Kid, if you continue harassing my sister, I’ll make your life a living hell.”

“Who’s this?” Flynn glanced over his shoulder indignantly, only to see a lady who was about his height standing behind him, looking all formidable in military uniform.

It was the military training day for freshmen on the next day, so people from the military were already here. Military green buses were also parked in the campus since all freshmen would be going to military camp the next morning for military training. Therefore, it was no surprise to see people in military uniform within campus.

The moment Flynn saw the lady, all the arrogance in his expression drained away because he glimpsed a pair of green eyes. The Fletcher Family had always been the director of Bayside University’s military training. In the past, Joel had been the one in charge, but he retired the year before. Thus, he was replaced by someone else who also had the last name Fletcher, and it was a woman at that.

Rumor had it that the woman was extremely capable, having achieved extraordinary prestige in the military at a young age. She was the eldest daughter of Joel, who was the patriarch of the Fletcher Family, and she was no less competent than her father. It was her first time handling the military training last year, and the sophomores were still wearing terrified expressions when they spoke of her, for she was even more brutal than her father! That woman had a pair of unique green eyes, a rare mixed-blood military officer in the Cethosian military. Military officers dubbed her ‘Steely Green-Eyed Military Beauty’, and her name was Lorelei Fletcher.

At this moment, Flynn noticed the pair of green eyes. As his eyes moved toward her military uniform, his heart jolted, and he froze from abject fright. It’s Lorelei Fletcher!

Lorelei, on the other hand, had committed his countenance to memory. Then, she ordered the deputy officer beside her, “Deputy Washington, remember this face and take ‘good care’ of him in the following month.”

Deputy Washington glanced at Flynn. He’s very easy to remember. His face seems to be carved from the same mold as Taylor Murray. Nodding, he solemnly replied, “Understood, General.” This kid is done for.

Flynn was so terrified that he almost went to his knees, and even his tongue was in knots. “General, I…”

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