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Novel “Fated To The Alpha” by Jessical Hall Chapter 242

Marabella POV

A cold draft swept across my ass and woke me; the feeling was soothing, making me wonder why my ass felt chaffed like someone took a meat tenderizer to it. I moved, stretching my body, which felt excessively heavy, and the rest of me was sweating under the heat when I realized why. A heavy arm was draped across my waist, and a leg pressed between my thighs.

My entire body jolted, coming alive to the tingling sensation that was rushing over my whole body. A shiver moves up my spine at the sensation. Warmth seeping into my chest and back, and every brush of their skin made mine feel like it was set alight with sparks. One of them moved their feet, touching mine before another limb was chucked over me, making it scorching hot as I find myself pressed between the two rigid bodies cocooning me in their intoxicating scents.

My heart pounded in my chest, and I gasped, sitting upright to find Jonah and Kyan, both with no shirts on beside me. What the f*ck. I don’t think I had moved so quickly in my life like someone had shoved a hot poker up my ass; I leaped out of bed horrified only to hear a deep guttural groan, and Jonah was suddenly clutching his manhood through the blanket, cursing as I trod on him in my haste.

“What, what?” Jonah gasped, still clutching his manhood. Oh my god, what have I done?

I stood at the end of the bed, looking at the two men I found myself squashed between. Kyan rolls over, tugging the blanket up over his shoulder.

” Shut up, and why are you making that noise? You sound like a prepubescent boy? ” he complained with a low growl.

“She stood on my nuts. She broke them, ” Jonah sputters and chokes out his voice, a high-pitched squeak.

“What?” Kyan jerked upright and stared at me while I stared back. Awkward!!

“You’re awake? ” here, I thought that was obvious.

“I am now. She crushed on my junk,” Jonah cried before finally flopping back on the bed and staring up at the ceiling while caressing his balls.

“No, Marabella is, fool,” Kyan says, slapping Jonah’s chest. Jonah also moved abruptly and was jolted back to reality as he sat upright. He blinks at me.

“Are you ok?” Jonah asked, reaching a hand out to me. I stared at it only to see the side of his hip, which was bare.

No, no, no, I didn’t. Please tell me I didn’t, why couldn’t I remember, and why do I suddenly feel like throwing up?

The cold draft washes over me again, and nipples harden, wait, why do I feel so cold? Kora stirs nervously, mumbling about broken sleep while I glanced down only for a shriek to leave my lips and m y hands suddenly gripped the blanket, yanking it off the bed and covering my nakedness. I was n*ked.

Why was I n*ked?

“We, um… did,” I felt light-headed, the room tilted as I started to hyperventilate , and I couldn’t look at either of them.

“Did, what?” Kyan asks, standing up and taking the sheet to keep his bottom half covered, which was also bare. Why was he naked too? I look away only for my eyes to land on Jonah, who gave no f*cks as he laid utterly n*ked on the bed.

“Damn, that had to have hurt, ” Kora whistles in my head, and I can’t tear my eyes away from him and the massive appendage between his legs. He yawns before scrubbing a hand down his face and standing up. Completely unaware I was about to die from humiliation and the fact I had just tossed my virginity out the window.

“I don’ t get it. Did he just walk on in, flop it out into some random man’s hand and say stick a needle in it? ” Kora asked. She was far too curious as she stared out my eyes at the five piercings running up his shaft.

“Ah, the pain of the netherlips if we did that, let’s never do that, ” Kora says with a shudder. Now she had that image stuck in my head, some greasy tattooist holding his junk in the palm of his hand; I shake that thought away.

“Ah, Marabella? ” Kyan asks, and I forced my eyes away from Jonah’s cock to meet Kyan’s eyes, he scratched the back of his neck, and my eyes trailed over his masculine body to where the sheet was clutched around his junk. Kora drooled in my head, and I chewed my lip, not knowing how to ask.

“Did.. we..” I stuttered terribly; I didn’t even know how to ask.

” Did we what?” He asks, seeming confused. Jonah walks over to me, yawning, pecks my cheek before disappearing into the bathroom behind me.

“Are you ok? You look kind of pale,” Kyan asks. Pale I was dying here with humiliation, they have seen me n*ked!

“Did we f*ck?” I blurted out like a maniac. Kyan chuckles. “What? ” my face heats; oh my gosh, we did.

“God must have been shit because I don’t remember you screwing them, ” Kora adds in. I cringe at her vulgar thoughts.

” Dude, can you put some pants on? I don’t want to see your mutilated dick,” Kyan says when I feel heat press against my back as Jonah comes out of the bathroom.

“What’s wrong with you?” Jonah asks, wrapping his arms around my waist and resting his chin on my shoulder. Yet Kyan still didn’t answer. Though I could feel he was amused about something through the bond.

“What so funny?” Jonah asks him.

“Marabella is worried because we slept with her, ” Kyan answers, and Jonah huffs behind me before he laughs.

“Oh my god, please tell me that was a joke; we didn’t, did we?”

“Yes, we did, ” Kyan laughs, and my face falls; I was going to throw up. “Right beside you, in the bed,” He adds, making me confused, so we did, or we didn’t. I peeked at Jonah over my shoulder.

“You really think you wouldn’t be able to tell?” Jonah laughs.

“Last thing I remember is climbing that huge ass staircase feeling like shit,” I rub my temples. Why was I so confused.

“Yeah, you were drunk, puked all over me,” Kyan says.

“I wasn’t drunk. What are you talking about?” “Lucas puts brandy in the cream, you were definitely drunk, you exorcist spewed all over me, and I had to shower you,”

“You showered me?”

“Well, I wasn’t leaving you like that; I sure as hell wasn’t going to be sleeping in it,” He shudders.

“Then why are you naked?”

“Because you said you were hot and kept tugging our damn clothes off while making us rub your butt, “

Kyan laughed while my face heated.

“I what, “

“Hey, I am not complaining, though I think I have callouses from the excessive rubbing. Mrs. Palmer won’t be stroking anything this week, and the hard-on was a bit uncomfortable to sleep with, Jonah says, and I step away from him.

” I was wondering why my ass feels rubbed raw, ” I mumbled, my cheeks heating.

“Yeah, then you made me karate chop it, your very demanding while drunk, ” Oh gosh, kill me now.

“That explains why our ass feels chaffed, ” Kora purrs.

“Bro, pants, ” Kyan growls, and Jonah rolls his eyes before reaching down on the floor and scooping up some pants.

I rubbed my temples before sighing. “Thank God, I thought I slept with you,” I breathed, relieved.

“You thought we slept with you, and you wouldn’t remember or feel it the next morning, ” Jonah chuckles, shaking his head.

“Well, what I supposed to think I woke up damn naked between the two of you?”

“You should have been able to tell if we slept with you, Mara, ” Jonah laughs.

“You definitely would have felt it,” Kyan chuckles, shaking his head.

“Well, he clearly has tickets on himself, ” Kora barks out before upturning her nose, making me roll my eyes at her.

I laugh and shake my head, “Don’t be so sure, ” I laugh at his confidence, though Jonah was pretty big but saying that I had nothing to compare to, seeing as I hadn’t exactly seen many.

” I’m sure, ” Kyan laughs before dropping the sheet and stretching. My jaw nearly hit the floor as the sheet fell away. Kora whistles in my head.

“Well, at least if he lost a leg, he has a spare,” Kora purrs.

“That one is all yours. Clearly, Kaif isn’t the only monstrous thing about him, ” she purrs hungrily, licking her chops like she just found a new favorite snack. Kyan walks toward me before stopping beside me. He pecks my cheek, and his breath fans over my neck, and I damn near swooned at the sight of him.

“Tell me you wouldn’t have felt that,” Kyan whispered, then walked past me toward the bathroom. Jonah snickers beside me while I try to find words.

“I wonder how far that blush goes down, ” Jonah asked, and I looked at him. His eyes sparkled back at me, and I touched my cheeks that were flaming hot.

“Stop, it’s not funny, ” I tell him.

“Ask him if it hurt,” Kora asks, and I shake my head a t her before looking for some clothes as I clutched the comforter.

Kyan POV

“Seriously, you are crossing boundaries,” I tell Jonah as he slips into the bathroom while I am showering.

“Can you hurry up? I need to rub one out,”

“F*ck off, out,” I tell him. His arousal seeped into me, his thought plagued with the image of Marabella standing at the edge of the bed naked, and I growled

at him, while Kaif seemed quite content and bubbly today. I wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or not. I had never felt him so placid.

“What the plan today, ” Jonah asks as he leans against the sink basin. At least he had pants on now.

” No, Idea. I wasn’t expecting to come home to her last night, ” I tell him. Yet somehow, I managed to sleep through the entire night soundly without Kaif waking me a million times as he usually did, always trying to take control while at my most vulnerable.

“Kaif feels different,” Jonah states, and I shrug. “We teach her,” Kaif speaks for the first time. He was eager for me to hop out and go find our mate. Jonah moves away toward the toilet.

“I swear you take a shit while I am showering, and I will flush your f*cking head down that toilet, “

“Chill, we aren’t at that stage yet, bro, baby steps, ” he says before peeing. I growl, turning away. He has no idea the meaning of privacy or a damn closed door.

“Kaif wants to teach her, but I don;;t know,”

“You’re nervous about letting him out around her?” “Yeah, what do you think?”

“Just set the ground rules. Marabella is a big girl Kyan, she won’t put herself in danger, and she is capable of following directions,” Jonah says before he sighs.

“I think it is a good thing. He seems different, calmer, ” Jonah adds, and I had to agree with him, he did seem calmer, almost at home within me, and it

was a nice change from the usual jittery feeling I usually had.

I shut the water off, and Jonah hands me a towel before stepping out of the bathroom. I quickly dried myself when I heard a knock on the bathroom door.

“It’s unlocked, ” I tell her, knowing if it was Jonah, he would have just walked in. She opens the door but doesn’t stick her head in.

“I am covered, Ella,” I tell her, and I hear her heartbeat quicken at the nickname like it does every time I had slipped up and said it.

She pushes the door open a little more and pops her head in to make sure before pushing it open.

“Can I borrow some clothes? I have none,” she asks, holding one of my shirts.

“Take what you want, ” I tell her. She nods before stepping back out and closing the door. I sighed, staring at the mirror, and I felt Kaif press forward, and my eyes bleed black.

“You behave. You don’t take full control, ” I tell him and my eyes flicker back at me, and he growls but agrees. One chance, that’s all he gets because if he f*cks this up and she has to go, I refuse to let my visions become a reality.

Opening the door, I smack straight into her as she went to open the door, her hand outstretched as she reached for the door handle. She stumbles forward and slams into me. Kaif’s reflexes faster than mine as he grabs her crushing her against me. Marabella squeaks her shock, and her hands land on my chest. I could feel her heart beating quickly against me. The warmth of her skin and the smell of her skin had me leaning in.

Mouth-watering, and I wanted to take a bite of her. Marabella cleared her throat when I realized I was purring. Thanks, Kaif! Looking over her shoulder Jonah smirks at me, and I bite down the growl before letting her go.

“We leave in five minutes.” “Where are we going,” she asks.

“To Luna’s burial ground, where Kaif’s magic is strongest, ” I tell her, and I feel the pang of hurt shred through my chest from Kaif at the mention of his first mate, the one that started and ended it all.

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