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Novel My baby’s daddy chapter 2556 by anastasia

Novel My baby’s daddy chapter 2556-“Why can’t we say hi?” Imogen tugged hard on Shirley’s arm, forcing her to get up as they walked toward Zacharias.

Zacharias watched with a smile as the two women walked toward him in the cold breeze. Imogen’s heart fluttered as she thought that he was looking at her since they were a distance away.

Shirley also noticed Imogen’s nervousness and excitement and looked up to find Zacharias looking in their direction.

She knew that Imogen had misunderstood and thought that Zacharias was looking at her and got nervous. However, Shirley felt that Zacharias was actually looking at her.

Sure enough, Zacharias gaze was on Shirley when they were nearer to him and Imogen blushed immediately from the shame of being. ignored. It was then that she realized that Zacharias had been looking at Shirley, who was beside her.

Imogen was the one who was overthinking things and got nervous for nothing.

She felt ashamed even though no one noticed the change in her emotions.

“Shirley, walk with me!” Zacharias invited outright.

Shirley was distressed as she didn’t want to be too close to him in front of outsiders. And now, he wasn’t helping the situation at all.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t reject him, considering his position since she was only a trainee bodyguard.

“Alright,” she answered immediately. Zacharias turned to walk in a different direction, and she followed behind him. At the same time, Roy had the foresight to gather his men and ordered, “Dismissed. Everyone, return to your dorms.” Imogen was also asked to return to her dorm and the whole training field was left empty for Zacharias and Shirley to take a stroll.

Deep in thought, Shirley walked behind Zacharias and didn’t realize that he had stopped walking, so she bumped into his back.

When she came to her senses, she stood straight and looked at him with a red face.

“What are you thinking about? You’re so distracted,” Zacharias stated.

“Nothing.” She lowered her head and looked at her feet.

“Thinking about some guy?” he teased. He was spot on. She was indeed thinking about a guy, and it was none other than the one in front of her. “No!” Shirley denied it. Zacharias stretched his arms and told her, “Follow me to my office today. Let’s have lunch together.” “No.” She rejected his offer outright. He turned his head to glance at her. “You have no right to reject.” She choked at his response as she almost forgot that she was only a trainee.

“Then, can I complain about last night?” She decided to fight back, as where there was oppression, there was bound to be resistance.

The corner of Zacharias’ lips curved up ever so slightly. “Who are you going to complain about? Your great-uncle or your dad? Are you going to tell them we were drinking in the middle of the night and kissed?” Shirley blushed. Is there no one I can complain about this to?

“If you insist on taking this matter public, I’ll take the responsibility and marry you!” Zacharias raised a brow and announced.

And so, Shirley could only let it slide as he was being unreasonable. “Zacharias, if you need a girlfriend, find someone else. Stop playing with me,” she suggested to him.

“Thank you for your kind suggestion, but I’m pursuing you. Don’t you realize that?” he drawled. Shirley was speechless as she stared at his back. Her fists were clenched and she had the urge to kick him.

“You reciprocated last night. Don’t even think of denying it. You like me kissing you,” Zacharias suddenly said.

“Impossible!” Shirley denied it with a flushed face. “I won’t get it wrong.” Zacharias turned his head around to stare at her. “You even hugged me.” “I think you’re too free. All you think about are these things. I don’t see you doing proper work!” Shirley complained. He burst out laughing at that. “It seems like you have started to understand me.” Still blushing, she mumbled, “I don’t want to.”

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