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Novel My baby’s daddy chapter 2557 by anastasia

Novel My baby’s daddy chapter 2557-At that same time, Imogen was looking out into the training field from her dorm.

She watched as Zacharias and Shirley chatted side by side. Despite the distance, she could see that he was in a good mood and that he had endless things to talk to Shirley about.

What are they talking about? Imogen was curious because she would be too nervous to speak if she was standing beside Zacharias. However, Shirley could chat so well with him, which made her envious. Even so, that seemingly nobleman was actually openly teasing Shirley, who didn’t want to chat at all.

“We should head back,” Shirley told Zacharias. He glanced at his wristwatch.

“Okay. Let’s go get breakfast.” As they left the field, Imogen turned around to enter her room. At that moment, Roy came over and ordered, “Imogen, get ready. We have a mission today.

Imogen was secretly surprised yet replied calmly, “Understood,” When Zacharias was eating breakfast, Freddie came over and gave a detailed list of the day’s itinerary. Shirley also sneaked a look and saw the page was packed with words. Seems like hell be super busy today.

“Mr. Flintstone, we wanted to cancel the interview this afternoon, but with the current circumstances, you would need to give a five- minute speech on stage.” Shirley immediately questioned him, “How could you let him appear in public?

We just had a dangerous incident.” Zacharias looked at her, who was concerned about him. “You stay in the house today. You don’t need to come with me.” However, she insisted on it despite being opposed to going out just a few seconds ago. “No. I’ll come with you.” Even Zacharias was serious as he commented, “You don’t need to.” At that, Shirley firmly stated, “I can be your assistant and stand beside you on stage.” On the side, Freddie was also observing their expressions and realized something. It seems Mr. Flintstone hasn’t been idle despite being injured!

“This is an order.” Zacharias then told Freddie, “Get the car ready. I’ll be out in a moment.” And so, Freddie didn’t dare watch their exchange anymore and left the room to make the necessary arrangements. Zacharias put his spoon down and stared calmly at Shirley. “Listen to me. Wait for me at home.” “I’m your bodyguard. It’s my responsibility to protect you,” Shirley told him earnestly. This man just got injured. He can’t be in danger again.

“Do you think Roy and the rest are just for show? Their presence is enough.” Then, Zacharias got up to go to his clothes rack. Shirley followed him and grabbed her jacket as well. In the end, he sighed. “Fine. You can go, but you can’t come up on stage with me.” And so, Shirley compromised as well since he agreed for her to follow him.

“Sure. I’ll watch you from below the stage.” “Are you that worried about me?” he asked in a low tone behind her.

Shirley’s hand that was about to pull the door open froze for a moment, and she didn’t answer him before walking out. Then, she vaguely heard his laughter behind her as a gust of cold wind blew past her, yet her face felt hot. She didn’t want to admit that she was doing this because she was worried about him. She wanted to think that this was what a bodyguard should do.

Zacharias’ car stopped before them, and Freddie opened the passenger seat for Zacharias to enter with Shirley.

At the same time, Imogen had changed into a suit and sat in the other car that was on standby outside. It was her first time out on a mission, so she was nervous yet eager. Roy told her that she could stand beside Zacharias on stage as his assistant. And she was excited at the thought of being able to get close to him.

Zacharias’ car drove out of the driveway, and Imogen had her eyes locked on his car throughout the journey until they arrived at his office. Then, she got out of the car and waited by the side for him to get down as well.

However, her eyes narrowed when she saw that Shirley was the first one to get out of the car. Shirley is here too?

Shirley looked back and saw Imogen, thereafter nodding her head in greeting.

Imogen immediately smiled and nodded as well, hiding any emotions deep inside her.

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